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Need a Venue for Party of 25-30

either would actually be fine

Sep 15, 2009
samanthajill in Manhattan

Need a Venue for Party of 25-30

In Manhattan or Brooklyn -- Any suggestions for a reasonably priced restaurant for a 30th birthday party for 25-30 people? I don't want to spend a ton of money, but would like to do something nice for my fiance. Thanks!

Sep 15, 2009
samanthajill in Manhattan

Caterers in Southern VT

I spoke with Sarah at Harvest Moon -- she seemed lovely and their menus look amazing! Good luck with your wedding!!

New Neighborhood -- East 40s

Any advice for me? I just moved into a new apt on East 40th St -- looking for a good butcher recc, where to buy fish, any good restaurant finds, or and bagels... do I have to go to Ess-a-Bagel on 50th and 3rd, or is there something closer? For shopping are my best bets Grand Central Mkt and the Amish Mkt on 44th and 2nd? Just wondering what there is here that I don't know about. Thanks!!

Aug 07, 2009
samanthajill in Manhattan


You might want to try Ammos (greek) or Kellari Taverna (also greek) for a little bit of a lighter lunch (they both have nice fish options and may even have good lunch salads), but both are still nice enough for business meals.

Aug 06, 2009
samanthajill in Manhattan

Honora Winery in VT?

Hello -- has anyone had wine from this winery? We're considering hosting our wedding there and I'm just wondering if anyone has tasted the wine? Thanks!

Aug 05, 2009
samanthajill in Wine

wedding in westchester or north...

I forgot to mention Harvest on Hudson - I believe they do mostly day time weddings, but they are very reasonable and have a great spot right by the water and train station...

Place to pick Blueberries or Raspberries out east?

Hello, we're headed out to the east end of LI this weekend and I'm wondering if there's a good place to pick blueberries or raspberries (or any other in-season fruit) on our way out or back? Thanks!

wedding in westchester or north...

Here are the places I looked at in that region that are at or close to your price range:
FEAST at Round Hill
Hilton Pearl River
Lake Isle Country Club
Landmark on the Park
Lyndhurst Castle OR
Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club
The Garrison
The New York Botanical Gardens (the Bronx
Whitby Castle at Rye Golf Club

Also Marros and Putnam National Golf Club, which are catered by Jean-Jacques’ Colonial Caterers and Phillipsburg Manor and Monteverde are worth looking at... good luck!!

sending to a "shivah" house in roslyn

Kitchen Cabaret or Bruce's Bakery are good options.

Moving to a new hood 28th street East Side. Food/Grocery/Restaurant Recs?

I love Paquitos for a burrito, but don't bother eating there -- there's not much to look at and you can really dig in and gorg yourself if you're at home! ;-)

also - Ess-a-Bagel is waayyyy better than Pick-a-Bagel in my book, but I would take a Pick-a-Bagel over almost any other bagel in the city, so it's not a bad 2nd choice!

Good delivery - Ethos - we love their kabobs and you get free dessert every time!

Aug 04, 2009
samanthajill in Manhattan

Rustic Italian UES/UWS

i remember very delicious meals at erminia, rughetta, and italianissimo on the east side, and celeste and spiga on the west side that fit your request... enjoy!

Aug 04, 2009
samanthajill in Manhattan

Caterers in Southern VT

Interesting! I just read somewhere else (now, of course, I can't remember where!) that Bistro Henry's food is a very particular taste and it's not good for a large party because many people don't have palettes that appreciate his cooking... I love French cuisine, so I'll have to try it!! Thanks for the suggestion.

Caterers in Southern VT

Hello -- I am planning my wedding in Southern VT and am hoping to get some feedback on caterers in the area... I would like to be able to use as much local produce as possible and have healthful, fresh meals that taste great. It would be great to find a caterer that offers high-quality ingredients and uses simple combinations/flavors that work well, but don't break the bank...

Thyme Tables
Elizabethan Fare
Sharon Myers
Dish (from northern VT)

Question RE: Food at Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club

Just in case anyone looks up this topic on Chowhound later, I thought I would report back on my experience... the food was extremely greasy and the meats were very fatty. Nothing was healthful, fresh or had any good tastes. If you're looking for a "food wedding" this place is not it. Great location, and nice amenities, but I didn't book my wedding here because of the food.

Question RE: Food at Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club

I am going this weekend for a tasting during an event, but I'm just curious what other people's experiences have been like there. Thanks!!

2009 Wedding Venues

If anyone has any suggestions for venues in Westchester for about 225 guests (need space for a ceremony and reception) with great food, those suggestions would also be welcome!!!!

Sorry to hijack your post, Feaster -- FYI, I LOVED Wainwright - it's legitimately AMAZING, but I'd be a tiny bit concerned about that Corner Stone Caterers (their takeout shop is not great) and I decided against it in the end because of the 11pm curfew. If you can live with the curfew, the setting can't be beat!!

Japanese hibachi in Westchester

Sakura in Westport, CT


You might try Lidia's restaurant in NYC - Felidia.

Question RE: Food at Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club

Hello, we're planning our wedding and are seriously considering the Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club -- we know nothing about the food except a post on Chowhound from Feb 2006 -- any updates for us? We're hoping for some quick reviews... thanks, all! -M&S