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Best Breakfast in LA?

There is a place called 17th Street Cafe on Montana (and 17th) in Santa Monica -- much better than Bread and Porridge and Shutters. Don't get me wrong, I like B & P once in a while, but 17th St Cafe is in a class of its own.

Jul 17, 2009
bandido in Los Angeles Area

Best Taco Stands in LA

The salsa makes the food, period. If you don't eat hot salsa, you're missing out on the true taco stand experience. I haven't been to all the stands mentioned in this post, but my 3 all-time favorites (to-date) are King Taco (throughout SoCal) LAX Tacos (Inglewood) and Yuca's (Los Feliz) If you don't eat Yuca's bottled hot sauce, you're missing the proverbial taco boat.

Jul 13, 2009
bandido in Los Angeles Area