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Anyone been to Mon K Patisserie, on Coxwell south of O'Connor?

i picked up a butter croissant, an almond croissant, a cream puff and a cup of coffee for just under $10. the croissant was delicious, not as flaky as pain perdu but equally as nice and buttery. the cream puff was pretty good, the cream/custard filling is lovely, the pastry tasted great but maybe lacked a little in texture. i'm currently doing my best not to devour the almond croissant but it's calling my name, i give it another half hour before i dive in. the coffee was a nice, strong cup of drip, very respectable. worth a visit for sure.

Two Months in Toronto

not a food truck but good "street eats" is banh mi boys. i'm slowly working my way through their menu but keep going back to the squid offerings (nicely cooked, not rubbery at all). it might be a long walk but easy by ttc, queen w at spadina.

Hipster restaurants?

sorry, it was meant as a general statement, not directed specifically at you. i should be more careful as i've been accused of doing things for reasons that are so far removed from my actual intentions.

Hipster restaurants?

exactly. don't let trends dictate where and what you eat

Hipster restaurants?

if you didn't notice them you've been assimilated ;)

Hipster restaurants?

hilarious. something can be cool, but not so cool that it's hipster, then it's not cool anymore.

Hipster restaurants?

"hipster" is such a boring and meaningless critique of a restaurant (or anything for that matter). if you don't want to line up, eat offal or have your meals prepared by a chef with tattoos, don't. were there no pretentious restaurants prior to hipster?

King's Tacos & Tenoch Mexican -both on St. Clair W - both excellent

good to know, look forward to trying these places

Japas - Bloor & Clinton

i just bought one, can't use it until Feb 10th so until then...

down-to-earth pubs with decent grub

also a pretty substantial whiskey/scotch/bourbon list

down-to-earth pubs with decent grub

the Emmet Ray on College is pretty tasty. one of my favourite burgers of the past year

Banh Mi Boys

just polished off a container of the kimchi fries based on recs from this board, was not disappointed. mine were served in the black container and i thought it to be a pretty decent portion for the price. they didn't skimp on the toppings either. strange part is i didn't particularly care for the kimchi on it's own but in combination with the other toppings it made for a surprisingly good lunch

ISO soda bread

the soda bread i've had there was pretty close to the stuff i used to buy in Glasgow. never noticed the take home mix though, next time i'm there i'll grab some to try it out. hard to top warm soda bread with butter.

Best midtown croque monsieur for lunch tomorrow?

my vote is for Pain Perdue on St. Clair

Ethiopian Recommendations - Danforth

i've been with friends who have a toddler and it's not been an issue

Best Cheap Eats in Toronto?

1/4 chicken meal at any of the Ali Baba's locations, $4.99 + tax = 1 large delicious meal or 2 small delicious meals

Vegetarians - or those (like me) just leaning that way - which restaurants are best??

Simon's Wok at Gerrard and Logan is tasty vegetarian (possibly vegan) Chinese food, the $4.99 lunch special Mon - Thur gets my regular business but all the menu items i've ordered are solid too

Simon's Wok
797 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M1Y5, CA

In Ottowa due to storm - where to eat

the manx is well tasty

Which restaurant serves the best meatloaf in the GTA?

the meatloaf i had at Harbord House a couple of years ago was rather good and a generous portion too

Harbord House
150 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1H2, CA

expanding breakfast palette

i want to eat new breakfast food. i love a greasy spoon, occasionally i'll pony up for something a little fancy but rarely is it ever outside the eggs/pancake/waffle world of breakfast foods. what can toronto offer in terms of atypical (from a western viewpoint) breaky?

your fave vegetarian/vegan spot in or near Kensington Market?

they did close for "renovations" a while back but it looked exactly the same when it reopened

your fave vegetarian/vegan spot in or near Kensington Market?

can i also suggest trying the imitation duck, made from bean curd sheets. i'm pretty sure a small order is $2.75 so if you hate it you didn't lose a big chunk of change

your fave vegetarian/vegan spot in or near Kensington Market?

Buddha's Vegetarian, 666 Dundas. I have yet to have a dud dish there

Akram's Shoppe updates?

that's really good news

Akram's Shoppe updates?

is that the place by patty king and the army surplus store that had square "pizzas"?

Mediocre meal at Golden Turtle

if i'm not getting pho at golden turtle i usually get the bun with herb wrapped grilled beef, i believe it's #85. i know most on this board prefer the other ossington place (i'm not sure what it's called) but i had some unfriendly service there that's stopped me from going back.

Cheap Lunches in the West End?

the thing is he can't wait to leave his place, every extra minute we're there adds to the "tension". when the weather warms up i'm going to try take out in a park somewhere using the suggestions from everybody.

Cheap Lunches in the West End?

i haven't actually been able to hit any of the places suggested, this guy likes the familiar so we've been going to a cafeteria style vietnamese place just north of dundas on the west side of spadina, not sure what it's called. i'm trying to convince him to try some new stuff but that may not end up happening, at least not for a while. it can be a challenge to introduce new food into his routine.

Korma Roti on Queen W

my guess is either Ghandi's or Mother India

Mother India
1456 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K1M2, CA

Cheap Lunches in the West End?

thank you for all the suggestions, i now have a wealth of options to present and i'm sure we can find a suitable lunch