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New Mexican restaurants.

Isn't it on Beaubien?

Sammy's Roumanian?

I went there many (17years) ago and had an absolute blast. I was a newly imported Canadian irish catholic girl newly married to a Jewish New Yorker. The waiter kept doing schick on my crotchedly grandmother-in-law. We ate and dranklike pigs. I woke up in the middle of the night believing I was having some kind of a heart attack, however. The leftover steak we gave to our chihuahua gave him a mindblowing case of the runs. We all survived and I will never forget that experience.

Mar 25, 2010
babermoon in Manhattan

What do you think of this "forkage fee"? [Moved from Manhattan]

Perhaps I'm old fashioned. If I go out to dinner with friends or coworkers and someone has a delicious dessert, we leave the restaurant after dinner, go to the house with the yummy snack, and eat it there. Coffee or drinks are served and a good time is had by all.

Mar 17, 2010
babermoon in Not About Food

What fast food do you eat rarely, but that first bite think "Wow, this is so good!"

I like to put slices of avocado in mine and then squish it all down. Yeeeeee-ummmmm!

Mar 07, 2010
babermoon in Chains

Chicho's Peruvian Chicken on Blvd St. Laurent

Well... before they burned down in their original location (across the street and slightly more south.) They were on a rotisserie. Now they taste the same but come out of the kitchen in the back. Maybe they have a wizard back there for all I know.The new place is smaller, but the chicken tastes the same. They've got ceviche and delicious looking rice dishes. The prerequistie big screen tv showing South American tvsoap operas and variety shows. Now I'm ssorry that I let my husband at my leftovers.. She ain't fancy, but she is tasty!

Chicho's Peruvian Chicken on Blvd St. Laurent

IOh, how I love it! All I've ever had is ttheir chicken with the yummy avocado salad. it really is just a 'hole in the wall', but i wonder if any other hounds have had any of their other dishes
I don't rremember the exact address, butt it's on the left side of the street just below Little Italy.

Last minute office potluck Help!!!!

i've got some mobility issues. I've got the RA and walk with a cane. I think I might go with the calamari though. Those Aquagrill folks are super nice. Super thanks for all the suggestions. It would be so much more convenient if Christmas was in the Summer!

Last minute office potluck Help!!!!

The office is in the Eaton Centre. All of the easy stuff (crudities, hummus, cookies) have been snatched up by co workers. I'm considering just bringing a pizza and having them cut it into snackable squares. Anything decent around here?

Foods that make you sick?

i can't eat any kind of fish egg. It's so strange! It's not an allergic reaction, more like something gets stuck somewhere in my torso and wants to break out thru my belly. Makes sushi (which I love) troublesome. The same thing hapeens with onion rings. The sorrow!!! I love onion rings.

Nov 03, 2009
babermoon in Not About Food

Old School Antipasto Plate

I crave it! The breaded clams and stuffed mushrooms. The cheeses, the meats and the olives etc. Where can I get it? I live (almost) in Little Italy, am slightly disabled but have a car. It doesn't have to be gourmet. I search the classic. Can you help me?

a nice place to eat, not too upscale, for thanksgiving dinner (canadian)

You might like Mazurka's on Prince Arthur. They do eastern European food and they have cheap and hearty dinner specials and I think (though not sure) that they might do a turkey thing on Thanksgiving. Unlike other Prince Arthur spots, they don't BYOB. But they're so affordable, a little vino won't set you back much.

Vege pate in Montreal. Does it have nuts in it?

Thank you all so much! I work in the Eaton Centre and I'm trying to come up with nutritious things for lunch and snacks. The food there... well, I'm sure you know.
I am not a vegetarian, but I want to eat healthier on a daily basis. Comensal (sp?) is across the street, but is three flights of stairs up and I have bad knees. They also use a lot of nuts.

Vege pate in Montreal. Does it have nuts in it?

Please excuse me. I am new to this board and this might be a stupid question. i have a nut allergy, but am trying to find new ways to eat as many vegetables as yummily as possible. Does vege pate usually contain nuts or seeds or such? Where can a tasty vp be found?

Jean-Talon Market Area 2009

Has anyone been to Le Tonkin, St. Laurent just north of Beaubien? When it comes to delivery, it's the only place in the hood that tastes like actual food. Their ginger chicken and house soup have curative powers over many illnesses! i've never actually eaten in the restaurant. Because that area is such a no-mans-land, I'm terrified it won't succeed.