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Rosemary's closed

very frustrated about Rosemary's; and Roy's et. al. had better get their act together and wake up before it's too late, because their food is much better than the bland chains near it, like Cheesecake Fact. etc.; am SO tired of chain places and losing quality family owned unique dining; these places NEED GOOD MARKETING, at minimum some advertising, at least use social media more for specials, holidays, capitalize on the never ending weekly Vegas goings-on; learn from all the designer couture chef restaurants that market and create buzz, otherwise it just doesn't matter how fantastic a product is.

a few years ago on chowhound I noticed a couple of popular new dining places that were totally on top of their customer base, as the owners and/or chefs were part of CH and openly exchanged feedback/comments/compliments/complaints...and accordingly kept improving and growing their how basic is that

Jul 15, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Happy Hour on the Strip

crazy happy hours and sometimes getting on free guest lists:
Lavo is gorgeous and now has happy hour; see any images on web search;
Firefly is still the locals' top happy hour and tapas/sangria place, other options;
for stylish sexy energy; Stack at Mirage; and a sunset drink at Foundation Room at Mandalay is impressive

Lavo Restaurant
3327 South Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 1760, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jul 13, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Other than Firefly and Lotus…

you should mosey up about 17 miles to Red Rock Canyon, do the 13 mile scenic drive and recharge refresh at a locals' favorite, Red Rock Casino Resort, which has a number of dining options but the two best are Hachi and T-bones, which is pricey but good for at least drinks and appetizers; if it's not ridiculously hot, it's worth sitting out by the firepit; additional good quality and mid-price Vintner's Grill and Table 10

Henderson/Green Valley: Panevino; The District at Green Valley, Lucille's Smokehouse; also used to be a nice place called Kennedy's but not sure what it is now

North; Aliante Casino, MRKT is excellent; also love Montana Meat Co. lamb chops w/ to die for honey basil sauce, lobster bisque soup delicious, and they had a tasty osso bucco but might be a seasonal special

South; Town Square has a bunch of choices up or down the scale of dining; the Yard House is good quality comfort food and Brio Tuscan Grille is very good.

11011 W. Charleston Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89135

Table 10
3327 Las Vegas Blvd South Suite 2900, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jul 13, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Dallas CH visiting - need help planning

favorite among locals, tourists and celebrities alike, Hash House A Go Go offers a unique style 'farm food with a twist' - coupons at

Fremont has tons of low cost eats and for retro fun an arcade bar video game lounge "Insert Coin"
for crazy happy hours and sometimes getting on free guest lists:

Lavo is gorgeous and now has happy hour; see any images on web search;
Firefly is still the locals' TOP happy hour and tapas/sangria place, but there are other options too;
for stylish sexy energy; Stack at Mirage; KOBE "Stacked" Burger Adult Tater Tots with Bacon & Brie, Hot Rocks, Thinly Sliced Sirloin, Tableside Preparation
and a sunset drink at Foundation Room at Mandalay is impressive
these should make you a rock star Vegas planner ;


Hash House
2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Lavo Restaurant
3327 South Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 1760, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jul 13, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Only in Vegas?

very unique vegas, delicious paired with dazzling, lavish stunning and sexy, and if nice spring/summer night, add amazing views: Foundation Room at THEhotel, Mix at Mandalay, Aureole, Lavo gorgeous decor, Tao, off-strip T-bones at Red Rock Resort, outside by the fire pits brings to mind that you are fine dining in the desert! Okada at Wynn, dramatic views of waterfall, request one of the private dining options, including the outside 'floating pagoda table',

Lavo Restaurant
3327 South Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 1760, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jul 13, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Rosemary's closed

of all the places in Vegas' stars of dining, this one should not have gone out.

Jul 13, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Delicious Culinary Itinerary - Thanx, Vegas!

thanks for sharing a tasty trip report!

Jul 13, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Family dinner in Las Vegas - help!

so true ;) well, since they are of an age to enjoy a bit of sophisticated atmosphere, there's all kinds of fun options w/ great food, moderate price, dash of Vegas glitz, all of which will add to your vacation experience and not feel like you're still home in Florida...which is part of the point yes?

Fremont has tons of casual food and for retro fun arcade bar video game lounge "Insert Coin"
Lavo at Palazzo is gorgeous along with good food
Tao at Venetian is a longstanding favorite
Firefly, a locals' favorite all around and especially tapas/sangria place, but there are other options too;
so disappointed, Rosemary's is closed.

Lavo Restaurant
3327 South Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 1760, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jul 13, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Which Whole Foods is better?

Agree, the Lake Mead is not as high level as other locations, however it is still much better than the albertson's vons smiths.
Whole Foods in Green Valley is excellent, very much like Charleston Summerlin.

Jul 13, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Family dinner in Las Vegas - help!

crazy, never been to Vegas and will be here for one night :wideyed:
no offense intended, maybe... :) but you're a chowhound! so an ok burger place, the BLT has mixed mediocre reviews, for your one and only night in Vegas is just should be at least a little more fun exciting etc.
so, depending on the age of your boys, Mirage casino has gorgeous aquarium, lovely rain forest, buzzing energy from clubs, bars, dining, shows and best chow, Stack, for quality delicious mid-price Strip eats, believe the Mirage and/or Stack has age restriction of 5 years old, which I like...don't flame me! but it's a more sophisticated fun grown up energy unlike erm, say Circus Circus; love the melt in your mouth KOBE "Stacked" Burger, Adult Tater Tots with Bacon & Brie, Hot Rocks Thinly Sliced Sirloin Tableside Preparation very fun and regular fries w/ crazy dip; the SO and I always share and order just one of each, and his avg. size appetite is very fulfilled on quantity and high on tastiness.
Fremont is great for families, especially the Golden Nugget million $ pool but it's old west style; as for Wynn buffet, it is the most $, exceptional variety/quality but so is Bellagio's buffet which is a bit less, but in general the Wynn is non-children friendly.

also, for coupons at
Drive: favorite among locals, tourists and celebrities alike, Hash House A Go Go unique style "twisted farm food"
Walk: Fashion Show Mall, across from Treasure Island, front row to Vegas Blvd.; Stripburger is an all-outdoor restaurant and bar serving 100% all-natural beef burgers, hand-cut fries, creamy milk shakes and delicious baby cakes

Hash House
2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102

3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

Jul 11, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Best Doughnuts in Vegas

very tasty doughnuts in NW Centennial, Dee's Doughnuts on N. Durango

Jul 11, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Some stupid breakfast questions...

second the Hash House; note, very relaxed atmosphere very unlike luxury resorts;
plus side, coupons at 'favorite among locals, tourists and celebrities alike, Hash House A Go Go offers a unique style featuring "farm fresh food with a twist'

agree on the Four Seasons brunch for elegant serious chowhound

Hash House
2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Jul 11, 2011
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Best Kosher Deli in NYC

Sarge's Deli on Third Ave, btw 36/37, Murray Hill; deli delish delicious; used to live in that block and whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or 3am, always always good.
also Katz's and Stage delis are old school tasty, and Zabar's has great stuff

Aug 13, 2009
foodlvrzen in Kosher

Food itinerary, 4 nights in Vegas -- input welcome

With all due respect, your 65 yo mom is schlepping – unless she is on a private jet, flying these days is a bit of a workout - across the country to fantasy land top U.S. vacation adult Disney for the FIRST time and you’re going to melt poolside (the heat is at desert peak now; hydrate before, during and after the trip) for 4 days with 1 show and some nice dinners….hmmm isn’t that just a long summer weekend at home!?? Does your mom get starry eyed over Frankie Avalon, Frank Sinatra Jr., Barry Manilow, etc. The Platters, Creed? ;-p you get the idea, there’s practically EVERYTHING here; so, if you are inspired to jazz it up here’s some ideas;
for dazzle, impact and elegant Vegas, especially 1st time and bday treats, remember vegas is a 'lady' :wink, tongue in cheek: who sparkles and glows at night; make sure it's after 8pm and dark out for some of these, as I just hosted an aunt for her first visit and a couple of sights are 'washed out' in the daytime;
fountain lights must include music, worth standing outside suffocating for 10 mins if you’re not at Olives, Picasso or Fontana; garden conservatory; also, their Fontana Bar has live music and is wonderful; Bellagio
Lake of Dreams, drinks at parasol bar; or assorted delicious dining at Wynn, they even have great recession deals/pre-fixes/tasting menus,
see ch posts for Vegas recession dining deals, especially Wynn and MGMMirage rest.
canals gondolas, Venetian
brunch at Four Seasons
Mix, Foundation Room; THEhotel, Mandalay
Liquidity, Luxor
Eiffel tower for drinks or dinner, Paris Hotel
Dueling pianos, Bar at Times Square, NYNY Hotel

main shopping/browsing 'clusters' where you can roam 3+ connected/adjacent casinos; it's ALL about staying off the street during daylight;
Bellagio/Caesars/Bally's next to Paris/Planet Hollywood
MGM Grand/NYNY/Excalibur, next to Luxor/Mandalay

Very popular activities shows:
Rita Rudner, comedy
Bette Midler, show
Jubilee showgirls
Gordie Brown
Donny & Marie
Barry Manilow
Phantom of the Opera
Lion King
Jersey Boys
Penn & Teller

for monday limo; definitely point that limo west and take a sunset ride to Red Rock Canyon, drive the 13 mi. Scenic Route in about 20 mins. and stretch your legs at visually stunning rest Area 9 (?) with some wine or champagne; this is a PRICELESS bday 'Show', more than worth the 15 miles from the strip; then swing by the red rock resort/casino, a mile or so nearby, and be delighted with the blazing fire pits within the infiniti pools and lush gardens all along the front; t-bones outside is lovely for dinner or drinks, redwood stone and fire pits; even nicer, summerlin is avg. 10 degrees cooler than the strip, but feels even cooler as you're not surrounded by tons of concrete; good to keep in mind for Fremont St., which I enjoy, but not when it’s 105, somehow just takes some of the fun out of it….just saying

Aug 12, 2009
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Moving to Las Vegas, looking to get the lay of the culinary landscape

welcome P! btw, love Canada, Toronto waterfront shops/restaurants in particular, and Canadian people in general :-) am also in the Centennial nw part of the 'vegas valley'; neighbors that moved in last year are also connected to air force based out of Nellis, he is an F16 or something (not up on my military jets) pilot, very nice couple - anyway, slim pickings for groceries in the 15 mi. range, which is my general rule of thumb for basic grocery travel time, as our traffic is sometimes nuts and will make you bonkers, but that said, there are some great places in every zip code, like most places, as DF said, see other posts on ch for local food recos; so, for a new las vegan, some things to do;
>skim websites of lv papers/radio and news stations, i.e. las vegas sun, lvrj '',
>join email mailing lists of vegas locals and receive loads of benefits in local discounts; i.e.,,,,, major casinos etc.
>enjoy the shiny big brand new Centennial library, has the usual goods plus movie showings, classes etc.
>join costco, excellent quality/prices of items, i.e. see chow thread on costco $9.99 prime steaks; you really can’t believe the myths about cost of living being cheaper in desert towns, practically everything is equal to or more expensive than other big cities, and of COURSE that includes food :rolls eyes: :-(
>shop for finer ingredients/quality basics at whole foods 1-2x month, otherwise use local groceries Fresh & Easy, Vons, Smiths
>weather depending, definitely explore and go ooh and aooh at your new terrain, #1 must see Valley of Fire, incredible and immense nat'l park/sacred Native American Indian spot, need a few trips to see even half of it, #2 choice Red Rock Canyon, for simply sitting or hiking, horseback riding; and then locals favorite spots like Red Rock Casino, Lake Las Vegas-cobblestoned streets dining/shopping European charm, nice lakeside jazz concerts, Summerlin, Green Valley, Town Square, First Friday monthly art/food festival, Mt. Charleston for skiing and the lodge’s hot chocolate w/ butterscotch rum
>Sept/Oct has some entertaining outdoor festivals; San Gennaro Feast 9/15-20, BalloonaPalooza IV North Las Vegas, held again at Craig Ranch Golf Course/City Park 9/18-20; other, car shows/wine festivals/art shows
>great winter activities, huge Halloween town/gorgeous holiday lights festivals-especially Bellagio gardens/new years fireworks massive crowds walking on closed strip, and lots more; we're like reverse bears hibernating in the summer, peek our heads out with cooler weather and really wake up autumn/winter/spring
and sounded like you're renting? if so you might already know real estate is 5th worst nationally and LOTS of serious property deals; i.e. 2 bd 2bth condo west valley, near summerlin, $48K ...! $400 month mortgage; even decent investment rental prop...hmmm
>for nostalgia, there is a classic drive in movie place West Wind
sidenote, made poutin a la NY style today, a staple back in NY for many memorable 3am snacks, and my SO who has never heard of it LOVED it;
reco near your location of Durango and 215; you are right next to Deli Den, authentic NY Jewish style deli; fav breakfast special during the week, 2 eggs/cheese/bacon on everything bagel $3.50, and add'l treats, macaroons and madelines; used to get the best rugelach there but their baker can't do items that take so long to make anymore....sigh...
add'l reco, Mimi's Cafe, a french bistro style eatery very moderate prices; delicious breakfasts like stuffed french toast and worthy home fries => I am REALLY picky about home fries and hate when places serve the frozen kind; they also do a nice dinner menu, tasty caesar salad and they give a bread 'basket' of assorted goodies including a scrumptious super dark banana bread...which I have no willpower against...I always buy a side loaf for following breakfast mmm mmm good ;-p
if Manitoba still has strong British roots, there is a gem of a place The Crown and Anchor
again, welcome! will think of more!

Aug 10, 2009
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Challenge! Late night lounge for me and 14 year old stepdaughter

my teeny nieces h.s./college, like the union square area, good mix of nyu and park ave. south action and lots of food choices;
Meatpacking District for edgy eclectic, Fig & Olive
for max princess treatment, Picholine has a three-dish "tasting flights" for $20
Balthazar, Gatsby's, Mercer Kitchen ...and Spring Street is great pre/post dinner wandering people watching window shopping funky but classy
Hudson Bar Restaurant, "Ascend an escalator...weave your way through a sea of overstuffed leather club chairs; glide onto a glowing glass floor; settle into a rococo sofa; gaze at the luminous primary-colored ceiling mural painted by Francesco Clemente. By the time you're served by the dressed-to-thrill waitstaff, you'll feel as if you've stepped into a glossy Versace ad...elaborate rooftop garden—ersatz jungle vegetation and funky seats (if you can get one)—the Hudson's patio may be the swankest place in the city for outdoor imbibing
Hell's Kitchen
West Village; Waverly Inn and Garden

Aug 10, 2009
foodlvrzen in Manhattan

Date Places in Lower Westchester

with or without mr. right now - hope he isn't as high maint. as he sounds - but for future chowing, Sammy's Fish Box in City Island is a very unique fun food experience, usually high energy, jumbo portions to share or without fail take half home...they must order tons of foil...also good casual date spot is The Bayou in Mt. Vernon, a few spots in Bronxville - but much more romantic there, and if good weather the riverfront area in Yonkers has a few fun spots...
so, for a first date, not sure how you met him but, if you want a limited timeline, I would get just apps and drinks at Harvest on the Hudson, incredibly relaxing beautiful ambiance river views gardens...remember, YOU should be happy also!

Lulu's in Scarsdale, NY.... Not Just Cakes!

nice cake, must have for an apple zealot I know

Lulu's in Scarsdale, NY.... Not Just Cakes!

their Sarah Bernhardt cookies are to die for, have never ever had a cookie that compares; it is painfully only available at holiday time, have to reserve and usually sold out in a blink; between LuLu's and Zachy's .... wow... what an immense difference in quality of shops to other places I've lived.

Las Vegas Rec's for FUN/FUNKY and a SCENE business dinner

also notably funky scenes;
Botero at Encore; unique and quintessential Vegas scene and dining, circular room with namesake art and epic black Botero statue in center, lush covered patio for outdoor dining overlooks the European topless pool...for stratospheric high limit, get the Hennessy Ellipse :-p
Mix at THEhotel, 43rd fl., 15,000 bulb Murano glass chandelier, open kitchen, stunning city view, even restrooms have great view, tables or egg shaped pods, lounge open to 3am, daybeds on balcony, dine on outdoor deck or group semi-private mezzanine-level seats up to 24

Aug 08, 2009
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Rec's for FUN/FUNKY and a SCENE business dinner

fun/funky good food and expense's Vegas! hotspots and sky high ideas;
Tao, top choice
N9NE, at the Palms, then see Playboy Club and Moon's retractable roof

Red Square, great food but usually subdued and not crowded

Okada, private waterfall/chef's table
Daniel Boulod, with Lake of Dreams views
Switch at Encore, walls transform several times, but food reviews are spotty
Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel
Foundation Room, Mandalay Bay; private elevator to members only club, now open to public; Foundation Dining Room ...original paneling from Kellog Family estate, dimly lit from antique chandeliers reflect off gold leaf ceiling...43rd floor roof-top stunning views patio outside dining
Top of the World, Stratosphere, 106 floors up, great food, incredible views revolving all glass restaurant

Aug 07, 2009
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Recs? Las Vegas Strip, Mod Price (<$25?), Great food?

absolutely BEST romantic mod price great food; reserve a balcony table and watch fountain show with music; favorites butternut squash tortelli and tuna or beef carpaccio;
Olives at Bellagio
P.S. I enjoy Cafe Ba Ba Reba, but it is in the Fashion Show Mall, so even if temp. is under 100 and you can sit outside, view is streets/traffic; fun and good sangria/food, but romantic? not even with ten pitchers of sangria can the view of LV Blvd ever induce the warm fuzzies and lovey dovey passion! so,

other romantice/mod choices;
Stack; 3 course $30; other menu, love the hot rocks beef, kobe burger and adult tater tots

Recession deals; 3 course meals for $25 to 29;
best list by hound 'sigmachi66'

aureole, $50 certificate for $20, less 80% promo

coupon for rosemary's;

Vegas culinary schools; inexpensive gourmet meals $10-20;

wynn $119 and $50 resort credit, use toward dining
encore $139 and $75 resort credit

Aug 07, 2009
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

What's Fun and Fabulous in Vegas?

Foundation Room; private $4000/yr. members dining club top of Mandalay Bay now open to the public nightly from 11 p.m.; trial period; outdoor balcony gorgeous location stunning views of Strip; Godspeed club night on Mondays, with "Tapas Tuesdays" (appetizers, cocktails, acoustic music), DJs Wednesday through Saturday, and "Burlesque Jazz" on Sunday nights, with four dancers and a live three-piece jazz band

Tao; good food, sexy vibe
Social House
Hard Rock; Nobu, Pink Taco; new Paradise Tower opens 7/31, to add more fun
N9NE, Little Buddha, Nove at the Palms, and their clubs; see Moon's retractable roof and view of Vegas 53 floors up; also, "All Access Pass" $25 includes admission to Playboy Club, Moon Nightclub and Ghostbar. (Moon is closed Mondays and Wednesdays
)2nd All Access Pass: $50, includes admission to Playboy Club, Moon Nightclub, Rain Nightclub and Ghostbar.

and non-food fun; all Cirque shows summer buy 1 get second for $25, limited seats

Jul 30, 2009
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Vegas trip report

glad you like Olives, I always get the tuna carpaccio and butternut squash tortelli and they are consistently lovable every single time; have never gotten anything else so my sympathies on the other lacking items;
anyway, tell! on Picasso...share more...???

Jul 30, 2009
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

My Upcoming Las Vegas Vacation

LIC, really enjoy your reviews; glad you're still on ch. seems you have more in common with Chef Joe Isidori than incredible food; he has some background in Westchester/Long Island area; you might be able to have a new version of the divine experience in his future place...

nice interview, pre Harbour


post Harbour;

Jul 30, 2009
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Fun Dinner in Vegas

will think of more but first spot is Pink Taco in Hard Rock Hotel; good Mexican, high energy, make a reservation because celebrities are frequent; even better if it's on a Sunday, as their bacchanalia Rehab is a must for any wild time; also Tao Restaurant is a big bachelorette party spot, reservations also and dress up, not sure about the 19 yo but the nightclub side is one of the top 3 clubs in Vegas

Jul 24, 2009
foodlvrzen in Las Vegas

Feeding a Bunch of Guys

sorry sorry, casual wording there;
meant to cook those things and just transfer to crockpot for travel/warming
wow though, now I will try it in a crockpot, thx!

Jul 24, 2009
foodlvrzen in Home Cooking

Crab questions for north americans

wow P, I have crab envy... now when can a person actually say that and mean it in a good way...!
you must have eaten some amazing seafood dishes in those times.

and fond cheer for Jersey crabbing...summers in Lavalette Island and Point Pleasant....
massive pot of fresh caught blue claw steamed with old bay and lots of beer....mmm summer food

Jul 24, 2009
foodlvrzen in General Topics

Feeding a Bunch of Guys

well of course I had to read it...(mutters, could have done with the abbreviated version....grrrr....trying to shake off a glazed stupor.....kidding, I now know more than I ever imagined about salamanders and broilers....zzzzz :-P
and, not too shabby on the golfing, well done

back to business; it occurs to me that many of us seem to have zoomed in on "something fairly safe" and overlooked the "push them out of their comfort zone; and enjoy a challenge in the kitchen"; so with a new perspective, how about these ideas:
italian: zuppa di pesce...add crockpot idea
eggplant rollatini

spanish: paella or jambalaya, minus sausage...with crockpot

greek: chicken kebab,
mousaka - eggplant, potato & ground turkey (sub for beef)
casserole, baked in tomato sauce and cheese;
topped with a cream and grated cheese sauce;
serve on bed of basmati rice

indian: chicken biranyi

smoked trout with interesting sides

and, is lamb acceptable? because then a whole new chapter opens....!

Jul 24, 2009
foodlvrzen in Home Cooking

Feeding a Bunch of Guys

tart???? for lunch??? be substantial??? for group of guys???? you've GOT to be joking.... ah ha....rolling on the floor....gasp.... have to leave that one alone....did you do that on purpose!!

you can get fresh pizza dough from a pizzeria or grocery, and make a variety of calzones; remember extra sauce on the side though! dry calzones are not for all
shame it's no beef, could have made cornish pasties

Jul 23, 2009
foodlvrzen in Home Cooking