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Please share your recommendations for restaurants near Baltimore Inner Harbor or Roland Park neighborhoods

In Roland Park, Johnny's is great. Also, head over to Belvedere Square for lunch-- I know you'll especially enjoy Atwaters. A great, very inexpensive vegetarian place is One World Cafe. If you like Indian and the weather is nice, the Ambassador is lovely (although it is overpriced).

Large party, convenient to Baltimore inner harbor

Can water taxi to Fell's Point and enjoy the Black Olive (and it's not too long of a walk if you're all up to it). Mezze is another favorite there, and it could be fun to share tapas with a group of 10.

Barbounia's Lamb Terracotta

Bustan's menu looks strikingly similar to Barbounia, and the pics of the food also look so similar-- they're not related in some way???

Apr 23, 2015
stephanieg in Manhattan

Barbounia's Lamb Terracotta

Thanks for your response! What I LOVED about that dish was its uniqueness-- i.e., that is was baked in a dish covered with such a delicious flatbread. In Baltimore, I feel like I can get great lamb, but nothing unique like that. When it was served, the waiter actually had to cut into the bread to reveal the lamb.

Apr 21, 2015
stephanieg in Manhattan

Barbounia's Lamb Terracotta

We were just in NYC this weekend and fell in love with Barbounia's Lamb Kebab Terracotta (as described on the menu: Roasted tomatoes, grilled onions, tahini and pinenuts covered with flat bread & baked in our brick oven}). It was really heavenly-- the lamb was seasoned and cooked perfectly, and the bread on top made the dish such a standout!
However, we weren't awed by anything else we ate, nor the service, and were shocked by the price. As such, I was wondering if there are other restaurants with anything somewhat similar to that-- we certainly can't get anything like that in Baltimore, and are eager to experience that dish again when we come back to your city.

Apr 21, 2015
stephanieg in Manhattan

40th birthday SURPRISE for my husband around Baltimore

If he's into beer, what about Heavy Seas? Really great bar/American food, excellent drinks, and the space would be great for that #. The Wine Market could also be a good option-- and it has its own parking lot.

Afordable but good catering in the Baltimore area


Restaurants near the Hippodrome in Baltimore

We took our boys to City Cafe after a show there. Great diverse menu, and my boys fell in love with their homemade desserts.

Where should I have dinner near Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

Check out Pazo-- great drinks in a neat atmosphere and really great food.

Best Seasonal/Holiday Trader Joe's Items.... for 2014

I LOVE the pumpkin coffee!!!

Oct 30, 2014
stephanieg in Chains

Lunch near Baltimore City courthouse

Maisy's has a diverse menu with fresh, homemade salads, wraps, etc. Cazbar is also great if you like mediterranean, and Ban Thai has good Thai food. $15 should cover all those options. Enjoy your day and bring a good book!!!

Casual restaurants near Baltimore Museum of Art?

What about Papermoon diner? Their decor is quite fun and the menu has something for everyone. I've been there several times over the past few months, and have really enjoyed the food. For an old diner feel, there's also Tambers on St. Paul's street, which features both American and Indian food. It's not my favorite Indian in the city, but it's close to the museum and quite affordable. Also near the museum is One World Cafe. I love their food, but it's vegetarian, so it doesn't always appeal to everyone.

Birthday place in/near Baltimore, White Marsh, Forest Hill??

Hampden could be a great neighborhood for dinner. There's a fun brick-oven pizza place there (the Art House), that uses local, seasonal ingredients, and the owner (Joan) would certainly accommodate you all if you call ahead. And Charmery, a delicious icecream shop, is right down the street. Golden West is also fun for kids-- especially since you can order breakfast all day. You also might want to consider Johnny's, which never fails to disappoint my family. It's in Baltimore, but away from downtown (so less of a chance it'll be crazy), and has a range of food, from burgers to more elaborate entrees, all of which are great. If you want a nicer option, maybe Gertrudes at the BMA? They have a great outdoor area in the museum's sculpture garden, which also is nice for kids. Let us know what you pick and how it is! Enjoy!

Breakfast and lunch restaurants near the aquarium

Yes, Miss Shirley's is great for breakfast or lunch. I think it's a bit overpriced, but the food is excellent and the menu extremely diverse. I was there last week for lunch and enjoyed a delicious summer omelet (stuffed with fresh summer veggies).

Mussels in Baltimore

So, last night we ventured to the Corner. We got 2 orders of mussels-- one Marinière, and one, Curried. The sauces were great-- both were quite flavorful and complemented the mussels perfectly. However, while the mussels were large and plump, they lacked the melt-in-your-mouth texture we experienced while in Canada. Perhaps it's a bit like crabs-- you can order crabs in other localities, but nothing can compare to our city's varieties??? Surprisingly, the highlight of our meal was an appetizer-- tuna and salmon sashimi with a peanut "dust." That dish was amazingly tender and the flavors were fabulous. We enjoyed the mussels, but they're not the amazing mussels for which I've been searching (even though they also came with perfect fries). So, alas, I'm still craving stellar mussels, and wondering if it's possible to get them in Baltimore....


Are you looking for an upscale atmosphere too? I love the Black Olive-- the fish is always stellar, and the grilled scallops are absolutely amazing and one of my favorite seafood dishes in the city-- but it's a fairly casual place (e.g., it's not uncommon to see lots of shirts and shorts there). If you're looking for a more upscale restaurant, I'd recommend-- don't laugh-- the Prime Rib. Despite its name, the seafood dishes (which include all types of fish as well as classic crab cakes) are fabulous. A recent favorite of mine is their blackened seabass, which is amazingly moist, tender, and flavorful. I also love the seafood at Tio Pepes. My 2 favorite appetizers there are seafood ones-- shrimp in garlic, and they also have a great "trio" which includes lump crab, shrimp, and smoked salmon served with avocado and several dipping sauces-- and their menu of fresh fish dishes is always a page long. I particularly love their swordfish or sea bass in riojana sauce. I hope this helps!

Mussels in Baltimore

Thanks all for these great recs! I'll report back once I have the chance to do a thorough sampling :)

Mussels in Baltimore

After having the most amazing mussels during a recent trip to Ontario, I am eager to find a local place with large, plump, delicious mussels. Any suggestions?

Teenagers and where did you "dine?"

Mikes pizzeria was a favorite! Close seconds, though, were Steak & Egg (loved those hashbrowns), Hot Shoppes, Carvels, and HoJos (mainly for ice cream!).

One night out--Cunningham's or Oyster Bay Grille?

Oh no!!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! You will have a great excuse now to splurge on lots of food when you're feeling better.

One night out--Cunningham's or Oyster Bay Grille?

I am looking forward to your report after your dining experience! I haven't had dinner at either-- just lunch at Cunningham's (in the cafe). I wasn't blown away-- I ordered the seared tuna wrap, which was ok. I liked the flavors of the dish, but the avocado was too hard and the tuna-- while perfectly seared-- was on the fatty side. My friend ordered the quinoa salad, which she also rated as just ok. She was a bit annoyed that it included a lot of onions, an ingredient she did not want, even though the description of the salad made no reference to them. However, since I really like its focus on seasonal, local ingredients, and know a few people who had amazing dinners there, I will likely return at some point for dinner to give it another shot.
As for Oyster Bay, I just looked its menu-- so many promising choices! I am always a little annoyed when restaurants don't post prices, but from the other replies, it doesn't sound too unreasonable. I will have to add that to my list of places to try as well.
Enjoy your night out!!!!

Baltimore restaurant for both vegetarians and omnivores

And you point out another aspect of Mezze that I love-- the ability to have a leisurely dinner. We were there about 3 hours, ordering a few dishes at a time, and we did not feel rushed at all. I also prefer the 2nd floor. I love the room with the high ceiling when I'm with another couple or more people-- it's quieter and the tables are spaced more apart-- but prefer the smaller room to the left of the stairs for a more cozy, intimate meal. I do know a few people who prefer dining downstairs-- they love the energy around the bar (which I find distracting and loud).
One other point about Mezze's small plates-- they're all served with warm, delicious pita bread (which the servers are always happy to refill), which helps make meals there more filling than other tapas places.

Baltimore restaurant for both vegetarians and omnivores

I was just at Mezze this past weekend-- it was excellent! We enjoyed delicious vegetarian (falafel, baba gaoush, cheese pie) and meat (roasted salmon, lamb meatballs, beef kebab, shrimp raki) dishes. I find it very affordable-- I think most vegetarian tapas were around $8, and the meat ones slightly more. The wine list also has many reasonable options. Our party of 4 ended up paying $175 (including tip) for 2 cocktails, 1 bottle of wine, the tapas above, and 3 desserts. We were stuffed at the end and tried such a great variety of delicious food!

lunch and dinner in Baltimore with 2 kids

It definitely depends on the kids. In terms of atmosphere, Black Olive is pretty casual, and it's definitely a place where you can fit in wearing jeans or a nicer outfit. It is a slower place meal, so your kids will have to love the dining experience. I have an 8 and 11 year old, and I think we first took them there about 2 years ago. It remains one of their favorite special occasion places.

lunch and dinner in Baltimore with 2 kids

A place I love for great, fresh seafood is the Black Olive. It's also fun for kids because you can go up and actually see the fresh, raw fish available that evening. It's also close to Fell's Point, which is a very fun neighborhood to walk around (cobblestone streets, lots of small, funky stores). There's a delicious gelato shop (Pitango Gelato) a block or so from the restaurant, so you may want to save room for dessert. Another restaurant my kids love is the Spanish restaurant, Tio Pepes-- it has been around for decades, and is considered a classic place here. I love their seafood dishes, and what's fun for kids is that they prepare a lot table side.
As for brunch, if you want to experience a vibrant part of our City, I'd urge you to go to the JFX farmer's market. So many delicious fresh and prepared foods. Your kids will love it! If you really want a sit-down place, you might want to check out the Papermoon diner. Its draw is its decor-- there are old toys, games, and pez dispensers everywhere-- great eye candy. Woodbury Kitchen is a good option for dinner and brunch, and definitely kid-friendly. If your goal is to eat great, local food, you can't go wrong there.

Where are the Balto chowhounds?

Have you tried Mezze and Indigma? They both have numerous, absolutely delicious vegetarian options.

40th Birthday Party in Baltimore - Venue Search

What about the Museum of Industry? I've been to a few events there-- one directly inside the museum and one in a tent on the water. It's a great venue, and you can bring in whatever you want.

New restaurant in Hampden - Le Garage

Last night, we had our first visit to Le Garage. Here's my report:
The space: Wow-- for anyone who was familiar with Dogwood, you might be shocked by how different it looks. I really liked what they did with the space, which seems much bigger than before. The tables are also spaced apart nicely, so although it was a bit loud (after all, it is in a basement), it wasn't terrible.
The service: It was great. We had a lot of questions about the menu, and our server was patient and helpful. The staff also did a great job of ensuring our water glasses were always filled (and those are neat glasses-- they resembles jars, but have a sleek, almost modern look).
The fries: Of course, we had to try the fries. After reading all the reviews posted here, I had no idea what to expect, with some raving and some describing them as Thrasher's like. Overall, I'd give them a very good. They were thicker than those I would rank as my local favorites (those served at Salt, Petit Louis, etc.), but much, much better than the often limpy Thrasher's variety. The fries were clearly very fresh, firm, and perfectly crisped-- but because they were a bit thick, they lacked the same crunch and texture of what I think of as "the best." As for sauces, our table tried the green goddess and the old bay ketchup. They were both good, but the old bay one looked and tasted like ketchup mixed with cocktail sauce, not old bay.
Other food: There were 5 of us, and 2 got the mussel frites and raved about that choice. The other 3 in our party (including me) shared a spring salad and 2 tartines, which were described on the menu as open-faced sandwiches. When we asked the waiter about them, he said they were more like bruschetta, which was a much better description. Basically, they were slices of French bread with toppings. We had one with brie and figs, which was good but not knock-your-socks-off good, and one with goat cheese, apples, and jalapenos. The jalapenos were so fiery that they completely overshadowed the flavor of the other elements—I knew the cheese and apples were there by looking, but only tasted the jalapeno. The salad was fine but didn’t meet its description—the menu mentioned carrots, and there were none, and said nothing about asparagus, and it had a couple limp pieces. For dessert, we all shared the salty caramel bread pudding. It was good, but lacked the gooeyness/richness that I think makes bread pudding such a luscious treat.
I do want to return and try other items on the menu (but I definitely will not be running back anytime soon). I think this place has great potential and there were some winning dishes, but it wasn’t the fabulous experience I was hoping for.

Where are the Balto chowhounds?

The trend you describe is interesting, and one other posters gripe about as well. My experience with restaurants has been more roller coaster like-- a great meal, followed by a so-so one, and then after hearing raves of others, trying it again and experiencing a fabulous meal, only to be disappointed once again further down the line... By the way, your critique of Birroteca resonates with my experience there. We ordered a pizza with eggplant, which was absolutely tasteless and in desperate need of seasoning!

Best burger in Charm City?

I'm a fan of Alonso's-- great classic burger and freshly cut fries.