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excellent prix fixe special

hey guys,

rocco's is very local to me, both the queensway and islington ones. went with my wife the other day for lunch, and they have an incredible 12.95 special. it includes an appetizer, entree, and desert. all for 1295. its a steal.

i had the caesar salad, my wife had the calamari. her appy would easily have been 10 bucks anywhere else, and she loved it. the salad is a salad....

her entree was the chicken parm with veg or pasta, she had the pasta (she's 8 months preg) and i had chicken penne in a rose sauce. both were excellent, although i'm not a huge fan of chicken parm.

we weren't sure about desert but decided why not its free, she had tiramisu, i had a pumpkin cheesecak. all for 12.95. i really think its the best deal going in etob right now.

they also have a 19.95 dinner similar, i didn't check the menu as with a 2 yr old dinners out are almost impossible.

enjoy, i'm not sure how long it is on for but i'll check if anyone wants to know.


Rocco's Plum Tomato
1068 Islington Ave, Toronto, ON M8Z4R6, CA

ho lee chow sucks


I saw a flyer for them recently, they have re-opened under new management. I was very excited to see this, always loved their food.

I ordered the seven veg, rice, and moo-shu chicken. I also ordered a dozen ho lee chow spring rolls, HUGE mistake.

the seven veg was ok, as was the rice. the moo shu wsa so so, and the spring rolls were HORRIBLE. i mean, not ok, not passable, but HORRIBLE. they were bland, undercooked, and totally drenched in grease (see attached pic). they were bubbling under the various layers with grease, you'll see in the pic, and the package literally had a pool of grease at the bottom.

very disappointed to see how brutal they are. I hear the original chef opened a restaurant at dundas/kipling called Li's oriental kitchen, i'll have to give it a try.

stay away, you'll regret ordering here.

oh, also, i emailed them with my concerns, and the attached pic, and nobody has even bothered to get back to me. i guess they already know they suck.


Looking for mead...

talk to the buyer at your lcbo. if you buy a case they will likely bring it in for you. i've done this in the past with things they've de-listed.

Best Burgers in Toronto?

you know, i was reading through this and thinking just that. royal meats makes a killer burger, as well as cevapi sandwich or grilled chicken. the patties are made fresh, grilled on a huge grill in front of you, and topped fresh with whatever youw ant. such a great patty, you can't go wrong there. thanks for bring it up NCL

island foods

i love the boneless chicken, adding spinach to it gives it a wicked yum flavour.

Where is ny subway?

Caterer reco's in kawartha?

Hello there,

I'm hosting a party for my wife's birthday and would like to have it at the cottage. Can anyone recommend a chef or caterer in the area?

Thank you very much for your help.


Good Brazilian restaurants?

is that the same as the copacabana in niagara?