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Moving to Brentwood- Recs please

Thanks for all the great rec everyone!!!! So excited to start trying these places

Dec 15, 2010
DrGunner in Los Angeles Area

Moving to Brentwood- Recs please

Im moving to a place just off of San Vicente and Montana. Can anyone suggest some places near by. Ive never really hung out on the Westside so Im pretty much clueless. Ive searched some threads but theres nothing really specifically on the San Vicente Area. thanks

Dec 14, 2010
DrGunner in Los Angeles Area

Truffle newbie....

Ive never had truffles before but am dying to try it. Can anyone recommend somewhere that I can try a great truffle dish? I figuered I should try it once before I go all out for one of those truffle tasting menus. Thanks!

Oct 18, 2009
DrGunner in Los Angeles Area

Chefs night off? (moved from L.A. board)

Might be a stupid questions, but are there certain nights that chefs tend to take off (or certain nights to avoid at restaurants)? I imagine they dont work every nite. The reason I ask is that Im planning on going to Providence, likely on a Sunday or during the week. I would hate to spend all that money just to have a meal prepared by the sous chef. Does it even matter? Thanks

Aug 03, 2009
DrGunner in Not About Food

Ortolan vs Hatfields Tasting Menu

Im looking to try the tasting menu and either of these restaurants this weekend. Reviews for both places seem to be good and they offer a similar number of courses for the same price. Any inputs appreciated. Thanks

Jul 16, 2009
DrGunner in Los Angeles Area