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Quebec City in a DAY

Hard to find better in this price range, it's not a foodie place that's for sure, but a crowd pleasure for people on low budget

Quebec City in a DAY

poutine: Ashton is a good choice

St-Hubert is a good chicken rotisserie for your price range and everywhere in quebec

Cheese: You can find it everywhere, Halle de Ste-Foy and Marché du vieux port have specialize cheesemonger but pricier too.

Café du monde, Cochon dingue is fine and in your price range, SSS in vieux port too.

Good luck!

Pikolo Espresso Bar

Great shop! espresso is about 2$ to 2.5$. Latte up to 3.5 if I remember well.

the guy from loved it too, seems like a place to watch in the future

Dieu du Ciel, best microbrew in montreal area

Some of the best beer of Quebec are made by Microbrasserie Charlevoix. They have no bar, but you can find their beer in some shop like Le Paradis de la bière

Search for Dominus Vobiscum

Best soba noodles brand?

Here's some advice for soba noodle

1. Cook them in plenty of water
2. If it's for a cold dish, rinse them well in a colander to remove that slimliness it's not like italian pasta.
3. You can reduce the boil to a simmer to get a more even cooking.

toi, moi & cafe -- your opinion?

+1 the coffee is bad, and the food is boring


I went yesterday, It was nicely packed at around 8 oclock until the end of the evening.
The place can take approximately 60-70 places + bar. Service is 'tapas' style
The kitchen is open and part of the room.

I had the Lobster, Burata and Sweetbreads. Sweetbread were great melting in the mouth, thick crispy crust. This dish would only have benefits from a bit of sauce with the sweetbreads as I didn't find the eggplant puree to be enough.

Also, Scallops, polenta and Pork Belly.

Pork Belly was great, the scallops was nicely cook but I would have prefer a less thick coloration as it made a very thick crust. Polenta was more of melted cheese than polenta and a bit gooey, but the flavor were good. It just missed something to tie this dish together, everything was just good seperatly.

My dad had the soup of celery, bacon, foie gras. Everything was good, only the soup was too liquid.

He then had the cavatelli of veal cheek, this dish was a bit one tone, with the sauce being boring.

Dessert were ok, but they don't seem to care too much about it.

Overall we had a good experience and they were no major flaws. The service started nicely but as the place fulled up we were a bit let to ourselves. I think it's normal for a new restaurant as they need some times to get the pace.

Best Coffee in Montreal?

Completly agree with you Myriade and Gamba are the best coffee in Mtl, but as a matter of personal preference I don't like Metropolis Redline and so not a fan of the cafe at Neve. Everything else is nice tho

best chocolates in montreal?

Chocolatrie La petit marie on 1354 Ste-Catherine est. They use exclusively Michel Cluizel chocolate.
Also said to be the best Ice cream in town!

Seeking tips on Quebec City essential eats

Coffee: go to 4M café in st-roch or Nektar
poutine: Ashton
Good dinner: L'Échaudé is average price (20-30)
Breakfast: Cloché penché, 48, Buffet de l'antiquaire

Early August Montreal/Quebec City

In Quebec I would recommend:

Échaudé: Classic french bistro cooking about 30 a meal and lots of wine choice
Panache: Great cuisine of quebec city, a bit more costy than l'Échaudé