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Vegetarian in Worcester

I've got a business trip in a month to Worcester - the hotel will be close to Umass Medical. I'd like to stay very local for most of my trip, unless there is something fantastic around.

What are the vegetarian options in the area? I'm guessing not many, but Indian, Mediterranean, bakeries or delis with good breads or any kind of small market recommendations would be appreciated. Anyplace I can get homemade pierogi?

I need a little help from my springfield area friends

The malai kofa I had there was wonderful - all other time I've been to the lunch buffet and it was tasty indian but nothing stood out. It's a very small lunch buffet.

Pryia in Rocky Hill does Southern Indian and it's fantastic - the dosas are a thing of beauty. Pryia rates as my second favorite indian place.

New Indian Restaurant Middletown CT

I second - Udupi is great. It's been around for a while.

378 Maple Ave, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

I need a little help from my springfield area friends

To decide between Pintu and Sitar I would have to try the same dishes from both back to back. I've been to both frequently and I find them both excellent.

Both Indian restaurants in Northhampton are awful, in my opinion. Sadly.