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Restaurant for 24

Chinese would be great

Restaurant for 24

A very large group of friends are going out and looking to have dinner in the city. They need a place that can hold all 24 of them and has interesting food at good prices. I'm not sure what type of cuisine they're looking for. Thanks!

Authentic Jewish Deli in Bay Area?

I enjoyed East Coast West's knish, but as far as I've tasted the best half-sour 've had out here was out of a jar (actually too salty). East Coast West satisfies my craving until I go back to New York to visit relatives.

Olive Oil Cake

The olive oil cake is actually somewhat like cornbread. I really liked the crunch in it though.

Nov 25, 2007
SamuelA.L. in Recipes

Japanese food in East Bay

Anywhere from Berkeley all the way out to Walnut Creek I have not been able to find well done Japanese food besides Ryowa or Kirala . Are those really the only 2 places? Does anyone know of anywhere else to try.

China Village Chowdown - 11/4/07

Do they stiil fry them in the shells? I wasn't the biggest fan of that.

Sichuan Fortune Dinner

After learning of newly opened Sichuan Fortune in Pleasant Hill I decided to go take a look and got some standard sichuan takeout dishes to see how it would turn out. It was obvious the chef was from CV just by looking at the menu. But how would the two compare?

We orderd the following: spicy cold noodles: kind of chewy, but a little less spiced down than China Village, which I prefer when all of your other dishes are spicy. Overall, the sauce was also a littgle tastier than CV's.
Soup dumplings in hot oil: Gives you a lot of dumplings in a nice oil mixture, what's not to like.
Eggplant pancakes: Pretty good, but I could have done without the stuffed pork in the middle, but otherwise was good.
Dry-fried string beans: Of course, not the true deal you find in China, but very tasty. The sauce they were in was a simple, wonderful garlicky coating to some overall pretty crunchy string beans. They deffinately had it on CV in that arena.
Zhang-Fei beef:Really great flavor. All the ingredients came together for a great dish.
Veg MaPo Tofu: Didn't get much of it, but from what I got it was simple, clean, and a nice dish.
Spicy Beef Tendon: It was given to us for free and was really good. I ate every little bite of it down to the meaty oil down at the bottom.

Overall, Sichuan Fortune did very well, lacking CV's intensity in some areas, but also presenting some dishes (the string beans come to mind) in a cleaner, tastier version. I'll deffinately head back (especially since it's not far from where I live) and taste more.

China Village Chowdown - 11/4/07

The water-boiled beef is probably one of the best second day dishes (served over fresh white rice) I've ever had. It seems to triple in taste

Any "Must Eats" in San Mateo?

I went to a vietnamese place on El Camino (forget the name). I had a bahn mi with pork and fries shrimp rolls. The bahn mi was ok( the bread stunk), and the shrimp rolls were pretty good. I saw lots of peolple there eating the various soups. Is it worth going back for the soups if anyone's been?

NY food in the bay area

It's just a different feel. I know the pizza is much better and the sunsets can ce cool and homey. And no, it doesn't come as a big shock to me because you are talking to a native of your area.

Oliveto Must-haves

Yes, I know that their menu changes but some stuff is on there for months at a time. I've never been before and am wondering if there is anything I must try there.

Sichuan Fortune House - Pleasant Hill New, Spicy and Authentic

Finally, a sichuan restaurant closer to my home than China Village. Hopefully it will turn out to be good, considering it has roots with CV. How was the menu layed out?

NY food in the bay area

True, but what if you wanted to eat nyc style pizza while watching the sunset in SF.

NY food in the bay area

I can give you a couple suggestions for pizza:Gioia in Berkeley makes the real thing, and tastes, smells, and looks the same as real Neapolitan Nyc thin crust pizza. Another good place is in Sf: Pizza Orgasmica in SF makes a great cornmeal crust pizza with a great crisp, thin crust.
For bagels,Walnut Creek Bagel Co. has its good days and its bad days.

Serious food in Carmel

Looking for a place in Carmel with great food . Be best if the restaurant were Italian Greek, Meditterranean, but not totally cenetered around seafood or wine. Thanks

May 25, 2007
SamuelA.L. in California

Authentic Italian

I'm from the SF Bay area and am going to be in Chicago for a week on business and the company paycheck for dinning, so money is not a problem. And one night we're going out for Italian and it's my job to find the restaurant and I've never been to Chicago before. Thanks.

May 15, 2007
SamuelA.L. in Chicago Area

Steak Frites

It's not that all steak frites in Paris are automatically better than the Bay Area, but that there are many more great steak frites places in Paris than San Francisco. After all, it is their cuisine.

Steak Frites

I just read the article in the New York Times on the best steak frites in Paris, and it left me wondering, where in the bay area are the best steak frites? Though, obviously not as good as Paris, where in the bay area can you find great steak frites done right?

New York Deli?

I do agree. But it's the fact that there are some good delis to be found in NY. After all, you don't see any good delis at all out here. I mean, I've eaten better Jewish deli in Houston.

Best Wok Brand

I have a crappy electric wok and want to buy a wok to start cooking. None of that non-stick crap, I want the real deal. But I don't know what brand to buy. Any suggestions?

Mar 24, 2007
SamuelA.L. in Cookware

African food

Looking for different foods from allover Africa in the East Bay and SF. Any suggestions?

Best New York Pizza in SF/Oakland?

Why was Ray's even made famous to start? I had it from the original and it was just gloppy.
But the best NY style in Oakland area is Gioia, and in SF, Pizza Orgasmica makes a killer cornmeal crust pizza with ulta super thin crust.

New York Deli?

When it first opened it was probably the second best to Miller's. But now it's horrible. Once they took knish off the menu and downsized the portions for the already absolutely outrageous prices was when they went downhill. The quality of the food has also dropped. The only thing good I had there were the pickles.
And on the topic of Saul's, rworange is right. They are mixing California tastes with jewish deli. They don't even serve you real bagels there.

New York Deli?

The definition of New York Deli is basically a real Jewish deli.I've never heard of a Chicago style Jewish Deli. Mind explaining? Just curious, maybe I'll try it .

New York Deli?

Yeah, that was it. Miller's (Some direction: East, West?) Deli. They also had pretty decent knish.

The Best Chowhound SF has to offer

It's supposedly a very businessmen place though. And the review in SF Magazine said not the best things about it. But then again, SF Magazine has taken a turn for the worst.

New York Deli?

NO! I've been everywhere and none compare at all to New York. Yeah, it's pathetic. Not enough Jews! If you want deli on the West Coast you have to head down to L.A. Probably the least worst though was the East West Something Something Deli in SF. Their corned beef wasn't that bad, even though I asked for pastrami.

Carlos Santana's Restaurant to be.

I read in the Contra Costa Times and saw in multiple places on the internet that Carlos Santana will be opening up 3 mexican restaurants. The first to open (supposedly April) is to be in Walnut Creek in the current location of the lousy Cantina. The restaurant is themed around authentic mexican food, Carlos saying that he wants to bring the flavors of Mexico to areas where all that represents Mexico is a taco, or in Walnut Creek's case, nachos! Does anyone else have any info on the opening of the restaurant.

Chinatown for the New Year

I'm going to be heading into Chinatown for the parade in two weeks and don't know many places in Chinatown besides dim sum. I'll be with a group of 5 with two little kids ( but the kids don't mind authentic food). Yet I don't know of any places, especially cantonese.
Any suggestions?

Looking for Greek food.

I'm originally from New Jersey, the land of diners owned by greeks. Yet since in the Bay Area all I've found is The Mediterranean and Daphnes, as well as a fancy place in Downtown SF. Does anyone have suggestions?