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Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

Simple is better. All you need to make great latkes is: (1) shredded potatoes (I actually prefer to just shred them on the hand grater by hand, it's REALLY NOT that much harder, actually considering all the cleaning of the food processor, I think it's quite a bit easier), (2) eggs, and some (3) salt. That's it (and a bit of oil for frying, of course). I've made and eaten these things forever. Just mix the ingredients together (maybe add a little fresh ground pepper), and fry up in a skillet with a thin layer of pretty hot oil. They always turn out great, always gone before I can even finish frying the whole batch. No need to complicate. Vitamin C tablet?!? Matzo meal!?! Baking powerder!? HUH? Latkes are one of the easiest things to make and get right. They are no mystery (unless you add all that crazy stuff).

Jan 23, 2013
anwhatifido in Recipes

Best tasting veggie dogs

Completely agree with you about the "off" flavor that most seem to have... you know oddly, though, just the simple Smart Dogs are some of the better ones I have had. I don't feel like they have much of that "off flavor".

FUN and vegetarian

Wow!! Sorry for my really late response as I mentioned above, this is the first time I've checked my actual account on here in a loooooong time (I still look at threads, just not signed in) - thanks so much for the suggestion! Sounds like a great place we will need to try next time we are in east bay! I actually CAN'T WAIT to try it - sounds soooo good. Thanks again!

FUN and vegetarian

I haven't checked on my actual chowhound posts or account in awhile! (I am on here frequently, but not usually signed in), so I just saw this, and I LOVE the recommendation (as I am always down for a good veggie burger) - we will have to try them out soon.

Roadside eats off I-5 between Seattle and San Francisco?

I know this is so late.... but... THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY!! I take this route almost every year, so I am surely going to try to try every one of those!!

Mar 16, 2012
anwhatifido in Pacific Northwest

Roadside eats off I-5 between Seattle and San Francisco?

I don't know where allycat went - but I just came across this post and am about to make this trip. (Yeah, I know this was posted long ago...). But all this helps a lot!

If anyone has anymore suggestions...I'd love it! (I am traveling with some vegetarians as well... I am one, haha, and we can normally find something to eat almost anywhere, burger joints are usually the most difficult though)

I'm afraid to post a new thread since this one already exists...

Aug 14, 2009
anwhatifido in Pacific Northwest

FUN and vegetarian

Haha, I know, it is a tight budget, I just thought I'd try and see what I can do with that much money - and it does seem that there are quite a few fun options! Thanks for those options too! I can't wait to try them out. Last weekend we wanted to try out Cha Cha Cha, but yeah, the wait was about an hour and a half - next time I guess.

Thanks for all of your wonderful suggestions, I will refer back to these posts whenever I am in the bay looking for a good place to eat. :)

FUN and vegetarian

The place sounds familiar - I will have to check them out.

FUN and vegetarian

Thanks so much for all your suggestions! I really appreciate them all - and I want to try out all these places soon, I am up in the bay often - so I think I will! We ended up going to Avatar's... and I thought they were OK. I felt like they did rush us a bit, and the food was so-so. But it was fun trying out the new place! Again, thanks!

FUN and vegetarian

Wow, all these places sound so fun. Especially the Ethiopian place, I will have to try it sometime. I love new and interesting places to eat. Thanks a lot for all the suggestions - I really appreciate it.

FUN and vegetarian

I looked up the restaurant - and it does look like a wonderful place! I wish I had a bigger budget... I might be able to work something out, I don't know. Still, thanks for mentioning it, I have been doing a bit of research, and have not come across it. It's good to know the place it out there, I hope I will be able to try it sometime soon!

FUN and vegetarian


My boyfriend's birthday is coming up, and we will be in the bay area. He is in Novato, but we are willing to travel, I am thinking Berkeley/San Rafael/ or San Francisco, somewhere around there. I want to find a really fun place to eat that has vegetarian options. By fun place I mean something with a fun ambience, maybe fun music (or live music), and of course, good, flavorful, vegetarian food. I love places that get creative or have fun themes.

Oh yeah, I guess it's also important to note that we do have a budget, about $20 a person (at most, the less the better). I just want a good overall experience.

Also, both of us really enjoy trying new foods, and good beer and good wine, so a brewery with good food could also be fun.

I would really appreciate any suggestions. :) Thanks!