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Abu Dhabi resident: anybody out there?

We moved here last year, and have had fun exploring restaurants, but would love some recommendations to branch out from our now-standard Royal Raj/Tarbouche/Olivella/Chapan-Bag routine -- with so, so, so many Indian Lebanese and other things it's hard to tell where to start. We live near the Corniche off Airport Road and Hamdan, so we are right in the thick of the Indian restaurants. Anyone?

Desperate for a good donut in Providence, RI area

I'm craving the old school Krispy Kreme classic donuts -- closest is in CT, and I've heard the brand has gone downhill since expanding.

If I were in Austin I'd go to one of those airstream spots where they make them on the spot.

WHERE can I get a fresh one here? And not one with chemical aftertaste, which Dunkin and many others seem to have!

Krispy Kreme
1440 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460

newbie: 21 lb heritage turky--high heat method

I'm jumping in the deep end.

I've never cooked a turkey before, largely because I can't stand the corporate overbred variety. So this time I got an organic etc. heritage turkey, but it only came in the 21 pound size.

The question: I want to do the high-heat method (as per the 1996 NYT recipe here:

Is this workable at 21 pounds, or will it not cook evenly? Any other tips?


Nov 24, 2010
mayitaville in Home Cooking

Update? Cambodian on Wickenden in Providence

Thanks for the thorough reply Sprinklez, and for the thoughts from dagwood and Garris.

Garris -- I have absolutely no idea what your second paragraph is referring to... Saying I should check out that site, or? -- what's wrong with my post that chowhound would delete it???

Update? Cambodian on Wickenden in Providence

So... what's the update? Anyone? Did Angkor ever add more authentic dishes? Is it still BYOB? Gearing up to go!

Tazza in Providence

We all really want to like this space, but it is trying to be something it is not. It is naturally a loungey hangout, where you should get finger foods and cocktails, perfect! But they don't seem to want this kind of business, as they took finger-foods off the menu, and the dinners are totally unsatisfying, carb-heavy, poorly-prepared, and not worth it. If it was cocktail food it would be so much better! The service is also lousy, not the fault of the servers but of the manager who (when I complained after waiting an hour for service) said he couldn't hire more because it would force them to close. In my mind poor service will cause people to stay away and *that* will force them to close! He was also kind of mean... Sigh.

Providence, RI--Temple Downtown Restaurant?

Anyone tried this yet? It's the new place in the Renaissance Providence Hotel that just opened in the old Masonic Temple next to the mall. I read that the chef used to cook for the Cheesecake factory, but this new place is high-price, so I wonder how that will work...

Spending a few months in Providence - help me look like a local

I have made a little map of my current favorite spots in Providence, and NY System Hot Weiners are on it: