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Silicone pans for pies?

I just tried baking a tart in a silicone tart dish for the first time (I've had the pan for years but never used it for the intended purpose before.) Trimmed the pastry to the edge and baked it; the edge shrank up even with the fluted sides so that now the sides are entirely straight. If I can successfully unmold it, it will have been a huge success as it browned perfectly. It was baked at 400 degrees in a pastry oven where all 4 sides of the oven heat.

Jul 21, 2015
acanthus17 in Cookware

Where to buy Lottie's Traditional Barbados Hot Sauce (yellow) in Toronto?

Perfect! I was thinking that we should go to Greektown to eat, so we can kill two birds with one stone. Thanks so much!

Where to buy Lottie's Traditional Barbados Hot Sauce (yellow) in Toronto?

We will be in Toronto in early August for a baseball game; staying at the Sheraton Centre. We'll be there on a weekday. Does anyone know of a source for Lottie's Traditional Barbados Hot Sauce, the yellow one, not the red? We haven't been able to find it, but I'm betting that there's a source somewhere in Toronto. Your help would be much appreciated!

Are slugs edible?


Jul 23, 2009
acanthus17 in General Topics

Is it "Soda" or "Pop" ?

Western NY, pop; eastern and downstate NY, soda; in the South, coke (as in "what kind of coke would you like?" (And now I see another post giving almost verbatim the same question as an example.) My main point of reference in the South is Alabama, but that's not the only place you hear it. Once you do, you understand what's meant.
Being from western NY and having a grandmother in AL, I drove up and down the eastern seaboard with my parents a lot during the 60s and 70s, and the regional differences were (and are) fascinating to me. This thread has just introduced me to the term "spa," for a kind of store. I've been to Boston, but I guess I've never been in the kind of situation where someone would refer to a "spa," because if they had, I wouldn't have had the slightest idea what they meant.

Interestingly, in western NY, at least, a "soda" is a confection consisting of ice cream and POP. I'll never forget one time when I was in college (University of Alabama, roll Tide!) ordering an orange soda and getting just plain old orange pop. I didn't expect that result because I well knew that I hadn't ordered an orange coke. I think where I went wrong was not adding the words "ice cream" before soda. Or maybe it would have been called an orange float. Don't know!

The Dictionary of American Regional English is all about regional usages. Including maps!

Jul 23, 2009
acanthus17 in Not About Food

too much bacon!

Too much bacon? Not possible.

I have often frozen bacon, the whole package. It freezes well and as long as you defrost naturally, there are no real issues with using it. I don't know about dry cured.

For the lemons I'd be thinking about recipes using a lot of them, as well as juicing and freezing. (Don't forget the peel; you can zest them and freeze the zest. Wonderful to have on hand in case some day you don't have 15 of them lying around!) Do you ever cook Greek food? Something with avgolemono (egg and lemon) sauce would use about 4.

Jul 23, 2009
acanthus17 in General Topics

Mustard as Condiment for Fried Fish

About 15 years ago we went to Barbados, where we found that a common way of serving fried flying fish was with a mustard-based hot sauce, and it was delicious. The one we kept seeing was "Lottie's." We liked it so much that we brought a couple of bottles home with us. (Today it would have to go in checked luggage, so I'd be less inclined to try it...if the bottle leaked or broke, the whole suitcase and its contents would be ruined.) We don't fry fish often, but when we made crab cakes we would use it on those. Yum! The one thing was that it was REALLY hot; you did have to be careful how much you used, or you'd cause troubles with, um, your "plumbing." Haven't been able to find Lottie's in the US, although we have found similar Bajan mustard-based hot sauces. I have to say I don't like them as well, though!

Jul 23, 2009
acanthus17 in General Topics

Stephan Pyles not honoring OpenTable dining cheque

I want to give credit where credit is due. OpenTable did address the issue promptly, and we did hear from the restaurant. I am happy to say that we have been contacted by the co-owner and offered a complimentary meal as well as apologies for the situation. I'm just sorry that the manager created this situation in the first place, as it was most unpleasant.

Stephan Pyles not honoring OpenTable dining cheque

Maybe that was where we went wrong: not pretty enough to be seen, lol.

OpenTable has not yet posted our review where we indicate that the Dining Cheque was not honored. Hmmm...

Stephan Pyles not honoring OpenTable dining cheque

How? We ate, paid, dealt with a member of "management," and were absolutely rebuffed. Will they be sending us a $50 check? I highly doubt it. OpenTable has given us 500 points in our account ($5 worth, which apparently may not be redeemable.) According to the manager, they have done this "many time" before, and yet they are still allowed to take OpenTable reservations. The restaurant wins, OpenTable wins, and guess who loses? The customer.

Does the brand of flour make a difference?

I usually use Gold Medal, sometimes Pillsbury, and sometimes store brands, and have never really noticed a difference....UNTIL...recently, when I tried a bag of PriceRite store brand. There is definitely a difference in that, and I will not be buying it again. A tried and true recipe for French bread made with it came out poorly; the loaves never browned, and the texture was too dense. I suspect it's as KiltedCook says: the proportion of hard/soft wheat.

Jul 15, 2009
acanthus17 in General Topics

Stephan Pyles not honoring OpenTable dining cheque

When we recently dined at Stephan Pyles, they refused to honor our recently-issued $50 OpenTable dining cheque. The manager came to our table and informed us that the owners had made the decision "not to participate" in that part of the program. We inquired how that could be, that they obviously participate in the program because we had made the reservation through OpenTable, and that both OpenTable's site and the Dining Cheque itself clearly indicate "Redeemable at any OpenTable restaurant in the US." The manager informed us that the owners do not participate in the redemption part of the program, and that he has had this discussion "many times!" We replied that it is just not right for a restaurant to do this, and that we would be contacting OpenTable.

Has anyone else had the same experience? We contacted OpenTable earlier today to inform them of the issue. I do not understand how they can allow a restaurant to take people's reservations, and therefore their money, but not require the same restaurant to accept a valid award certificate. If the manager has truly had this discussion "many times," I would expect others to have complained to OpenTable. So...has anyone?