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Does anyone know of a restaurant that serves Great Texas ribs?

Big Daddy's is up and running in the new spot across Dale from the old spot.

Jul 01, 2010
nicefood in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Nelson's Drive-in Dairy in Stillwater

Nelson's will probably be open sometime in the next few weeks and it is good ice-cream at great prices. The flavors are not as interesting as Sebastian Joe's but you get double the amount for half the price. A child sized cone is enough for any rational person but if you get the triple be ready to feel the pain of a horrible stomach ache or from wasting ice cream. This place is an institution and will probably be busy anytime you go. If you have any disparaging remarks I really don't want to hear them, too many great childhood memories spent there to have them crushed by a foodie.

Sebastian Joe's
4321 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

Apr 01, 2010
nicefood in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Any rec's for Fall trip to Door County [WI]?

FYI - JJ's/ La Puerta had a kitchen fire last week but JJ just opened another location in Jacksonport.

Door County Fish Boils

Just a heads up, Ephraim is a dry town so you may need to bring your own beer or wine. I'm fairly certain they allow BYOB but you should double check before going.

Door County Fish Boils

I second the Old PO (full disclosure; half my in-laws work there).

Door County this weekend

I would recommend Fred and Fuzzy's, just south of Sister Bay, as it is mostly outdoor seating, Gibraltar Grill in Fish Creek, and the Northern Grill in Sister Bay. I'm not sure on their specific pet policies, so I recommend calling beforehand.

Door County this weekend

My family is from Door County and I have spent many of my summers and weekends there. As far as Egg Harbor goes, Trio is probably the best for dinner and the Village Cafe has great breakfasts (I would recommend the stuffed french toast). A great place to get drinks and decent food, with the best atmosphere in DC is Fred and Fuzzy's located at Little Sister Resort (It is outdoors and on the water, which is surprisingly hard to find in DC). Farther up the peninsula in Gills Rock is the Shoreline that has very good food and is on the water. All of these places are fairly casual except Trio which is a little fancier but not super fine dining. I would also second all the other mentions on the board except PC Junction (sorry but its so cheesy and not very good imo). Bailey's Harbor is probably 20 minutes from Egg Harbor.