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Single best Chowhound find in Baltimore

Trinacria. I had worked in nearby for ages and driven by it almost daily but it looked so dingy... the reviews here made me stop in for one of the best sandwiches ever and they have cheap wine too.

Visiting Baltimore for a week

For a great sandwich in an unprepossessing place, try Trinacria. The small Italian grocery store is lovely and the sandwiches are amazing. There isn't a great place to sit; more of a pick up the food and go.

You could also consider the Helmand if you are interested in ethic food. Try the pumpkin.

dinner recommendations for Columbia-Ellicott City for 4/30?

I'd advise Catonsville Gourmet over Ship's. I haven't had the best of luck there for seafood.

Catonsville Gourmet
829 Frederick Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228

dinner recommendations for Columbia-Ellicott City for 4/30?

Agreed. R.C. Rogers is pretty much across the street, if you want to pick up a bottle to bring along.

What else am I missing in Baltimore?

I just went to Trinacria the first time today. It is shameful--I go to the University and park at Lexington market! I've driven past it many times; its outside is so unpreposessing. Finally I stumbled inside and discovered the wealth of Italian foods--good pasta, amazing bread and wine. Then I ate the sandwiches and thought I may die from happiness. All this and cheap as well.

I feel like this exemplifies a lot of Baltimore--not showy, but just plain good. Often, one needs to be clued in to these little gems. I wanted to mention one of them, and to find out other places that I may be missing because I am simply walking by them. Ideas?

Lexington or Cross Street Market

Lexington Market.

Lexington Market
400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

So good that you make it over and over again (or at least 3 times!)

Chickpeas and baby spinach. I always have everything on hand, the recipe is simple and my family loves it. It goes well over rice or couscous or toasty bread or will stand alone.

Apr 28, 2010
tremom in Home Cooking

Graduation dinner in Baltimore

Thank you both so much! I'm super excited.

Graduation dinner in Baltimore

I am graduating this May (yay) and my father has offered to take my husband and me to dinner. I'm very excited, as I love food but seldom have the money to splurge on restaurants. My husband and I don't eat much meat, but do enjoy seafood. My dad is pretty meat and potatoes, but game for anything. I like Woodberry Kitchen, but not the right atmosphere of a "finally!" dinner with wine. My dad is from out of town, but heard from a friend that Tio Pepe's may suit the occasion nicely. I'd appreciate any advice.

In-laws are visiting--help!

My Midwestern in-laws are visiting soon and are doubtless to ask us where to eat. They always say, "take us where you like to eat, but nothing too expensive." The problem is my husband and I like spicy. My in-laws believe paprika to be "hot" and expensive to be over $12-13 a plate. Additionally, they only eat fish or veggies. Any suggestions? We live on the west side of Baltimore, but can travel. Thanks!