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5 Nights in San Diego

Thank you all for your suggestions. What about if we ventured out a little further? Any can't miss places unique to San Diego where I can take my kids? We eat early.

Apr 15, 2011
Phillyfan77 in San Diego

5 Nights in San Diego

My family of 4, 2 children under 5, will be in San Diego for 5 nights visiting family. We are staying in the Mission Valley area. The family we are visiting is clueless when it comes to restaurants.

We are looking for some kid friendly places (doesn't have to be Mission Valley area, but closer is better) that also are unique to San Diego and can provide us with some foods we don't get to eat on the East Coast. My family eats almost anything and we are always up for trying something new.

I've searched the board for Mission Valley restaurants, but don't have a feel for what's unique and relevant to San Diego.

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. Thanks.

Apr 14, 2011
Phillyfan77 in San Diego

McLean, Va

Started a new job in McLean. Looking for some decent lunch spots of any variety - maybe off of the beaten path, nothing at mall. Suggestions?

I searched this board for restaurants in McLean, but unfortunately, most were Tyson's Corner locations.

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

There are three Vito's along the Reisterstown Road corridor, north of the beltway.(they may all be owned by the same family - not sure). I have only enjoyed the pizza at the Hooks Lane Vito's which is on the right about 2 blocks north of the beltway. I think this is the same Vito's you are referring to.

The others are in the St. Thomas shopping center about 3 miles north of the Beltway and 1 is on Owings Mills Blvd.

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

My list is based strictly on my lack of willingness to drive for pizza and my taste for New York Style crust.

1) Pasta Mista
2) Chestnut Ridge Farm Market (this threw me for a crazy loop. I drive by this place all the time to visit family. I decided to stop and with all of the different options from sandwichs to Peruvian chicken, I ordered a large pizza. It was about 2 dollars more than a pizza elsewhere, but it was excellent. Tangy, but not too sweet sauce, good thin New York style crust I could fold. It could be a new go to spot for pizza in a pizza void area.)
3) Fortunato Brothers
4) Vito's

B&O American Brasserie in the Hotel Monaco, Baltimore

We went to the B&O American Brasserie this past Friday night. I wasn't overly impressed and even a little disappointed.

We've heard great reviews about this restaurant, but I think that Baltimore is so starved for good restaurants that people have significantly overrated this place.

The food was good, but nothing exciting. I had the Char which was quite good, but the octopus it was served with was very overcooked. My wife had the scallops and mussels which was also good and probably the best meal at the table. The flatbreads were creative and tasty, specifically the one with the shrimp. I still don't get the whole pizza/flatbread fine dining thing, but it tastes good, so I go with it. Here's the deal - the food was not anything better or worse than we have had at other Baltimore restaurants. The menu was sophisticated, yet lacking creativity and originality. One plus in my book - no crab cake on the menu (It amazes me how many people insist on eating crab cakes whenever they go out to eat, regardless of restaurant)

The service was poor. The host and hostesses were confused, the waiters and waitresses couldn't figure out which table to work and the head chef was busing tables. It was strange.

Finally, they had a very clever drink menu, but couldn't execute. I had one of their specialty cocktails, but they over killed the bourbon with way too much syrup. Wine list is satisfactory.

Would I go back? Not right now. I would have to hear their service improved and that the menu became a little more interesting. Otherwise, if I have a craving for a meal that B & O offers, I will stick to Woodberry Kitchen.

Overnight in Penn Quarter

Here's my report from the weekend:

We had dinner this past Saturday at Rasika. It was an excellent meal. We tried a variety of appetizers, including the Palaak Chaat - fantastic. The calamari was amazing, nicely spiced and high quality squid. We also had the ragda patties - potato lightly spiced formed in a patty with chick peas and a fantastic sauce. We shared the tandoori lamb chops and a few vegeterian dishes. All terrific. The bill was extremely reasonable, even with the cocktails we had. I hope to be back many more times.

What are the other restaurants like in the Raskisa group (Bardeo, Ardeo, etc...)?

Sunday brunch at Cafe Atlantico was good, but not remarkable. We tried almost all of Dim Sum options (large party) with extra orders of the Conch Fritters. It is worth it just to go and have a brunch full of conch fritters. The scallops were nicely seasoned and tasty. While it was good and I recommend the experience, I don't think I need to make a return trip.

Thanks for all the recommendations and help

Overnight in Penn Quarter

thanks for all the great suggestions.

I think we are going to do the “Nuevo Latino” Dim Sum Brunch at Cafe Atlantico on Sunday.

For Saturday lunch, we are going to try matchbox. For dinner on Saturday night, we are leaning towards Rasika.

Any thoughts on the Source (Wolfgang Puck's place)? Or Central Michel Richard?

Overnight in Penn Quarter

My wife and I taking a quick "getaway" trip to Washington, DC. We are staying in Penn Quarter. We like to eat and try new and exciting foods on our vacations.

I need some recommendations for Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner and Sunday brunch. We would like to stay in the Penn Quarter area, as we would like to be able to walk and not worry about transportation.

I have heard that the Café Atlantico’s Famous “Nuevo Latino” Dim Sum Brunch is interesting and quite good for Sunday brunch. Also, I thought of dinner at Indebleu on Saturday night and maybe lunch at Zaytinya. Any help and or recommendations would be appreciated.

We like most kinds of food - we love sushi, but we eat it all the time, so we would like to avoid that. Also, we aren't interested in a steakhouse.

Thanks in advance.