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Visiting: Foie Gras at lunch?

I second Pintxo open for lunch wednesday,thursday and friday, great versions of foie gras
both hot and cold


Ryu on Laurier just east of Parc has a lobster and crab taco and a tempura with lobster tail,
I have not been there but read some good reviews

The Main's SAQ is moving

just called them,,the current outlet will stay open unti the day of the move

Need Good Food on a Monday. Help.

Cocagne is another great option,( they are closed on tuesdays)

Favorite Plateau lunch?

Les Epinards, corner Mont-Royal and St-Dominique, run by two young women, delicious daily specials, salads, desserts, pleasant room with tall windows, great place to have lunch or to do
take out, nice wines by the glass, good prices for the quality of the food.

Pre-Ballet Dinner near Places des Arts?

There is a new restaurant inside the complex called Place Deschamps just steps away from
both Théâtre Maisonneuve and salle Wilfrid Pelletier. If you park indoors (Complexe Desjardins weekend rate $10 for all day) you can leave coat and boots in the car !

Montreal Lunch-Senior ladies -parking access

Paris Beurre seems like a very good choice because they have their own parking lot, the only
other one that I can think of is Chez Gautier at Park and Milton

Chez Gautier Restaurant
3487 Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC H2X2H6, CA

ISO small French tempered tumblers (Duralex, Arcoroc etc).

they are across from the Marché Atwater

New Year's Day

Bistro Cocagne is open, that would be my first choice, Chez Lévêque has a special menu,
Lemeac and Laloux say nothing about being closed on their sites

Bistro Cocagne
3842 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M2, CA

in memory

thank you for pointing out that lovely article

looking for a great resto around place des arts for tonite any recomendations,

A waiter at the F Bar told me last week that they would get their license July 6th !

Sherbrooke and du Parc / de Bleury

Pullman bar à vin is right there with wines by the glass and some food.
Also inside La Cité complex there is La Fruiterie du Parc, a very good resource for produce, cheeses, sandwiches etc...and they are open every day long hours.

Passing of Mila Oh (aka moh)

as I keep coming back to this site to read the warm and thoughtful posts, I discovered a
multi-faceted and multi-talented person behind the wonderful posts that I always looked
forward to and had been missing of late...
I only knew Moh, now I feel like I know Mila, it is nice to know that this outpouring of
affection is comforting to her family and friends...
her life was short but so rich, a lesson to us all

Jun 02, 2010
papilles in Site Talk

Where to go for dinner on Monday night in Montreal?

Cocagne is also open and very good

Critique Seattle-hound's Choices for Montreal Food Bender

I can not think of any restaurant that would not be suitable for a female solo diner, I have
gone to most of the ones mentionned on my own and enjoyed the experience.I will sit at
the bar if it is comfortable enough but I love sitting at a table, sipping wine and taking in
the activity in the room, no reading for me while having a great dinner. I also find that the
service is often very attentive to the solo diner

Where to go for dinner on Monday night in Montreal?

my two favourites are Pintxo and Laloux, just went back to Pintxo, it was as good as ever

Restaurant near Théâtre St-Denis?

I enjoy Menthe et Couscous on Emery, right across the street from the Quartier Latin
and you can bring your wine. In addition to Bistro Cocagne just up the street are both
L'Express and Laloux

Bistro Cocagne
3842 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M2, CA

L'Express Restaurant
3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

Seeking Recipes with Fideos [moved from Quebec board]

a quick Google search for fideos yields all kinds of recipes which you can start with, what is so tasty with fideos is that you brown the dry thin pasta before addind anything else, it gets a wonderful nutty flavor, I then add a spicy tomato-base fish broth and simmer on top of the stove or in the oven

Feb 17, 2010
papilles in Home Cooking

Tapeo, what to order ?

I will be going to Tapeo for the first time this week, any favourites ?

Two Asian restaurants on Amherst near the village worth a look

Aylmer street in the title is a mistake.
Pho Viet has been on Amhearst for years and is quite good, nice decor and service as

Maldon Salt

I also carry Maldon salt in a pill box ! it can wake up many so so
restaurant dishes...I also carry freshly ground Lampong/Malabar
black pepper in another pill box...I guess even when you think you
are the only one doing something, you rarely are...

Jul 18, 2009
papilles in Features

best chocolates in montreal?

Les Epinards on Mont-Royal at St-Dominique, a new traiteur with eat-in tables as well
sells some delicious chocolates by a newcomer: Gaëlle Bourdeau,
they post a weekly menu on their site for their dishes

Good Value Comfort Food

Le Margaux on ave du Parc has wonderful food for a very fair price, all main courses come with the soup which is a lovely purée; they have duck, rabbit, pork and my
favorite two crispy filets of sole forming a sandwich with a small seared piece of foie gras in the middle plus many vegetables including a mound of pureed squash, hard for
me to order something can order a half carafe of wine from the Minervois for again a very good price...I just talked myself into going back tonight...there is not too much of a scene which I like, they are busy but usually not mobbed.

Brioche please

Le Pain Doré has a squarish loaf which I am quite sure they could slice for you.

Degustation seating

thank you so much for the information,the part about the regular chairs is what I needed to hear,my bad knees will be grateful...

Sep 09, 2008
papilles in Manhattan

Degustation seating

I am considering dinner at Degustation on an upcoming trip, the picture shows a counter,
are there also tables ? thanks

Sep 08, 2008
papilles in Manhattan

Best (Restaurant/Food) of Montreal

I went to Cinquieme Peche for the first time recently and loved everything about it as you did...I also had the duo of seal, not quite like anything I ever had, loved
the carpaccio part the best...service was as good as it gets...delicious wines by
the glass...can't wait to go back (well,after they come back from vacation sept.11)

Parental Unit Visiting Montreal

I was not impressed the last couple of time I had dinner at Le Poisson Rouge and it is
quite loud and cramped.I would recommend Le Margaux, delicious food,very good value,
some nice wines around $25 and it is not as loud as many others, a note :it is closed
sunday.monday and tuesday

Alternatives to APC and Toque for 20 people

Le Local, a new restaurant in old Montreal,is quite large and handsome,I had a dish
calles "bedaine de cochon" which reminded me of PDC, it was delicious as was the
rest of dinner...they are very hot so I don't know if they could take a group of 20...
P.S. how about 2 groups of 10 ?

Dinner options near Hyatt Regency Montreal -- 1255 Jeanne-Mance

Le Cafe du Nouveau Monde is almost next door, I had a couple of very nice dinners
there in the last few months ( salmon tartare,seared scallops with lemon risotto)
they have two spaces,one on the ground floor with lots of windows overlooking the
street scene and another one upstairs a bit more formal,both quite pleasant.