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Edison, WA - Farm to Market Bakery

Here is a story that's a few years old, but good:

Jun 23, 2008
mmmFood in Pacific Northwest

Crush, Union or Mistral

Just had an outstanding meal at Crush. I have liked it much more than I have liked Lark.

Jan 22, 2008
mmmFood in Pacific Northwest

Seattle Restaurant Supply Stores

I live up north, and frequently drive by the Aurora store; I guess that's why I have shopped there. I've always had reasonable service--nice and helpful and never smug, and have almost always bought small-ticket items. I don't go that often, but it's been fine when I have.

I laugh at the "next week" comments. They've been out of 1/2 sheets the last few times I've been there and wanted to pick up one or two. Each time I was told something to the effect of, "We just got in 20 dozen and sold them like that. Check back again and we'll have more." Ha!

I've never been to Bargreen's, but would like to go.

Jan 18, 2008
mmmFood in Greater Seattle

Is Rover's that good? And Herbfarm too...

I would disagree again. Last year we went to the Inn at Langley for the first time and were prepared to be wowed. It was good, but not great (but the reputation is certainly good, and I would definitely return hoping for a 'wow'). This year we had two dinners at Rovers. Wow. They certainly aren't resting on the laurels of his reputation--this isn't stodgy stuff here. It's very modern and inventive. Really good.

Oct 11, 2007
mmmFood in Pacific Northwest

Seattle visit june 20-26th. Looking for thumbs up or down on itinerary.

Inquiring minds want to know:
Your trip has ended: After your grand plans were finalized, where did you eat, and what did you think of the food? I like to hear the perspective from out-of-state visitors. How did it compare to the Midwest?

Jun 28, 2007
mmmFood in Pacific Northwest

Crush or Sitka and Spruce?

I like them both quite a lot, but they are very very different. Based on your brief description and needs above, Crush is the restaurant for you for this trip.

Jun 27, 2007
mmmFood in Pacific Northwest

Seattle visit june 20-26th. Looking for thumbs up or down on itinerary.

Don't waste time or money on Palisade. Go to Crush or Union or Lark instead.

Consider dropping Canlis also for one of those three if your aim is indeed 'darn good food'--Canlis has darn good other stuff, but the food is simply better elsewhere if that's truly the goal. If you want to aim for some really upscale food, then also consider Mistral.

Where is your ethnic meal? If you're from the Midwest, then you need some Asian-influenced meal while in Seattle, or you've done wrong by us. My choice would be Tamarind Tree. Otherwise, before the end of your trip you'll get tired of yet another little serving of something in a little pool of reduction sauce with a little pile of pretty stuff above and a design around the outside to make the big plate pretty. Not that I don't really like eating that way--it will just get boring all week.

Make SURE to have lunch one of those days at Sitka and Spruce. Get there just before the doors open for a relaxed time. Don't go there for dinner--too much of a crush for space and hectic. Don't forget this one!

Jun 15, 2007
mmmFood in Pacific Northwest

"Cool" restaurant for preteens/teens (Seattle)

It might not be "cool", but how about tea? Tea rooms are actually making a comeback and may actually be considered trendy at this point. And I think traditionally it would be seen as fun to take the girls out for tea. I don't know the tea shops, but I bet others here would be able to comment. Not a stuffy high tea like in London, but a relaxed trendy Seattle tea. And finish it off with a trip to someplace like Trophy Cupcakes in the Wallingford Center. Just a thought.

And on the subject of tea of a different sort, you could take them out to a junk-foody bubble tea place for a trendy treat on a different day.

May 03, 2007
mmmFood in Greater Seattle

Olympic National Park

Not much around there, really. I love the area (for the outdoors). As I remember from a few years ago, the food at the Kalaloch Lodge will give you calories to sit on a beach log in the rain (a great thing), but not much else. I really don't recall if there is anything else around Kalaloch. Unless something has changed, don't expect anything out of La Push either.

If you head south on 101, the next stop I recall are the places at Lake Quinault. The Lake Quinault Lodge has food that is better than Kalaloch, but that's not saying much. I would head there with a book for dinner, because the lodge is nice. The lodge lobby is a nice place to sit and be warm with a book in big comfy chairs. There are doubtless a couple of other places to eat around there, but I don't know them.

If you headed south of Lake Quinault to the beach towns, you'd find food, but it seems too far for dinner to me. If someone else can point you to a good meal tol the south, it might be worth a trip if they can guarantee a great meal; I know I've traveled much farther than that for a meal myself.

To the north of Kalaloch, I think the next stop is Forks. It's an actual small town with restaurants. I don't know them, but I'd look around the foodie websites searching under Forks. I'm sure you could get a passable meal there if you tried. I haven't eaten there in a few years, so I can't point you the right way. I do recall having an OK meal there once.

Port Angeles is too far for a meal.

Unfortunately, I don't think this is too helpful. Eat at Kalaloch lodge simply for the convenience. Eat somewhere at Lake Quinault if you want to check out the rainforest. Poke around for someplace passable in Forks.

I hope others can point to some good meals, as I do find myself over there occasionally and I would also like to know also if there is good food to be found.

Mar 24, 2007
mmmFood in Pacific Northwest

Canlis or Herb Farm = the hype?

Canlis receives its intermittent share of bashing around here. I've been a few times and had one very good meal (might have been the company) and a couple of adequate meals. I would tend to speak up for it when it gets bashed, as I think it has its place. But for a special meal out without the elderly parents, I'd have to pass at this point.

My only meal at The Herbfarm was many years ago in their temporary location at the winery, and I thought it was simply fantastic. I've been wanting to go again for some time, but haven't pulled it off. However, I have heard multiple times that it is now a pretty over-the-top show, and that turns many people off. I liked the 'show' I saw that one time, and thought the food was simply fabulous.

Lampreia is a cold turnoff for some people, although the food can be great; this might be a risk for a special night out, unless you know you like it there. I thought the food at Le Gourmand was good, but not great. Many people feel differently and love the place and the small atmoshphere, so this might be for you.

I would put my money down on Rover's for this event. I have been a couple of times recently, and have been very impressed. This guy is not resting on the laurels of his reputation--the food is excellent as a whole (a couple of minor exceptions only), and for two people to get two tasting menus (big and small) seems to me an almost over-the-top indulgence. And I like the little house setting. I'm not a formal person, but was very comfortable each time while dressed moderately casually. I think definitely an 'event' place.

Mar 13, 2007
mmmFood in Pacific Northwest

Looking for total food experience in Seattle

Current darling of the online "foodie" world for high-end dinner is without a doubt Mistral, and I'm sure several would make a convincing argument that it's the best in the city. I haven't been there myself yet, but I have been salivating at the thought for months and months since it has been so raved about for some reason. I gather it's a great example of the "put yourself in the chef's hands" multi-course modern meal.

Oct 26, 2006
mmmFood in Pacific Northwest

Business Dinner in Seattle

Walk out your door and go about 30 more feet to Campagne for dinner. Great restuarant, great atmosphere, great service. First-rate and reliable.

Jul 13, 2006
mmmFood in Pacific Northwest