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red Bliss

Can anyone tell me the secret to keeping the nice red color on red potatoes after they are cooked?

Aug 12, 2010
user7923 in Home Cooking

Cold Brew Coffee - Anyone Tried This?

I had a Toddy system for many years. It made pretty good coffee too, very mellow - no bitterness. I had a couple of things I didn't like about it though, and I found myself using it less and less.

1. when used as directed I really seemed to go through a LOT of coffee...(and I use 2 tablespoons per cup when hot brewing) I think I was using extra coffee to try to get some of the flavors that weren't being extracted in cold water. 2. Probably as a result of using even more coffee and the long brew time, the stuff gave me the jitters with just 2 cups. 3. it just tasted weird after a day or two in the fridge...I called it Frankencoffee.

So, I bought a Moccamaster and never looked back.

Jul 19, 2009
user7923 in General Topics

Roast vs. Bake

I know that coffee beans and meat are roasted and bread, cakes and cookies are baked. Both methods are described in the dictionary as "cooking by means of dry heat."

Is there a technical difference between these two, or is the method the same and determined only by the object to be cooked?

Jul 19, 2009
user7923 in General Topics