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Jasper White's Summer Clambake on Spectacle Isand

STAY AWAY from the Clam Chowder @ Summer Shack on Georges Island. Just out there today(11AUG10) with the wife and granddaughters, beautiful day on the island. Clam Chowder was rancid(milk and/or cream had gone bad) or it had been cooked (or overcooked) one time to many. Hot Dogs not much better. Sat in my stomach like an iron fist of discomfort until I was able to "get rid of them". and W-A-Y overpriced, tourist trapis maximus. Stop at Mickey Dees before ya get on the boat, or pack yer own, you'll enjoy it much more. TOTAL rip-off based on name, not quality

Summer Shack
310 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

Aug 11, 2010
jfboy in Greater Boston Area

Can we talk about Nantasket / Hull?

Live in Hull, Down the gut havin "weinies N fries" outa there frequently. We only get dogs, burgers and fries outa there(only seafood we eat comes outa our own kitchen), but its good basic food. Like the burgers, like the dogs, fries always done right in clean grease. We go down there mid day, mid week, ALOT of the locals stop in for a dog or burger, As do ALOT of the workers and rangers from the Islands. Regularly see State and surrounding town Marine patrols in there getting a bite as well. If ya go, go inside, LOTS of old pics of area "back in the day", interesting nautical stuff. We like it, and I think a few others do to!!

ps- AVOID Linda Beans Maines Perfect on the strip

Jul 21, 2009
jfboy in Greater Boston Area

The Linda Bean, Perfect Maine Lobster Roll; Hull

Negative, she's been "outa the business" for over 10 years.

Jul 21, 2009
jfboy in Greater Boston Area

The Linda Bean, Perfect Maine Lobster Roll; Hull

"My Wife" is one of the original Daily's whose Mother & Father opened the Hingham Lobster Pound back in the 50's and ; Like she just said to me, worked there "as soon as she could reach the register".

They "cooked" their own Lobster for the rolls, tried to use primarily knuckle meat, culls ina pinch, a LITTLE mayo, a LITTLE diced celery(the real deal NOT celery salt), toasted rolls was customer option. And Thats it.

And like she also just said to me "if it wasn't fresh they didn't have it".

And the "breader" for the fried clams?? "Don't ask, don't tell" was the policy. Wife started breading "at the pound" when she was 12.

Ya wanna try some "take it home and do it yourself"??, try Lobster Express, brand new on Nantasket Pier. Lobster Pound and Fish Market, had some halibut outa there last week, ta "die for baby". Prepared by the best seafood cook around!!

Jul 18, 2009
jfboy in Greater Boston Area

The Linda Bean, Perfect Maine Lobster Roll; Hull

I also have to second(or third, or fourth) the opinions about the hull operation. N-O-T good.

HEAVY seasoning, again with the overwhelming taste or celery salt and the roll wasn't done very good at all. I actually expected to have to wait a couple minutes for 'em to properly grill the roll, and insterad had two lobsta roll sandwiches at the window ready for me what seemed like less than a minute.

And I don't know about the actual freshness of the meat, ours had Z-E-R-O taste of anything even proximate to lobster. My wife, who has 40+ years in the NE seafood restaraunt business (retired) and is hands down, the best seafood preparer whose food I've ever had the pleasure of eating, speculated that it was processed and canned lobster meat. And like she said, as long as you process and can it as soon as it gets off the dock you can call it "fresh Lobster meat". My wife took one bite and heading for the bathroom, I followed about 25 minutes later.

But; also as mentioned, the pickles were awesome!!

Jul 17, 2009
jfboy in Greater Boston Area