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Best Food Neighborhood in Baltimore

We will be in Baltimore on Sunday and Monday. Which is the best neighborhood for us to try a few different great restaurants. We will probably want a few dishes from a few different places and would really like to get the "feel" of the area. Can I get any recommendations?

best restaurants for money in raleigh.

I have always had great experiences at J. Betski's, so I naturally recommend that restaurant. It's classic German/Polish fare with a gourmet twist and I've never had a bad plate come from their kitchen. Try the pork strudel.

Dianne's On Devine in Cola, South Carolina

I have seen some comments on this place, but I have to repeat how angry I am that this resto is constantly included in some of Columbia's top eateries. Once again I was taken there to eat due to my job (pharm rep) and every time I am told to report there, I cringe. The food is bland and often poorly executed. The ambience is very "grandmotherly" in the main dining room, which is constantly subjected to blue smoke from filthy old men in the bar. The conversation these vulgar gentlemen are having is often audible from any dining spot in the restaurant. Tonight, when I left my table to use the restroom, I actually saw the chef on the line smoking a cigarette and inspecting food on trays to leave the kitchen. Ewwwww.
Tonight's mistake: crab-stuffed filet. These thick filets are too thick to cook to a consistent temp all the way through. No prob, I like raw meat. Seriously. But to stuff it with crab in the center and expect it to retain some temp? WHAAAAT? Didn't happen. My client's food (fish filet... halibut?) was still cold in the middle. I suspect that's because it is frozen and pre-packaged, but I can't attest to that. All I really know is that the entire experience was disgusting.
Please, those of you in the medical industry: stop choosing this resto to have companies take you to. There are far more deserving restaurants in the capital city from which to choose. Sure, it may have been great in 1991, but times have changed. Let's move on.

Ramp festivals 2008 WV, VA, KY

Some NC ones too.

Best burger in Columbia, SC

I have to agree with the above statement. As long as the burgers are overdone, there is no good alternative besides the ones I make myself. However, at least at the Salty Nut, you can get pimento cheese slathered all over the top of your burger and in my book, that more than makes up for the lack of juiciness and flavor in the preparation of the burger. Also, the cheese fries are also served with broiled pimento cheese and that, brother, is cholesterol HEAVEN. It's a great place.

Nice Dinner in DFW

Kitchen 1924 in Lakewood is a good choice, as well. The place is fun and funky and I've never had a bad experience there.

Nov 29, 2007
seymourglass in Texas

No Chowhounds in Columbia, SC????

Little Pigs on Alpine Rd.... STILL DOING IT RIGHT. The Q there is great, the sauce is minimal, which prevents "hiding" any meat, and the sides are plentiful. More bang for the buck, even after all these years.

Nov 25, 2007
seymourglass in Southeast

Thoroughly fed up with Whole Foods in Raleigh

The Kroger on Hillsborough Rd in Durham is MUCH better than the above choices. If you have a Kroger VIP card, you get even better discounts on the already inexpensive prices.

Lufkin - TexMex or BBQ recommendations

There is NOTHING beyond Casa Ole. Green sauce alone should keep you coming back! The spinach enchiladas are TO DIE FOR and the quesadillas are crunchy and delicious. A WONDERFUL ADDITION TO LUFKIN'S CULINARY SCENE.

Oct 24, 2007
seymourglass in Texas

Blu Seafood and Bar, Durham, Reviews & Discussion

Who are you quoting in that post, Peter?

Five Guys in Durham

Wimpy's is a great choice for a fast and easy burger. I suggest you call ahead because waiting in the small pick-up area can be a pain.

Columbia SC new deli/restaurant

The deli is much better than their Italian restaurant. I was quite dismayed at what was going on there. The ambience is great (dark, quaint, cozy) but the food was atrocious. They wanted $18 for a big bowl of spaghetti and meat sauce. The food was overpriced and quite unexciting. I had lamb tenderloins wrapped in pancetta, and I will swear that the lamb was frozen. I know for a fact that my wife's flounder was frozen, but they still wanted $28 for it. Everything was overpriced, including (no kidding) Greg Norman's shiraz on their ridiculous wine list. The service was about what you'd expect in Cola... stoned college kids. The bar was filled with smoke and drunk, dirty and profane old men, and I found the entire experience ridiculous.

Thursday Night In Durham

The missus and I are going out on the town Thursday night in Durham, NC. There are a few old posts asking the age-old question, "Where should we go?", but I was wondering if we could update the answers. I am looking for a killer dinner and some very nice vino. To help narrow it down, we would like to stay within the $50 PPA range, if possible. I appreciate any and all input.