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Best Ice Cream in Brooklyn

No love for Taste The Tropics? Their rum raisin, rum nut, Guinness, Irish moss, and especially pineapple-mango (I think it was; pineapple-some-other-fruit anyway) all put a quantifiably larger smile on my face than anything else I've tried in Brooklyn over the years.

Villabate probably gets my silver medal. Haven't tried tanning salon gelato (and outside Brooklyn, in "the sixth borough", prefer Philly's Capogiro to anything else on this continent).

Nov 12, 2009
bosshogg in Outer Boroughs

Donna da vin

I've had a couple tapas-style dinners there. Good and (obviously, one would hope) wine-friendly food (e.g. the homemade pickles have no to little vinegar, with more of the flavor coming from sweet spice [clove IIRC]) at what seems to me entirely reasonable prices. Have sampled most of the tapas and a few of the cheeses; everything was pretty solid. Haven't tried to entrees.

Jul 03, 2007
bosshogg in Outer Boroughs