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Anyone going to Frida's? - KC

148th and Metcalf. The place is nice, but it's a HORRIBLE can barely see it from the street. Still, there's a sign.

Food's good. I had a chile en nogada, which was phenomenal. I think it's owned by the same people who do Guadalahara Cafe.

Jan 27, 2010
lionsaoi in Great Plains

Anyone going to Frida's? - KC

We recently tried out Frida's in S. Overland Park. (A bit of a haul for us, but we wanted to try something different.) The food was very good -- authentic Mexican, not tex-mex. That means, of course, flavor profiles other than cheese.

Has anyone else been there? What did you try? Any recommendations?


Jan 23, 2010
lionsaoi in Great Plains

KC where is your dessert spot?

I'm with you: mangoes with lime and chili.

KC - Where to find sfogliatelle?

Fantastic! Thanks for the information.

KC - Where to find sfogliatelle?

It's an Italian pastry filled with lemon flavored ricotta. It's shaped like a triangle -- with little rings of puff pastry (think like armadillo armor). Delicious, light and slightly sweet, sfogliatelle are perfect with espresso.

KCMO- The Farmhouse

We went there for lunch today and spoke with one of the owners. Currently they are serving lunch only, M-F; there will be dinner and weekend brunch once they have a liquor license, sometime this month. Definitely by August.

I like the food: fresh, well-seasoned and thoughtful. I had a salad with lardons and egg. My only complaint is that the eggs were boiled: it would be considerably better with a fried egg, although that might be a harder "sell" in KC. The potato-leek soup is lovely and the generous cup serving surprising. I may be having this for lunch next time I go.

I'm dying to try the "chicken fried duck"... unfortunately my husband had the chicken salad, so I couldn't steal a bite. He liked his sandwich, though.

We'll definitely go back.

Has Artisan Francais in Overland Park, KS closed?

Yes, they are closed and have been closed for quite some time. :-/ Anyone know of a decent French bakery in town? They were, unquestionably, the best in town.

KCMO- Cafe Augusta

We went there a few weeks ago. The staff was friendly, but seemed very confused as how to manage the three tables (each with a couple, so 6 people in the place). My food was decent; my husband's chicken came out raw. I will say that the manager was quick to correct and comped his meal. We used the savings to try a dessert...I should write "try to try a dessert" since most of the dessert menu was sold out.

That said, I would try them again. We're wondering if the publicity from the recent review has thrown them in a tailspin. Definitely worth trying, just be patient. If you go, be sure to get the butternut squash soup...worth it.

KC - Where to find sfogliatelle?

Does anyone know of a bakery that makes sfogliatelle? Bella Napoli used to carry it in their espresso bar, but the owner has let me know that it didn't sell enough for them to have it in the future.



Pierpont's has a decent scotch selection, along with a tasting flight.