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Anti-inflammatory foods - what to make?

It could be oat bran

Nov 02, 2011
Junipery in Home Cooking

South Island, NZ restaurants

We did much the same path. And some was so-so, some hearty and some fantastic. Oddly enough this little treat shone through as an absolute gem. I ordered the eggs benedict but had salmon instead of ham and OMG to this day I think about how good it was. It was the most fantastic "brunch" of my life.

Weird but true. Rock on Hokitika!!!

What besides Vegemite should I request from Auckland?

Better late than never. Just been to NZ and back.

Things that are important. Vogels is vital as it can only be carried by airplane with a passenger. Can't post the stuff, can't get it anywhere except NZ. If I had it my way I'd get it flown over in it's very own plane. Best bread on the planet.

Someone mentioned 42 below. You can get that in the duty free and get the plain one in the USA. (Also to add to the story, it may have begun in a NZ garage but soon lept to importing bulk vodka from OZ and then 42 South redistilling it to call it their own. There never was a grain distillery for this product in NZ.)

Soft drinks/soda's I concur with the L&P but also try Chi, a NZ sparking mineral water with chinese herbs (plus fruit, sugar etc). Also famous and originating from Henderson, west Auckland is Phoenix Ginger Beer. Lovely stuff.

Easi-yo packets if you are into making yogurt. Great things and lots to choose from.

Jaffa's and cheezels you can get at OZ/NZ/South pacific stores in Ca at least. Along with weetbix, watties, and the like.

OOOHHH Custard powder. I know my spouse will puke but I LOVE packet custard. Not just any packet custard but Edmonds. The English version :"Birds" has a nasty inedible almond aftertaste.

Also important in baking is golden syrup. You can't make the Edmond's cook book bran muffins without it. (Add in a cup of grated apple to make them amazingly moist.) Or have fun trying to make Hokey Pokey.

And naturally to make these you need the NZ basic recipe book bible. The Edmonds cookbook (Also available at the airport book store.)