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What's the best red velvet cake in Toronto?

Yummy Stuff on Queen Street West.

Yummy Stuff
1660 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R, CA

Within 4 hours of T.O

So....I am on a quest....I have a three week staycation starting tomorrow....Hoping to take some day trips as well as maybe a couple of overnighters....Not the only reason for the trips although I could be persuaded....Who can recommednd some great eats in this radius.... Looking for something maybe a little off the beaten path, a hole in the wall, a great farmers market....Something different. thanks

Searching for Tam Tam Crackers...

Loblaws at Chistie and Dupont.

New Marben?

Sat at the Chef;s Table two months ago....No complaints at all....
Food was wonderful, kitchen staff were fun...Highly reccomend

North of Toronto Country Store...Help???

Seems it may have been...Heading up there this weekend, going to set up a grid search....

North of Toronto Country Store...Help???

A few years ago I was hiking up at the Cheltenham Badlands, on the way home, on a lonely country road country road, not far from Cheltenham, I came across a sign that said" Fresh Scallops wrapped in Bacon"...Suffice to say I stopped and ventured up the fairly long driveway to a farm.....And a store....The store was filled with fresh hot food , the ham was incredible, deli items, a sandwich bar, fresh baked goods.......Everything one could want to discover on a drive in the country...Unfortunately I can't remember exactly where it was....Please help......