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Best place to buy cooked & cracked crab in San Francisco?

Am making a big batch of California rolls. Normally I buy live crabs to cook & clean myself, but want to get on with the "maki" making rather than cleaning & picking. Thanks in advance.

Backyard in Forestville

Has anyone been for dinner? Is it a nice alternative to Willow Wood Cafe or Underwood Bistro for dinner? TIA.

Caterer/restaurant in Sebastopol area?

Looking for a caterer or a restaurant that will provide good and family-friendly food for a small party (20 grown-ups & kids). Delivery is ideal but not required. Your ideas or recommendations please. Thanks!

Afternoon glass of wine near Mission Dolores? [San Francisco]

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions! I found out Starbelly is open all day with "snacks" served 4-5PM, so will give that a try. Will keep the others in mind for future.

Afternoon glass of wine near Mission Dolores? [San Francisco]

Need to find a nice, glass-of-wine-while-we-talk-business restaurant near Mission Dolores around 4 pm. A place where 4 of us can hear each other. Some places we thought of do not open until 5 pm. TIA!

Noodles in Downtown Berkeley?

Looking for a family friendly noodle place with good food. Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc. TIA!

Where to buy Prima Taste Laksa Curry Kit?

Thank you! You are awesome.

Where to buy Prima Taste Laksa Curry Kit?

NapaSpy, at which 99 Ranch did you find Prima Taste's Laksa Curry? I tried the one in Daly City and no luck. TIA.

Where to buy best seafood on Whidbey Island?

L.Nightshade, thank you so much for the recommendation on the fish truck at Bayview! We bought fish twice from the truck, and we all agreed that the halibut was one of the freshest we've had. The prices are good compared to local markets'. Thanks again, and Whidbey is beautiful!

Where to buy Prima Taste Laksa Curry Kit?

99 Ranch Market?! I was told the Laksa curry kit was hard to find. Ha ha. Thank you, NapaSpy! Thanks also for the heads-up on's business practices -- I guess they are not looking for repeat customers.

Where to buy best seafood on Whidbey Island?

Sounds delicious. So looking forward to great seafood up there! Thanks, JohnnyT.

Where to buy best seafood on Whidbey Island?

This is awesome. Thank you so much, L.Nightshade!

Where to buy best seafood on Whidbey Island?

That sounds amazing! Is the truck there on certain days of the week? Is the Goose Community Market same as the Bayview Farmers Market that is held on Saturdays? Thank you!

Where to buy best seafood on Whidbey Island?


We are a San Francisco family about to spend a week on Whidbey Island. Any tips and recommendations on where to buy fish and other seafood to cook "at home" while on Whidbey? We'll be on the south end but are willing to go where there's good food. Thank you.

Where to buy Prima Taste Laksa Curry Kit?

Had it for the first time last week at a party, and it was delicious! The hostess says she buys it on Amazon in a pack of 4. I'd like to buy just one to start with. Any local sources that carries this product? TIA.

La Ciccia closed this week

Was looking forward to dinner there this week, but got a call this morning from the owner (the lady) that they are closed this week due to a family emergency. Too bad. Hope the emergency situation gets better for them soon. Nice people.

Need recommendations for lunch today near El Cerrito

How about Zaki's? Delicious Middle Eastern herbed roast chicken and other very good dishes.

Petaluma Pie ~ All Things Pie, All the Time

Picked up a chocolate-coconut pie yesterday PM. Everyone at the dinner table liked it; not too sweet, with the best crust I've had in a long time. Nice people behind the counter too. Would go back to try other flavors.

Cupola @ The Westfield Shopping Center

We were at Cupola end of October. Had a lovely meal. Had the Feast of Feasts deal. The portions LOOKED small, but by the time we left, we were stuffed. I thought the Dome Salad was especially good.

Any place one can buy Kouign Amann in SF?

La Boulange Bakery in Cole Valley had Kouign Amann this morning! I bought a couple of them ($2.50 each), and they were good. Not quite swoon-worthy but good. Next, search for and try Starter Bakery's version.

Good mild salsa?

I agree on Casa Sanchez mild red salsa. It's consistently good. Also available in organic option. I don't care for TJ's salsas much -- they used to make a decent Pico de Gallo before, but changed recipe/vendor about a year ago and it's not so good now.

Casa Sanchez Restaurant
2778 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Famous roasted chicken in East Bay?

Thank you, Wolfe. We ended up at Zaki today, and the roast chicken was fantastic! The chicken shwarma was delicious too. Very good value as well. Would definitely go back. It's good to know there are so many great options in that part of East Bay.

Famous roasted chicken in East Bay?

Zaki's! Yes, that's the one. Thank you both!

Famous roasted chicken in East Bay?

I'll be in the Berkeley-Emeryville area for lunch. I recall some posts about a great roast chicken place (possibly Middle Eastern spiced) in Albany or El Cerrito? Does this ring a bell with anyone? What other good places for lunch in that part of East Bay? Thanks in advance.

2011 King's Cake Sightings

Saw one on display at Noe Valley Bakery (24th Street, San Francisco) the other day.

Kosher dessert for shabbat?

Thank you, Sugartoof. I heard back from the hosts, and I am told I can bring anything. Will definitely check out Cinderella Bakery though.

Cinderella Bakery
436 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94118

Kosher dessert for shabbat?

Thanks, Artemis. I will check out the blog. I *think* the dessert can be just kosher -- I will ask the hostess.

Kosher dessert for shabbat?

We're going to our first shabbat dinner. Where is a good Kosher bakery in or near San Francisco? What are some of your favorite Jewish desserts? TIA.

Thorough Bread & Pastry (Castro), SF report w/ pics

I agree about their baguettes -- they are excellent, and the price is right. Their savory gougeres are quite good too. Now I have to go buy some.

Where to buy bottarga?

Wow -- thanks for the info. I had some friends bring back bottarga from Sardinia. But, it's great to know there are local sources.