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four days in Vancouver 8/29-9/1 from NYC

Thanks so much for your reply. I read about Vij's it worth it? But yes, we'll concentrate on chinese and sushi. Thanks for the food truck info and the dim sum...that sounds great!

four days in Vancouver 8/29-9/1 from NYC

Georgia. Thanks so much for your suggestions! My daughter is very adventurous eater....We're looking forward to visiting your beautiful city!

four days in Vancouver 8/29-9/1 from NYC

Hi. Very excited that my 15-year-old daughter and I get to spend four days in Vancouver! We hear the food is fabulous, and I've been reading the board. We would like dim sum, sushi, indian, the night market, and great food trucks are always of interest. There seem to be many, many choices, so we're looking for advice. We can't do very pricey, and we won't have a car. We're staying near Stanley Park. Thank you!!

Top 10 Manhattan Sushi

just had fantastic sushi at neo sushi studio on first between 74th and 76th1410 1st Avenue. very fresh and creative. We thought it was fantastic. i thought the prices were very fair. $38 for the chef's choice and there was a good amount of food beautifully prepared.

Neo Sushi Studio
1410 1st Ave, New York, NY 10021

Aug 08, 2011
cookiegrun in Manhattan

Dim Sum in Chinatown

Hi. we go to oriental garden. Excellent dim sum worth the price!

Jun 23, 2011
cookiegrun in Manhattan

Russ and Daughters vs. Barney Greengrass

R&D is the best. Love their lox, whitefish, whitefish salad, cavier cream cheese, sable and herring in cream sauce. Also my dad and daughter love their lox wings...

Feb 23, 2011
cookiegrun in Manhattan