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St. Louis: Chinese and other Asian/Indian ethnic restaurants

Anything on South Grand is delicious. King and I and Pho Grand come to mind right away.

House of Wong in Clayton is also DELICIOUS! More contemp style of asian food.

happy hunting!

modesto st. louis

Modesto has bacon wrapped dates stuffed with cheese...omg omg omg

St. Louis: Downtown Restaurant Week

Yes, please opt to add the $5 for charity. Its the least we can do, what goes around comes around people.

BTW Annie, what do you think about checking out Red? Heard anything about it?

Sushi in St. Louis?


Living downtown I would much rather choose Mizu over Wasabi and Asia (Lumineire).
Its on Washington avenue next to The Dubliner and Mosiac. Do a sake bomb for me!

Special Occasion Dining in STL

Citizen Kane's and Vin de Set are both equally unique for a special occasion. Also, try Paul Mannano's off 141 in Chesterfield, INCREDIBLE but expensive!

Phil Novara

italian bakeries in st. louis?

Really, anything on The Hill is going to be fantastic. DiGregorio's Italian foods, Amighetti's Bakery , Marconi Bakery, and Vitale's Bakery are all good places to start. Definitely worth looking into.

Phil Novara

Best Hamburger in Midwest

Check out Smittys' Bar in STL county on Clayton Road. The Bacon Cheddar Spread is calorie overload on a plate, but incredible! A gristled grill cooks the 1/2lb burger to PERFECTION. Top it with cheddar spread, onions, pickles, and bacon to add to the heart attack. This burger is next to the best in STL. I agree Booche's makes tasty burgers, but Smitty's gives them a run for the money.

Phil Novara

Good bread in St. Louis?

For bread look to the Italians. Its a MUST to visit The Hill for fresh Italian Bread.

Viviano & Sons Grocers and Amighetti's Bakery are probably your best bet.

Phil Novara

St. Louis: Downtown Restaurant Week

I live downtown and restaurant week is a great deal. Choose from 25 different restaurants. They provide a three course dinner for $25. Only option where they stick it to you is the "add a glass of wine option" for $7. Being a drinker, I might as well chalk this up as a sunk cost. Enjoy!

Phil Novara

St. Louis bakery

Definitely check out McArthurs Bakery! They have 3 locations...the cakes are more expensive, but worth it.

Phil Novara