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Updated Santa Cruz restaurant reviews/opinions, please!

Great food?

Feb 13, 2014
pickleweed in California

Peking Duck ? and Chinese Banquet

What is your favorite of the acceptable?

Jan 08, 2010
pickleweed in Greater Seattle

Peking Duck ? and Chinese Banquet

Looking for the best Peking duck and family style chinese banquet in seattle area. Any Ideas?

Jan 08, 2010
pickleweed in Greater Seattle

Vancouver for one night, looking for real food

haven't been to vancouver in a while, from seattle and even though i have only two short days i am looking for a non tourist vancouver experience
i am in the restaurant and farmers market business and love homey food, rustic food, unmessed with food
would love some suggestions for must do neighborhoods and food
staying downtown but would love a idea for a cool 'hood to walk around in for couple hours
also like some suggestions for delicious real food made by passionate cooks, not over hyped, priced or trendy
and suggestions for damn good ethnic hole in the walls that do what they do really fricken well
asian specifically or others
i have heard so much about certain sushi and dim sum restos here but not one that stands out as reliable- where would you go, what is your favorite?


In Seattle for Three Days, need recs

not hard at all to get into sitka, sometimes a small wait. they are closed sunday monday, and i see you mentioned going to pike street fish fry instead, which is a little odd...pike street is open all day, just go for a snack. i def recommend eating at sitka or poppy for dinner if you can.
someone else in this thread mentioned the corson building which has a great brunch on sunday mornings. it is owned by the same owner as sitka and is a bit out of downtown but very worth going to, take a cab. brunch is only $18 for bar of eat as much as you want salads, homemade yogurt, fruit, etc, plus one egg entree. the setting alone is worth the money esp on a sunny day(old rustic building, lush gardens in the middle of an industrial neighborhood) and the food is actually fresh and seasonal. no one does a better brunch.
check their website for info

Jul 15, 2009
pickleweed in Greater Seattle

In Seattle for Three Days, need recs

my favorite restaurant right now for dinner is Poppy
Poppy has one of the most interesting concepts- Indian style service with northwest ingredients-the main entree style dishes are thalis- a platter of 6-9 seperate little dishes of seasonal yumminess. The owner used to run the herbfarm, one of seattle areas restaurant institutions. Really this is one of the best! restaurants here- interesting, high quality food for very reasonable prices, good service, and awesome desserts. Must try the dessert thali if you arent to full already.
It is located on Capitol hill on the north end of Broadway. On the other south end of broadway there are a number of restaurants in the pike pine corridor that are good but dont stand out as much as poppy- the best of them though- spinasse, anchovy and olives, and lark.

try Matts in the Market in the Pike place market for lunch or dinner- one of the best in the market. good views and food, favorite little spot for out of towners and locals alike.

sitka and spruce is a good tiny higher end neighborhood restaurant

serious pie is a good newer pizza joint- part of the tom douglas chain- and the only one really worth going to, though the dahlia bakery around the corner is good for treats and lunch to go and really good bread.

Below the pike place market on the way down to the waterfront on the"market steps" is a mexican restaurant called el peurco llorron that is really awesome, cute, and authentic.
Also there is two great food shops nearby on western ave at the top of the steps- one is a shop called the Spanish table that is the best spanish import store in the US. another is called world spice merchants- they have every spice you can think of and more, homemade spice blends, and nice layout to smell each spice and read about it.

chinatown is worth wondering around and some great food there- my faves
shanghai garden- chinese, szechaun noodle bowl- the best dumplings(get the veggie ones and the meat ones), green leaf-probably the best vietnamese place in the city, worth a detour and if you like thai you will like this place, just ask the waiters what to get).

hope this helps, let me know if you end up at these joints and if you like them
fyi check what days some places are open- often small places shut down sundays and/or mondays.

Jul 13, 2009
pickleweed in Greater Seattle

authentic peruvian food supplies

Does anyone know of a store in the seattle area that sells peruvian foods like aji amarillo- fresh, or puree in jars?
or the herb huacatay?


Jul 13, 2009
pickleweed in Pacific Northwest