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PIZZA: Experts rank the top 101 pies to find the 'perfect slice'

i bet you it was pizza hut and little caesars.

about 15 hours ago
majordanby in General Topics

Kainbigan Restaurant (Oakland)

nice! but, no kare kare or palabok. boo.

about 17 hours ago
majordanby in San Francisco Bay Area

Surprise Trip to San Francisco

italian - cotogna
asian fusion - ame, mission chinese food (has personality, not everyone's cup of tea)
dim sum- yank sing
seafood- bar crudo, waterbar, ditto skool suggestion above - and ditto slow service

my personal favorites - aziza, bar tartine

about 17 hours ago
majordanby in San Francisco Bay Area

Just ate lobster for the first time

"but a sea water boiled lobster"

sea water vs non - makes the difference in taste?

Aug 18, 2014
majordanby in General Topics

Just ate lobster for the first time

Claw meat is the best.

Having grown up in the west coast, im partial to crab - I just find them sweeter and more succulent on average. You'll notice that a lot of folks just dont eat lobster as is - often there is some kind of dressing or, more often, melted butter. Crab, on the other hand, I find I can eat with some white wine and a sourdough baguette and im all set.

Aug 18, 2014
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Jack in the Box is now serving Croissant Donuts.

it was a matter of time

Aug 14, 2014
majordanby in Chains

Katz's has anyone ever seen a reenactment of a Meg Ryan moment there ????

"kids, the pastrami is that damn good"

Aug 08, 2014
majordanby in Manhattan

Jam and ?

oops, didnt read it carefully. my apologies.

Aug 05, 2014
majordanby in General Topics

Jam and ?

cream cheese and jam on a warm english muffin

Aug 04, 2014
majordanby in General Topics

The FiveThirtyEight Does Burritos

"failed to make even the Top 25% of burritos in the US"

The problem with EF is their lack of consistency. I've had great burritos there but I've had burritos I couldnt stomach. If they went to EF 5-10 times, I think on average they would no doubt make the Top 25% of burritos in the US.

Single Diner New York

for Momofuku Ko, could I walk in with no reservation and get seated fairly quickly as a solo diner?

Jul 25, 2014
majordanby in Manhattan

French Laundry solo? [Yountvile]

great choice - i did a solo dinner in front of the kitchen. great meal, great watching the chefs prepare.

you go away for a week, and the food you miss most is....

local, reasonably priced, seasonal fruit and vegetables. at its peak, you can visit a farmers market every day of the week except Monday.

sourdough baguettes (and, as stated above, just good bread in general)


dungeness crabs

Portland, Maine - My Long Weekend Food Itinerary - Thoughts Welcome!

make sure you get to scratch relatively early for bagels. I got there around 10:00 and they were sold out.


Bagels - my personal favorite is ess-a-bagel on 3rd.

Others sort of nearby Hell's kitchen - Tal Bagels on 1st, Bagel talk on amsterdam, and fairway market, although likely not piping hot right out of the oven, makes some solid bagels - nearest one is on broadway.

If you want to go further for bagels, kossars makes good bagels and bialys - they're near russ and daughters (they also distribute through barney greengrass). black seed and baz bagels are new and getting a lot of buzz.

Jun 17, 2014
majordanby in Manhattan

Ike's at Stanford -- Closed

i still have fond memories of the thai place in the basement of the math building.

Shake Shack 10th Anniversary Special Celebration

anyone try the other special burgers from this week?

Jun 13, 2014
majordanby in Manhattan

Exactly one nice meal in Portland!

Bob - hmm, dont think vinland will be good with kids. great place for just you and the wife.

I have never been to east ender. I saw a couple of families at Local 188 when I was there earlier this year - that might be another option.

If you end up going to Slab, let us know how it was.

Exactly one nice meal in Portland!

I had a very nice meal at Vinland last week. It's a relatively new restaurant (opened late last year?) - it's now getting some real buzz with spring and summer coming in.

For maybe a more expanded menu, cant go wrong with central provisions. CP and Street & Co. are my staples when im up in portland.

let us know what you decide and how it went!

Where to live in Oakland for food?

and the gentrification continues

The FiveThirtyEight Does Burritos

ditto arizona

State Recipe Ideas #1: California

Having just left CA after 30+ years in the state, here are the things I miss-

Produce - no doubt in my mind, if you live in CA, year round produce is the one thing to take advantage of. the only place that come close is the pacific northwest. The freshness, the variety, the proximity, the low prices, the quality. i lived in the bay area and depending on where you live you can go to farmers market every single day to get the ingredients for dinner year round. living in the northeast right now, i can only dream of making a fresh, low priced kiwi, kale and avocado salad in the winter. and the fruits! cherries in the spring, stone fruit in the summer, grapes and apples in the fall, citrus in the winter.

Sourdough and crab- When I think of the bay area around thanksgiving through most of the winter, i think of a fresh acme sourdough baguette, freshly steamed dungeness crab (a little salt, garlic and lemon), and a glass of chardonnay from Napa's finest.

-Sand dabs - grilled with minimal seasoning topped off with a sprinkle of lemon juice. put over a bed of vegetables.

May 29, 2014
majordanby in Home Cooking

Request for your Best of the Best in SF to WOW my Fiance!!

" Best place for unique SF experience (not touristy)"

Ferry plaza Saturday morning - plenty inside and farmers market. Search the board to find out different recs.

"Best places for seafood"

Seafood - surprisingly, seafood isnt that big in SF. Tadich grill for sand dabs (and cioppino). sam's is another old school seafood place. swan oyster. Here's a recent and relevant thread

The Great Berkeley/Oakland Fried Chicken Sandwich Contest

I had a fried chicken sandwich at southie a long time ago. however, i dont think that's a regular on their menu.

i actually dont mind BB's sandwich as long as you dont come into it thinking it came from heaven. I always felt they needed better, sturdier bread to hold their chicken and slaw in. I always ordered on a weekday morning after it opened but before the lunch rush, so i just basically walked in with no wait. it is nice that they serve you a taste of some of their baked goods if the line is long.

Who should pay for the dinner in this scenario

maybe im not too socially adept, but why would paying for the meal of the person who is having a birthday and not her husband awkward?

May 22, 2014
majordanby in Not About Food

Who should pay for the dinner in this scenario

if i was the friend, i would offer to pay her meal since it's her birthday, regardless of whether I expected something different. why? well, because it's her birthday. but, that's just me.

May 22, 2014
majordanby in Not About Food

So, comfort food...


May 20, 2014
majordanby in General Topics

NYT on Food Halls: Chelsea Market, Eataly, the Plaza Food Hall, Essex St Market, Gotham West, and Grand Central

what do you regularly buy at eataly?

May 18, 2014
majordanby in Manhattan

Restaurant in city [San Francisco]

there's always slanted door - has its supporters and detractors, do a search.

i would go with ame - japanese fusion.

barney greengrass bagels

does barney greengrass make their own bagels? or do they outsource them? if the latter, does anyone know where they get their bagels from? thanks in advance.

May 16, 2014
majordanby in Manhattan