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Upscale Dining in San Diego?

I am looking for good quality food, "the wrapping" or as a poster stated "the carpeting, tablecloth and the view" are also important but mainly I am interested in the fine cuisine the place has to offer.

That is why I am going to go with George's as my first choice.

Thank you all for your advice and suggestions.

Jul 21, 2009
Robey in San Diego

Upscale Dining in San Diego?

I'm in my early 20's and I've been going out with this wonderful girl for a while.
Now I want to take her to a nice place for dinner, something upscale, and ask out officially.

She's from Los Angeles so I would like to show her a nice San Diego view while we dine.

I've been going back and forth between Mr. A's and the Marine Room...
How's the view at Mr. A's?

Any other sugestions for upscale dinning in San Diego that might fit the occassion?

Thank you in adance!

Jul 21, 2009
Robey in San Diego