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One Night in Tallahassee...

Liam's - great place in thomasville GA - link to their site

May 06, 2010
tjh135 in Florida

Crystal River, Florida...anyplace we should go?

I travel through there a lot on the way to Tampa & usually eat lunch in CR so take these recs. with that in mind. Thai Phoon has good tahi for central FL. Cody's - Ok food but service with a snarl. Charlies Fish House fresh seafood (local?) usually fried. Friends like the Rusty Duck in Lecanto - but have never eaten there. Good luck.

Feb 22, 2010
tjh135 in Florida

Le Creuset 3.5 qt oval

williams sonoma is running the LC 3.5 qt oval for $130. Good price? useful size? curious minds want to know.

Feb 15, 2010
tjh135 in Cookware

how to fix a warped endgrain oak countertop??

Let the top dry (w/o direct heat) to let moisture equilibrate. If the entire surface is warped so that it's convex (all bent upward) as opposed to an undulating surface you can try fixing by oiling the underside to even out the warp, if the top has dried out, put plastic on the top to help force oil into underside and prevent additional moisture entering. If the top is undulating indicating differing levels of moisture intake, you'll probably need to let dry out as before and then resurface with a hand plane or sander (this would be a big effort). As far as pulling away from wall or base, the unit should have been installed to allow some movement. You may need to just detach and reattach when dry and flat. Good luck and I'm guessing you learned water is not a way to remoisturize wood, try mineral oil or one of the speciality oil blends that butcher block makers sell for high dollar.

Nov 02, 2009
tjh135 in Cookware

Melamine vs. Plywood construction for cabinets

yes you can tear them out yourself - BUT realize it's dusty & dirty, so hang plastic sheeting between areas you can to exclude dust, and cover furniture to make clean up easier. If you have lathe & plaster walls behind existing cabinets, they will most likely get pretty messed up and need to be recovered w/sheetrock prior to install (easier than patching). Have a plan for disposal of materials and be ready if for some reason you do encounter asbestos in the kitchen area. For fast demo a sawzall otherwise called a recriprocating saw is your best friend but can cut thru a lot of stuff (electric wires, conduits, etc.) really easily. Don't forget that while your kitchen is naked you can relocate/add circuits, cat5 wire, coax whatever really easy. One last comment don't provide the beer until AFTER the cabinets are out.

Oct 23, 2009
tjh135 in Cookware

Melamine vs. Plywood construction for cabinets

As a woodworker/cabinet maker I'd suggest you look at the attached
link - it's for a woodworking forum site that a lot of contractors use probably won't answer your questions but will give you some food for thought. I believe the final choice is for you to decide on the installer then the material. A good or bad install can be accomplished with either.

Oct 20, 2009
tjh135 in Cookware

KitchenAid mixer attachments + dishwasher = ruined?

not ruined, just oxidized. Try these tips from eHow - Put the piece of aluminum in a plastic dishpan. Add equal parts of white vinegar and boiling water. Let it sit for one hour and rinse it with water. Repeat the process if necessary OR Use Barkeeper's Friend or Copper Glo, available in supermarkets and department stores, to remove aluminum oxide. Rub it into the surface with a wet rag. Wash the aluminum with a mild, nonabrasive detergent. Rinse and dry it with a clean, soft cloth.
good luck

Sep 04, 2009
tjh135 in Cookware