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Kosher food in Niagara Falls

does anyone have any updated info for this year?

It seems that there is a new fleishig place called Fresh Bar Niagara. has anyone eaten there?

how about the pizza place?

any updates will be greatly appreciated.


Jul 30, 2013
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Frans Chicken Haven- Boca Raton, FL- Is it still open?

there at least 7 other restaurants in Boca. I am sure you'll be able to find another place to eat.

Jun 11, 2013
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Frans Chicken Haven- Boca Raton, FL- Is it still open?

I got an email today from the ORB. the place was sold and is no longer kosher.

Jun 10, 2013
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Fort Lauderdale

try Almani's Kosher Kitchen or Aroma Kosher Market. both in Hollywood. I used both for events and I was very satisfied. I did not use them for Shabbat meals but I am sure they can do a good job as well.

Apr 29, 2012
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Best kosher in South Florida?

In Boca, European Corner Cafe moved to SW18 and Powerline to the same area where Eilat used to be (if you are familiar with the area).looks kind of fancy but I was not so impressed with the food.

In Deerfield Beach on Hillsboro Blvd, Mozart opened up (same ownership as in Hollywood).
both of these restaurants are dairy.

Also in Boca there is Cuisine by Sylvia close to Mizner Park, and in Boynton Beach, Golda, a fleishig restaurant opened up recently. I did not have a chance to eat at any of these two restaurants yet.

Jan 10, 2012
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Best kosher in South Florida?

the comment from mrotmd refers to Etzel Itzik, an israeli restaurant in the North Miami/Aventura area (18757 West Dixie Hwy). the place does not have any hashgacha.

cuisine by silvia is in Boca Raton, is under the ORB and they are closed on Shabbos.

Jul 13, 2011
David_BocaFL in Kosher

KP Miami Restaurants

Apr 23, 2011
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Shmura Matzah in South Florida

too early to tell. the only place I already saw matzah here in South Florida was BJ's and it was not shmura. Where exactly are you going to be? Miami, Hollywood, Boca?

Mar 05, 2011
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Bat Mitzvah - Long Island and Israel

if you are looking to have a party for 70 to 80 people, you may consider the Prima Kings. Two years ago I made a brunch there after my son's Hanachat Tefilin and it worked great. they have either dairy or meat (we made it dairy) and it had the highest hashgacha you can find in Jerusalem (my sister is Chabad and she approved of it).
my wife made all the arrangements via e-mail and phone and we showed up the day before the party just to meet the people in charge.

Feb 03, 2011
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Kosher in Delray Beach, FL

for kosher supermarkets in Delray Beach, you may want to check Glick's on Atlantic Avenue. I know the hashgacha is a conservative rabbi, but I was told that the meat is packaged and sealed, so it may fit your immediate needs and avoid the schlep to Boca. Sorry but I was never there so I cannot give you more information about it.

Jan 14, 2011
David_BocaFL in Kosher

What Subways are left nationally that are Kosher still?

There is one in Aventura, FL that opened up around one year ago in the JCC.

Nov 10, 2010
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Very special New Year's dinner in Hollywood, FL area

did you call them and ask or you go by what you read on their website? I know the site does not have the hours for Saturday night, but it reads: We are also open for
shabbos and motza shabbos, so they most probably are open on Saturday night during the winter months.

Oct 24, 2010
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Kosher bakery in Boca Raton?

the bakery at the Winn Dixie on Beracasa Way is now kosher under ORB supervision.

Sep 06, 2010
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Kosher Meals in Disney World

if you have the time to go the night before, just visit Cohen's deli and ask them to prepare you some wraps or sandwiches to take with you to the parks. their prices are very reasonable, and the waiter mentioned to us that they are an authorized third party food supplier to Universal (we did not talk about Disney). they can also deliver to your hotel but they have fees and minimums. you should call them and ask what they can do for you.
their place is 20-25 minutes away from Disney.

Aug 08, 2010
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Kosher bakery in Boca Raton?

Pita Pan Bakery at 23269 State Road 7 # 114 Boca Raton, FL 33428-5452 - (561) 451-9477, SR 7 is also known as 441. the bakery is located south of Palmetto Park Rd.
although I live in Boca for 3 years I never visited the store, I have to stop one of these days to see what they have.
I do not know what kind of bakery items you are looking for, but Kosher Market Place carries some stuff and you can also find some kosher cakes (mostly OU-D) at the publix or winn-dixie's as well as some Shick's and other kosher brands.
there is also someone at montoya circle that takes orders for a bakery in plantation.
otherwise Hollywood and Aventura have plenty of bakeries.

Jun 02, 2010
David_BocaFL in Kosher


those are not kosher restaurants.
i assume that you are going to be in Buenos Aires, right? then check this recent post:

Mar 20, 2010
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Kosher supermarket in north miami

I like Kosher Kingdom a lot, specially their challah, but I hate to go on a Thursday afternoon and waste 10 minutes to get into their parking lot.

if you are looking for groceries try Amazing Savings in NMB. I was there the other day and their prices for passover items were not that bad.

Mar 17, 2010
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Miami Beach passover restaurants

the list is usually distributed a week or two before Pesach, and this year it is probably going to be shorter because there are not too many days of chol hamoed to do business.
if you familiar with the restaurants in the area and you really need to know now, I suggest you call either the ORB/Kosher Miami, etc or each restaurant to find out about their passover status.
you can also try to see if they have any information.

Feb 21, 2010
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Anything new & notable near Boca (WPB to Aventura)?

the new dairy place in Boca is European Corner Cafe, on Camino Real, right next to Asia, My wife was there a few days ago, she said it was OK, With Eliat Cafe gone, they are really the only dairy place around the area.
I heard, but I am waiting for someone to confirm that Fifth Avenue Bakery is looking to open closer to Montoya Circle. I really think we need something like that here.
Falafel Armon is back to its original owner, but I was never there then, and i have not been there lately.
FYI, I just read that the kosher Albertsons on SR 7 is closing.
Although I work in Aventura, I hardly go out to eat, but I agree with all the posts that praised Pita Plus. there is also a new Subway inside the JCC in Aventura, and there are new restaurants opening every day in the vicinity of Dixie Highway and Miami Gardens Drive. I still think Shalom Haifa is the best place for a not so fancy business lunch.
for a full list of restaurants in Miami and Aventura, check this link, but remember to call before going because the list may not be so updated

Jan 10, 2010
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Fifth Avenue Bakery Boca Raton - still open?

Fifth Avenue Bakery closed a few weeks or months ago, I am really not sure when, but I think it was October/November.. Someone told me, but I cannot confirm that they were looking into reopening in the area closer to Montoya Circle.

Jan 07, 2010
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Challah in Aventura/ North Miami

I get challah for Kosher Kingdom every week, I would not go to any other place in Aventura. if you time it right, you can even get it so hot right out of the oven that your fingers will burn.
I also like their chocolate babka and their rugalech.

there is a new bakery on ives dairy rd and dixie, accross from the train tracks. sorry I cannot give you much information about it, but I did not try it yet.

Dec 20, 2009
David_BocaFL in Kosher

Best kosher in South Florida?

European Corner Cafe is located at Camino Real and Powerline Rd in Boca. Asia (fleishig) is next to it.
I know that Asia is pretty packed for both lunch and dinner. reservations are recommended. I assume that ECC is busy too. I did not go there since the summer but I would describe it as more of a lunch place. Asia is very fancy and the food is good.
Falafel Armon is under new management and i heard that Eilat Cafe closed.
I got an e-mail that Grill Time was running some specials (like kids eat free) but i suggest you call before to find out.
in Aventura they opened a Subway at the JCC, and I like Shalom Haifa on Miami Gardens Drive.

Nov 08, 2009
David_BocaFL in Kosher

New Kosher Restaurants in South Florida?

as far as I know, Eilat Cafe did not close.

Aug 22, 2009
David_BocaFL in Kosher

New Kosher Restaurants in South Florida?

I think you are referring to a new strip mall at the SE corner of Yamato and SR 7. I am not familiar with that area, and I see no mention of it anywhere, but I will try to find out for you because I know someone mentioned to me about a new restaurant in that area.
I also found this website that shows updated information of restaurants in the area. maybe they know about it.

Jul 15, 2009
David_BocaFL in Kosher

New Kosher Restaurants in South Florida?

they opened two new restaurants in Boca right outside Montoya Circle. One is a dairy restaurant called European Cafe, and there is a meat restaurant right next to it called Asia. I heard the meat restaurant is very good, I was not impressed with the dairy place. They are both located on Powerline and Camino Real, going north is on your left, right before the strip mall where Kosher Marketplace is located.

Jul 13, 2009
David_BocaFL in Kosher