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bagel recs

I'm eating my way through as many bagel shops in the boroughs. Below are the places I have hit. Are there any notable bagel places that I'm missing and should try? Thanks in advance.

Bagel Hole
Bergens Bagels
Mill Basin
La Bagel
Dyker Park Bagels
Bagel Oasis
Hot Bialys
Boswyck Bagels

about 8 hours ago
majordanby in Outer Boroughs

2014 Oakland Eat Real Festival, Sept 19 - 21, Jack London Sq.

Ive been to the festival every year except last year and zippo is correct with his or her assessment. i went on a saturday one of those years - never again.

about 8 hours ago
majordanby in San Francisco Bay Area

A "special" dinner in SFBA -- your thoughts much appreciated

I talked to a few people recently about their experiences at Plin and it was inconsistent. A few really liked it (as I did), a few not so much. I think the not so much was because they had higher expectations given alioti's other restaurants. And if you didnt like seven hills, I probably wouldnt go to Plin.

I forgot youre from vancouver. Otherwise, my suggestion for Kusakabe would be much stronger since I had a great experience there.

I originally had the commissary as a suggestion, but edited it out since I wouldnt call it a "special" place. It is in a unique location and had some nice dishes, but I wouldnt necessarily go out of my way to go there.

Rich Table is hot right now. And NOPA is solid. I personally would try to get into one of those. Others that havent been suggested that you might look into: flour+water, piccino.

about 11 hours ago
majordanby in San Francisco Bay Area

4 ladies in NYC

i would steer them towards daniel's bagels vs. pick a bagel. they also deliver (minimum $12 purchase)

1 day ago
majordanby in Manhattan

San Jose, Half Moon Bay and Sausalito

True. I think I let my positive experience at kusakabe bias my evaluation. You've convinced me to try japanese every time I go down to the South Bay to give it another go. Thanks!

A "special" dinner in SFBA -- your thoughts much appreciated

My suggestions for two new restaurants I enjoyed

-Kusakabe (Sushi)
-Plin (Italian )

Bread- East Bay

also at the jack london square market on sunday mornings.

San Jose, Half Moon Bay and Sausalito

perhaps i was thinking more of just sushi than japanese cuisine as a whole. or more likely ive had too many subpar meals at sushi tomi and inconsistency at orenchi.

Who sells Radiatore pasta on the Bay Area?

try baia pasta. call them to make sure.

Bread- East Bay

try octoberfeast - they sell at the thursday and sat berkeley farmers markets (as well as grand lake, temescal).

Liquid Cocaine

whatever brings in traffic to the website i guess.

Sep 08, 2014
majordanby in Recipes

Honeymoon October 4-12: SF, Napa, Carmel, Big sur - please help

bakeries/sweets - Craftsman & Wolves for unique pastries/deserts, tartine bakery (morning bun is fantastic, but their other pastries are great - their bread only available after 4:30, golden gate bakery for egg tarts (watch out for the inconsistent hours). in napa - bouchon.

Black Seed Bagels

ive been to black seed four times. ive bought 2 sandwiches and on separate occasions bought a dozen (and no, they didnt give me the bakers dozen like most bagel shops do - but, whatever). the sandwiches were great - i had bluefish with cream cheese in poppy. the second i had a standard lox with cream cheese in sesame. the problems started to come up with the dozen bagels i bought. the first dozen - half of it was fine. the other half not so much - they were under baked and, really my biggest complaint, a couple had a charred taste. the second dozen was better, although as i mentioned above 3-4 of them were under baked (which gives them that gummy texture and taste you describe in your above post)

overall, across these four experiences, i still have several bagel places i would go to before black seed largely because of consistency issues (under baked, charred taste) and price (dozen bagels at 1.50 each and many of their sandwiches are expensive). however, i still think that when they get it right, it is actually quite a tasty and unique bagel.

Sep 05, 2014
majordanby in Manhattan

Healthy non-deli meat sandwich ideas needed

beets are in season. roasted beets paired with a variety of ingredients (goat cheese, different fresh herbs, arugula) in a nice crusty bread would make for a nice lunch.

heirloom tomatoes are also in season - you can do a lot with those in a sandwich paired with simple ingredients like cheese, spinach and other greens.

try putting fruit in your sandwiches. apples paired with different cheeses, roasted pears in a hard, crusty bread.

salads are economical - egg salad, tuna salad.

Sep 05, 2014
majordanby in Home Cooking

The Marshal - Is This The City's Best Bread and Butter?

you're telling me. i nearly took my pants off when i saw that pic.

Sep 05, 2014
majordanby in Manhattan

Black Seed Bagels

I dont know if you should avoid it like the plague, but I agree with sugartoof that if you're just a fan of Ess a bagel and some of its standard variants (e.g Tal's), then you probably wont like black seed because of its texture and price/size (although i disagree with sugartoof about ess a bagel - its advantage over other bagel shops is not as wide as before, but in my mind it's still the best). i dont think it's like bagel hole at all - the only similarity really is the size and that's pretty much it. different taste, less crust and density.

why i like it - it has a unique slightly sweeter (but not brooklyn bagels sweet, if you know what i mean) taste. it's different from the bagels that proliferate the city. I also like the size. i like ess a bagels, but those babies are monstrous.

why i dont like it - as sugartoof mentioned, the bagels tend to under bake. I bought a dozen recently and about 3-4 were slightly under baked. also, the price - i think that's the sticking point for a lot of people - why should i buy a smaller bagel at 25-50 cents more when i can get one that is bigger at many locations throughout the city?

try baz bagels, which is only about 3-4 blocks away. medium sized bagel that may be more up your alley.

Sep 05, 2014
majordanby in Manhattan

Impressing out-of-towners in the East Bay

Pizzaioli - what i think of as "california" or "west coast" pizza
Commis - Great fine dining - i arguably had my best bay area meal there
Chez Panisse - Has its many detractors (see thread, but it's the place I continually bring back to memory when i think of California cuisine.
Miss Ollie's - Consistently great comfort food
Mexican in Fruitvale - El Huarache Azteca, jalisco cafe, taco grill (do a crawl


honorable mentions - brown sugar, cheeseboard, wood tavern

San Jose, Half Moon Bay and Sausalito

Half moon bay - barbara's fish trap, chez shea, sam's chowder house

japanese - kaita or gombei in san jose japantown. although japanese isnt so great in the south bay relative to other areas in the bay area. Here's a recent post on japanese/sushi in san jose

PIZZA: Experts rank the top 101 pies to find the 'perfect slice'

i bet you it was pizza hut and little caesars.

Aug 29, 2014
majordanby in General Topics

Kainbigan Restaurant (Oakland)

nice! but, no kare kare or palabok. boo.

Surprise Trip to San Francisco

italian - cotogna
asian fusion - ame, mission chinese food (has personality, not everyone's cup of tea)
dim sum- yank sing
seafood- bar crudo, waterbar, ditto skool suggestion above - and ditto slow service

my personal favorites - aziza, bar tartine

Just ate lobster for the first time

"but a sea water boiled lobster"

sea water vs non - makes the difference in taste?

Aug 18, 2014
majordanby in General Topics

Just ate lobster for the first time

Claw meat is the best.

Having grown up in the west coast, im partial to crab - I just find them sweeter and more succulent on average. You'll notice that a lot of folks just dont eat lobster as is - often there is some kind of dressing or, more often, melted butter. Crab, on the other hand, I find I can eat with some white wine and a sourdough baguette and im all set.

Aug 18, 2014
majordanby in General Topics

Jack in the Box is now serving Croissant Donuts.

it was a matter of time

Aug 14, 2014
majordanby in Chains

Katz's has anyone ever seen a reenactment of a Meg Ryan moment there ????

"kids, the pastrami is that damn good"

Aug 08, 2014
majordanby in Manhattan

Jam and ?

oops, didnt read it carefully. my apologies.

Aug 05, 2014
majordanby in General Topics

Jam and ?

cream cheese and jam on a warm english muffin

Aug 04, 2014
majordanby in General Topics

The FiveThirtyEight Does Burritos

"failed to make even the Top 25% of burritos in the US"

The problem with EF is their lack of consistency. I've had great burritos there but I've had burritos I couldnt stomach. If they went to EF 5-10 times, I think on average they would no doubt make the Top 25% of burritos in the US.

Single Diner New York

for Momofuku Ko, could I walk in with no reservation and get seated fairly quickly as a solo diner?

Jul 25, 2014
majordanby in Manhattan

French Laundry solo? [Yountvile]

great choice - i did a solo dinner in front of the kitchen. great meal, great watching the chefs prepare.