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shawarma question

I recently moved from Ottawa to Toronto. I'm looking for something to replace my Schwarma Palace fix!!

Is there any place even close?

best brunch places in Toronto?

Yes! I've been there twice. Both times really good. They had an aaamaaaazzzziinnggg French toast. It was sugared and crispy on the outside. I will go back just to eat this. Their menu changes though!

Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?


Amsterdam for one night only

Thre is an AMAZING restaurant called Pompa. It is by Museumplatz, where the van gogh museum and IAMSTERDAM sign is.
We came across it because locals were sitting outside, waiting for a table.
I had the caeser salad, my friend had really good SEARED tuna. We went back twice. Also the price doesn't breka the bank!

Oct 12, 2011
presencegirl in Europe

Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?

Is it mixed with sprite/fanta? Or just lemonade?

Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?

Do they have Becks Lemon sold anywhere? They have Becks but no lemon

german store in toronto

Do they sell Radler here?

Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?

I've checked the beer store, checked LCBO and I can't find Radler anywhere?

Not even Becks Lemon flavour.

FYI: Radler is German half beer, half lemonade and is delicious!

Wild Oat - Ottawa

Went to Wild Oat bakery at The Glebe in Ottawa.

I went for Saturday brunch. It was busy, but we were able to get a table quickly.

I had the Cafe Latte for $3. Rosemary, goat cheese croissant and cinnamon bun.

This was probably the best croissant I've ever had. The outside was so flaky and yummy and you could actually taste the rosemary. The goat cheese on the inside was delicious and generous.

They had a pan of cinnamon buns with icing and pine nuts sprinkled on top. It was also delicious. Very filling and didn't taste oily.

Total came to a little more than 10$.

Will go back and try a different croissant and their scones which looked very yummy. Can't wait!

I have to say better than Le Moulin de Provence in the market (I had one today just to compare and it wasn't as flaky). The French baker is good, but not as crispy on the outside. (Though the pain au chocolat amandes is good as well.)

Where can I find the Lebanese avocado-dessert-fruit-cocktail in Toronto?

Thanks for the recs. I haven't tried those places.. I guess there aren't any places downtown ....

T&T Waterfront Night Market

Warning: DO NOT take the shuttle bus.

I was waiting at the city hall stop. And you have to "sign up" for a spot on the shuttle bus. It's a first come first served kind of thing. And there were only 15 spots at the City Hall stop. Buses are scheduled to come once an hour.

I decided to call the "shuttle hotline" and that was a mess. The girl on the phone was too busy shouting things to the people beside her to speak to me, I don't understand why she picked up the call in the first place?

The 7:55pm bus didn't come, I left at 8:40pm and it still hadn't arrived yet.
Also, if you were waiting for the next bus which was at 9:05pm... that probably wouldn't come until 10pm.

They told me they only had one bus, so good luck getting back from the market.

Don't TAKE the SHUTTLE BUS. Pay the extra token and take the bus from union station! (or don't go at all)

Where can I find the Lebanese avocado-dessert-fruit-cocktail in Toronto?

I want to try this dessert after my friend made it. It is normally an avocado puree with a mix of fruit cocktail in it.

I tried simple searches but everything that came up under Lebanese was about shawarmas and grilled meats.

Help please?

Here's a pic of what I'm talking about:

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

I agree, Wasabi was REALLY BAD.
I went for AYCE when it first opening up, and then again recently and it was the worst sushi I've ever had in my life. Worse than school campus sushi.
I found the tables and utensils not ideal condition but the worst was the spicy salmon roll. There was next to no salmon inside ALL rice. I mean some AYCE's have lots of rice but still some fish inside, the roll was falling apartm the seaweed was soggy. I will never go back.

On the plus, the service was very attentive and kind.

Make Your Own Yogurt

For anyone who's done this, how does it taste?

May 12, 2010
presencegirl in Features

French Chocolate Macarons with Chocolate Ganache

I don't have almond powder. Does it work without it??

May 07, 2010
presencegirl in Recipes

Guu is Guu(d) – review + pics

Went to Guu last night. Was a Wednesday night. I arrived at around 5:30 the place was already packed. I was waiting for friends so I let the 4 people in front of me get seated. We ended up waiting about 20 minutes? This was my first time there, and yesterday night there was terrential downpour. Despite that they make you wait outside!!! But they gave me someone's umbrella if that helps...

When I was inside I appreciated more that people were waiting outside... I've always found people standing around waiting for your seat to be uncomfortable.

Atmosphere was SUPER loud, louder than any chinese supermarket I've been to. We sat at the bar (the bar stools have a little cubby to put your purse into!)

Food was good! We had the butter scallops, seared tuna (yum!), oysters (too cheesy), jellyfish salad, both bimbambops (cheesy and regular), and the cheesecake between three people.
It came to about 70$ tax and tip included (my friend had the sake sangria).

My fave was probably the cheesy bimbambop and the seared tuna. The bimbambop is the best I've ever tasted anywhere because of the hotpot rice! The tofu cheesecake was nice and light! ( i normally can only take one bite of regular cheesecake cause of the richness)

Staff were great, very friendly. They recommended items and they turned out to be great!

I'm still not used to how loud it was in there. You can't really speak but I guess it'd be a good place for a first date! (no awkward silences). It's not really a place where you can sit and lull over food. (think salad king rush rush atmosphere, but chicer and friendlier)

When we left, there was a line of about 20 people dressed prettily waiting in the rain.

Only go when there's sun!! But go for sure!

398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

Salad King

I always get the curries at Salad King. Green is normally the one i go for.

I would REALLY RECOMMEND "Just Thai" in the Village.
I went there for lunch, got the Green Curry - SO MUCH BETTER than Salad King.

1. Bowl of curry is bigger than Salad King
2.Meat and veges are overflowing the bowl! (thing I hate about salad king, they are stingy)
3. Comes out steaming hot!
4. Service s excellent and cute!
5. No long wait, and you can linger as long as you like.

I got the lunch special mango green chicken curry with rice, and a spring roll included for 7.99.

Salad King
340 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5B1R7, CA

The Chillax Conundrum

I thought the reader was asking, if she wanted to get OUT of plans that she had initiated previously, rather than turning down an invitation.

This is a huge problem for me and my friends. My friend will initiate plans (like trying out a new restaurant), she'll plan the day early in advance but then call me a few hours before we're scheduled and cancel.

Has happened with more than one friend on more than one occasion...

Am I doing something to lead them on??

Apr 06, 2010
presencegirl in Features

How Do You Say "Pho"?

I like to pronounce the word as it was originally meant to be so I say "Fuh"

But everytime I ask my friends, "hey you want to go for fuh" I always end up saying "foe cause no one gets what I'm saying.

Apr 06, 2010
presencegirl in Features

Tea Parties Must Make a Comeback

I want to host an alice-in-wonderland inspired tea party, but don't have enough tea cups/saucers that look nice.
Any advice to finding enough quirky nice ones??

Mar 31, 2010
presencegirl in Features


I went there last week for lunch. The service was great although it would have been extra special if my glass was filled. Had the salmon to start, the chicken and ended with the chocolate fondant. The chicken (though famous there), is not that great. The meat was actually dry and I thnk I would have much prefered the fish tail. The starter was excellent thogh

Jul 24, 2009
presencegirl in France

A place to splurge on a real french meal?

Awesome! Ya I meant more by fine dining.

Jul 18, 2009
presencegirl in France

A place to splurge on a real french meal?

After 4 months of studying in Paris in eating cafeteria food and baguettes, before I leave Paris my friends and I are seeking to experience some real french food.

Something not too expensive (under the 50euro mark) but still of good quality (michelin-like).
We're hoping this one splurge will be the cherry that tops off our entire experience here in Paris!

Any recommendations?

Jul 17, 2009
presencegirl in France