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Pinch at empire casino

Exactly. And we found it most annoying to be exposed to the casino sounds of the slot machines as we were trying to enjoy a nice quiet dinner; it was not going to happen.

Pinch at empire casino

I could not have stated it better than you! Right on point!

Pinch at empire casino

At the Yonkers raceway off of the thruway in yonkers and they spent a fortune to build the restaurant

Pinch at empire casino

Last night we ate at Alain ducasse's new place and were disappointed; maybe we ate ther too soon? Service was slow and there were only a handful of guests. The appetizer salad at $18 was a rip off. The constant noise from the casino floor was annoying. There was a large staff but they still seemed very disorganized. It took 10 minutes to serve a beer. One of us had a birthday and we told the server and they did nothing to acknowledge the celebration. On the positive side, the beer selection, all ny state, was outstanding; nothing like it and the beer prices were excellent. The wings were decent but a little spicy. The steak was fine quality and cooked as requested. Since we do not gamble the casino noise was a real turn off. Parking and restaurant access was easy. Staff really tried to please so ther is hope. The menu was a little all over the place; trying to please everyone. Quirky comment; we ate at in a booth for six and the server could not reach down the end of the table to serve or clean so we had to pass dishes back and forth. Prices on the menu seemed a little high for the location and casino clientele. We shall see how they do; very big place and a lot of money was spent so hope they succeed.

Saigonese-Vietnamese-Central Ave-Hartsdale-Has Opened!

Good questions.

We arrived at 7:30 Saturday night.

I need to be more diligent in giving positive feedback on good restaurants:

Local: Emma's in white plains

Special occasions : x2o hands down

Mexican Lola,s white plains and vega hartsdale

South American: gaucho grill white plains

Pub like: growlers tuckahoe

Pizza and stuff: polpetinas in eastchester but a pain to get in

Solid American: north

Local Italian: espositos

Indian: malabar hill and the tiny place in ardsley

We had a real nice meal last week at massas in Scarsdale.

Saigonese-Vietnamese-Central Ave-Hartsdale-Has Opened!

Disappointing because;

The brisket pho had significant pieces of fat that couldn't be eaten and I showed the host and he took the several pieces To the kitchen and did not return with his thoughts or apologize for how the dish was served.

The food was not served at the same time.

We ordered 3 appetizers and two were served and then we were told they did not have the third even though the waitress took our order.

They had one beer choice and we got a long explanation why they did not have a choice.

There was no good place to wait for a table and their seating management skills were poor. No reservations allowed.

The waitress' skills were poor and it seemed like management was running a restaurant for the first time.

They tried to clean our table several times before we were finished eating.

The food seemed fresh and decent but the overall experience was poor.

Don't know if I would give them another try!

hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

We also were looking forward to our dinner here but our party of 9 could not have been more disappointed! The experience was a total train wreck and after more than two hours and still not having been served our entrees we all decided to pay the bill and leave (we had 7:30 reservations and ended up leaving at 10:00). Once we told the staff that we are leaving a very heated discussion took place and the host Paul was rude, unprofessional and threatening. One of the owners had to intervene and just told us that he was sorry, took care of the bill and said he hoped to see us again. He said that they are only open three weeks but you know what, the staff should communicate to the diners, let them know any kitchen issues and never be so violently rude as they were to us.

The worst restaurant experience in a very long time. I don't care how good the food is, we will never be back.

We also heard that there were many other tables with the same experience.

I agree with apples, they should not open for business unless they are able to handle it. There are many other fine restaurants in the area to go to have a fine meal.

The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry

Ate at the Cookery on Saturday night and it was a disasterous experience! We arrived 7:30 and was told it would be a 40 minute wait. The 40 minutes turned into 1 hour 45 minutes and we did not get our main course until 10:10 (over two hours after we arrived). At one point the waiter told us the food was being plated and it was not until 15 minutes later did we receive the dishes. The resaturant was busy and very loud. The Front Man Michael O’Neill's excuse was that no one is geting up from the tables so he can't seat us (basically tough luck). No offer of complementary drinks or anything. By the time the dinner came it was so late that we lost interest in the food. They only take reservations for 5 or more and we had a party of 4. After dinner I saw Chef DiBariI and he listened to my complaining and he said that he hoped that we give him another try. I wish them luck but in the long run they will have to provide better customer service to get people to come back!