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Check out my Review of Lu Mama

FYI frozen fish in Montreal is a restaurant cost choice..... Many offer fresh unfrozen fish.

Food events (2010)

It's on Notre Dame... one block east of L'Orignal.

follow on twitter for updates......

Help - striking out for Sat night reservations for 7

To get a better idea of what DNA is serving try following Derek's twitter account.... he constantly updates it with pictures of the dishes.... (


Also the offal slant while some of the best i've ever had is not the end of their menu and your companions can mention their apprehension to the waiter....but i highly recommend the veal heart tartar and the rest.... there is a reason that people use these parts.... it's because they taste good and they show a chef's skill at the same time ....

Trust me if you go and put yourself in their hands you will have fun.....

has anyone tried the tasting menu at the kitchen table at DNA?

I have eaten a few times at the Kitchen Table and it's really worth it.... I don't believe there is an extra charge.... If you do go then just let them make the menu for you...

Pho in Montreal: 2009

I had the Bun Bo Hue this past week at Pho Bac and found it spicy and flavourful....


from a Sommelier I have to say carswell that i'm very impressed with your little write up and your knowledge of our market.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a Rezin tasting where they dug up old vintages of the producers you mentioned from the mid 90's and i was very impressed with the evolution of these wines.

I went to the 'big' Bojo tasting this past spring and my favorite was Coquelet. Also just to add Oenopole has another amazing producer called Chamonard and if you see it or have access i'd try it... i had a 1996 not to long ago that was amazing.

I agree the Malivoire is one of the best value wines of the past year and by far the best Gamay i've had from this side of the ocean.

La Chronique review...

I'm really glad to hear this.
I have a friend who works as a Somm/Waiter there and says those nights are really fun to plan and serve!

Fresh mozzarella?

I omitted to read the 'locally made mozz' part..... ;)
I know the Mozza and Buratta that they have imported from Italy and it's extremely fresh.... I bought some Buratta as a sample for my chef and I to try this past friday..... we are trying to come up with an Asian presentation for it! :)

Fresh mozzarella?

Pho in Montreal: 2009

My personal opinion from what I've tasted in Montreal..... Pho Tay Ho on St.Denis just south of Beaubien is heads above the rest of the pack..... their Chicken Pho and rare beef salad are amazing..... as is their beef.... but my favorite dish is their version of Bun Cha (BBQ pork belly in broth with noodles on the side).....

What's the best place for breakfast in Montreal

Brunch on weekends? My go to place's are Griffintown Cafe and Le Chien Fumant..... i'd put Sparrow in but i'm not one that likes lining up for an hour plus...

Griffintown's bacon is killer..... As is the Huevos with homemade cornbread.....

What to get at APDC besides the canard en conserve?

Yes that's Denis... with a slight whisp of white in his hair....

For acid a friend of mine taught me this trick when at PDC..... order a salad... it works wonders....

What to get at APDC besides the canard en conserve?

Went tonight and had amazing service... food was crazy... we were 4 and had
apps: Bison tongue... duck carpaccio.... tripe..... cromesquis....
main: TĂȘte de cochon for 2 but could feed an army.....and the PDC farci au foie gras....

Everything was amazing. I think sometimes rudeness is subjective..... especially in a busy resto.... i avoid rushhours.....
My favorite waiter is Denis.... i personally think he is top 3 in montreal in terms of ability and consistency....

In need of a downtown Montreal brekkie spot

Griffintown Cafe Dining.... gets better and better each visit!

What to get at APDC besides the canard en conserve?

The pressure cooker there is about 3.5 feet tall.... i was hanging out with the Somm when they were closed and someone was cooking something in there.... supposedly they use it for there huge lobsters they get.....

As to what to order.... Cromesquis, guinea hen liver mousse, duck carpaccio, plogue a champlain (if it's on the menu), and the pied....

I've been a dozen times and these items have never failed me....

I'm planning to go this month for the head!

Restaurants to try in 2010

Le Chien Fumant.... opened just over a week ago by Maksim Morin (old chef at Joe beef and Liverpool House under Fred)..... i highly recommend.....

I went last week and had a very very good meal.... not open lunch but the kitchen is open till 2am, and is closed mondays

Rosalie - Pizza

i've heard it's not really good. hearsay but i'd never go to a restaurant just because they have a woodfired oven.... they need to hire someone that knows how to make a decent pizza again.... personal opinion....

"Raw Deal" report on Sushi

Ha, yeah i to avoid mentioning my restaurant as it's not proper in this forum (as well as being against the rules)... i chose my screen name to keep my affiliation above board. I'm a sommelier and partner in the restaurant.... i've been involved in it since i was 18 (11 years).

Ohh and in my saying that 'we don't all buy from the same people', i'm saying that we have buyers (friends and colleagues of our chef) in Japan (and elsewhere) that help us source fish, herbs, and other products from Japan and the surrounding countries.

I'm not intending to market here... just trying to clarify somethings that were brought up here.... if the moderator has an issue with anything i've said here i have no problem to edit if you will explain what is out of line...

"Raw Deal" report on Sushi

I think the first part of your comment is a little misguided but well intentioned.... the pedigree and nationality of the chefs has little to do with authenticity and execution. I've worked with 2 japanese chefs, a vietnamese chef, and a Korean chef. Each had a firm grasp of the art. Yet the Korean and only one of the japanese chefs were trained in Japan.

Also we don't all get our fish from the same people. (trust me on this)

I agree 100% that the market is directing restaurants into a maki centric view of sushi. This is something i've tried to direct my restaurant away from.

Montreal sushi?

Yeah i understand your opinion on this.

It's always hard for any of us to translate our experiences to someone else. I've had amazing times at Tri's place..... part of the charm for me is him.... but also realizing that it is simple well made sushi from my experiences...
My experiences there remind me of my youth and growing up eating tri's sushi.

Yet i can see how people who want more of their sushi experiences can be left wanting more. less sauce. more fish varieties. better service. evolution in the menu and products being offered.

This can be said of 90% of the sushi restaurants in the world... Yet tri's still get a nod as being special and very good in my opinion.

Montreal sushi?

Tri is awesome. Definatly worth the trip across town for a visit.

Good breakfast place with kid in Montreal

Griffintown Cafe east of Guy..... great for kids and adults... the chef just had a kid as well... :)

Where did you eat this week ?

These are incredible cult wines. Cotat (Francois and Pascal two different winemakers using same soil) Edmond Vattan, and Gerard Boulay are winemakers under the Sancerre appellation but who make wines in a 'Chavignol style' with a nervy and rich at the same time. They are great in youth but capable of aging for 20-30 years.... the wines are hard to find in quebec.... buy them where you can....

Bronte- a delicious experience! October 2009

I'm torn on this restaurant. I know people who work and have worked there.

I've had one of my top 5 Montreal restaurant meals there and also one of the worst. I won't go into details but there is some things about it that are hard to get past.
This is just my opinion.


Had the mackerel ones tonight.... very good...... also tried chicken ones....
tried pork ear and cucumber dish, and soy beef.... both were fun....

Cheapest Guinness in Montreal?

that makes sense... well welcome back then!

Cheapest Guinness in Montreal?

o'regans? who are you 'bigfellow'? i must know you as you seem to go to all the places i tend to frequent....


i wasn't saying it was! :) just that i couldn't do any better with the scanner/upload resolution.... anyways i say everyone should go... it's great and i want to go back tomorrow! :p


i tried to keep it as good as possible but there are limitations with the 2 mega byte limit for the upload! :)


Went today and it was really good and the menu has grown... seafood and other goodies to come tonight they said... here are the menus....