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Best place you ate at this week?

Larry's in Venice. Great new beer from an L.A. brewer (Golden Road IPA). Had the steamed mussels. Spicy, plentiful, great broth for soaking bread. Also, the indoor/outdoor atmosphere is perfect for Venice.

24 Windward Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90291

Nov 01, 2011
martha03 in Los Angeles Area

LA. Foodie needs NYC recs from bi-coastals (or those who are just bi-coastal-curious)

Hello! I am going to be in NYC in March for about a week, and I want to eat my face off. I've been there many times, but I want to find some hidden gems that I haven't come across yet. I like all kinds of food but am especially looking for:

1. Old School Italian
2. Chinese
3. Meat/Butchery centered
4. Molecular Gastronomy/ anyone who is doing something avant garde that doesn't include gimmicks like eating in the dark etc.

Here are some of my favorite places in L.A. to give you an idea:
Comme Ca
Terried Sake House (I know it's closed....single tear)
The Yard

And don't worry, I'm only there for a week so I won't be the reason your secret spot becomes an unbearable hipster haven overnight!

5233 1/2 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Marouch Restaurant
4905 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029, USA

Terried Sake House
11617 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Vincenti Restaurant
11930 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Feb 21, 2011
martha03 in Los Angeles Area

need wedding catering recs!!

Hi! I am a getting married and looking for a caterer in the L.A. area. My fiance and I are both major foodies, and in an ideal world we would have a sky's the limit around-the-world buffet. However, our palates are significantly more sophisticated than our wallets, so we are looking for caterers that A) do unique, interesting food, kick-ass food, B) don't cost a million dollars, and C) are fun and laid-back to work with. Any recommendations?! Thanks!

Jun 13, 2010
martha03 in Los Angeles Area

L.A foodie needs NY recs

Thanks for the recs! Tavern on the Green, from what I know of it, sounds like a place I would avoid naturally. It's seems like when people come to L.A. and go to Universal City Walk expecting authentic culture, when all they end up with is a bunch of Nebraskans looking for the same authenticity. Not that there's anything wrong with Nebraskans.

As for my favorite place in L.A., I love:
Father's Office
Ruen Pear
Terried Sake House
Cobras & Matadors
and about a thousand taquerias

to name a few!

Jul 18, 2009
martha03 in Manhattan

L.A foodie needs NY recs

Hello. Hola. Guten morgen.

I am going to be in NYC next week, and I want to get a true chowhound's New York. there is no kind of food that I categorically don't like, except crappy food. As long as it's good, I'm in. L.A. does Japanese and Mexican better than anybody, so I'm mainly looking for:

Upscale American
Weird hole-in-the-wall places that sell fish eyes, frog balls, cow tongues, etc.

Any suggestions?

Jul 17, 2009
martha03 in Manhattan