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Looking for a family style Italian restaurant for 25 in Niagara Falls. Walking distance from Sheraton on the Falls

When in the Falls I have enjoyed the food at Four Brothers Cucina, an old-school red-sauce Italian place. It's a 15-minute walk from that Sheraton, and has private rooms for large groups.

STK is coming to Yorkville

In spite of their name, I don't think STK's parent company is affiliated with One restaurant in Yorkville. For what it's worth, the food at the STK outlet in Las Vegas' Cosmopolitan hotel seems to be well-reviewed.

Help a beer novice out

Googs, the two main types of pale lagers are Czech-derived Pilsner (or "Pils") and what Germans call "Helles", whose most famous examples are Munich's Löwenbräu, Spaten, Hofbräu, and (my favourite) Augustiner. The main difference is the degree of bitter hoppiness in the Pilsners vs. the sweet barley maltiness of the Helles. Then you have your amber lagers, traditionally Vienna-style; Wellington Brewery's Trailhead Lager (which I haven't tried yet) is identified as Vienna-style. Dark lagers ("Dunkles") are rather rare -- Waterloo Dark is an example.

In my experience, Pilsners are much more common in Ontario than Helles, and I can't say there are a lot of beers in Ontario that can compare with the Munich exemplars. I mentioned Steam Whistle before, but the brewery calls it a Pilsner -- nevertheless, I find it tastes more Munich than Pilsen (nowhere near as hoppy as the King Pilsner). I also have enjoyed Amsterdam Blonde when looking for this style.

I also know that Great Lakes makes a "Red Leaf Lager" that I plan to try next time I hit Tallboys on Bloor ...

Help a beer novice out

Pale lager is a correct term -- as opposed to dark lagers. It depends on whether you like hoppy Pilsen-style or malty Munich-style. I like King Pilsner for the former, Steam Whistle for the latter. Beau's Lug Tread, previously mentioned in this thread, is technically an ale -- made with top-fermenting yeast.

Overnight at Stratford

I like Pazzo Taverna for dinner.

The Red Rabbit opened recently and looks very interesting, but I haven't visited yet.

There is an extensive thread on Stratford dining that you may find helpful:

First Time Visitor to Toronto from Washington, D.C.

Caveat about Canoe: arguably, their strength is their tasting menu (the Globe and Mail's restaurant critic gave them a rare four star rating on the basis of sampling several tasting menus). However, they may not be offering one while you are here as they are working on a 20th anniversary menu for September.

First Time Visitor to Toronto from Washington, D.C.

You may not know that Monday is a civic holiday (Simcoe Day) and a lot of downtown bars and restaurants might not be open. Best to call ahead if you have a specific spot in mind.

First Time Visitor to Toronto from Washington, D.C.

and there is more to Niagara Region than NOTL -- some of my favourite wineries are on the Escarpment, west of St Catharines.

R&D - New update. Photo and menu.

Summerlicious 2015

Lunch at Nota Bene is well worth the $28. I enjoyed the blackened whitefish on a bed of wilted spinach with piquant red and green sauces (pico de gallo and poblano). The menu added one more appetizer (fish tacos) and main (cavatelli pugliese) to the one published on the Summerlicious website.

Non Summerlicious Outdoor Dining

Trattoria Giancarlo doesn't do Summerlicious, has a lovely patio, trad Italian menu, good (pricy) wine.

Café Boulud closing for renovations

The Globe and Mail reports that Café Boulud will be closing on June 28 for two months of extensive renovations.

Monday night special restaurant near the ROM - Toronto?

I haven't been back to Cafe Boulud since it opened -- are the walls still covered with those Mr. Brainwash paintings? I hesitate to recommend CB for a special dinner just because I think the decor is plain ugly. In a pinch, Museum Tavern is across the street from the RCM and, on a Monday, will be most welcoming.

Summerlicious 2015

This year's list of restaurants and menus is now up. The event runs an extra week this year, coinciding with the Pan Am Games.

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

Corktown Kitchen is now open, in the space previously occupied by Weezie's.

Best Dim Sum in Toronto

1. Luckee
2. Chalau
3. Kwan
4. Crown Princess
5. Mother's Dumplings


Carbon Bar and Harlem are close. George is also nearby but is rather "posh."

Real Authentic Thai Food in Toronto. Suggestions please?

I don't know if Mengrai is all that rustic, but I have enjoyed dishes on Sasi's "Signature" menu, particularly the beef tenderloin in a gravy-like tamarind sauce.

Stratford Restaurant Commentary (Long)

Time for a 2015 update? According to this blog post, Mercer Hall and The Church are no more, and the Linleys (formerly of the Bijou) have left The Bruce. Red Rabbit does however look very promising.

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

GIlead Café to close Mar 31 according to Jamie Kennedy's Twitter account.

lunch spot near Front and Frederick (near Young People's Theatre)?

Mangia & Bevi does lunch paninis including several veg options.

Best craft beer joints in Toronto

I like Tallboys at Bloor and Ossington -- excellent selection, knowledgeable staff, cozy vibe.

Globe Review of America in the Trump Tower

To be fair, he did write a rave review of King Place on Sherbourne at Dundas, which isn't particularly shiny, popular, nor trendy.

Globe Review of America in the Trump Tower

Tilted Kilt on the Esplanade

2014 Restaurants and Food Store OPENINGS - Part II

Signs at Pizzeria Libretto's new location on University at Adelaide say they open Monday, Nov 10.

restaurants near Courtyard by Marriott Downtown

Some Elm St suggestions -- Adega for Portuguese, Queen and Beaver for gastropub British.

Enroute Canada's Best New Restaurants 2014

Bar Buca at number 6, The Chase at number 7.


Had a pretty good dinner the other day at the downtown location (University and Wellington) -- no significant service issues, and the honey and garlic marinated sirloin was tasty.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Red Sauce on Clinton is closed.


It's all relative. 15% pre-tax on a $20 prix-fixe lunch with tap water is barely adequate; 15% pre-tax on a $35 prix-fixe dinner with cocktails, a decent bottle of wine and a post-prandial digestif should make servers and proprietors happy, given the markup. (Whether the opening of a $600 bottle of wine should be due more remuneration than the opening of a $60 bottle is a subject for another thread).