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Gluten free ingredients

Staff of life in Kensington and most grocery stores like metro carries most/all of those products. Be careful buying gluten free flours in bulk because many of them have been cross contaminated with gluten flour. Also, Bobs red mill gluten free flours are processed on gluten free equipment but they also process nuts on the same equipment. So if you have a nut allergy be aware of that.

ISO Candied Fennel seeds

anyone know where to get candied fennel seeds that is somewhere near downtown preferably?

ISO: Popchips in Toronto

they also have them at the shoppers at queen by portland but only in the larger bags. I haven't seen the salt and vinegar lately but they have the other ones. they were 3.99 a bag i think.

best gluten-free pizza in Toronto

We had dinner thier the other day and it was delicious...I was definitely feeling a little overwhelmed at my choices - normally very limited to a couple dishes on a menu with some substitutions at any other I could have almost the whole menu! Even my glutn loving hubby loved it. The wait was a little longer than normal places given that we were the first and only ones there for a while but if I can have selection and enjoy it without being sick after I am definitely willing to wait a few extra minutes.

Magic Oven pizza sucks. Everytime I have ordered a gluten free pizza form there it has arrived with a soggy, doughy crust that I've had to rebake myself. For the price they charge it better be good and Cooked.....Never agian.

Lunenburg and Halifax

has anyone been to fleur de sel in lunenberg and bear in Halifax?

Petite Thuet - King & Yonge

do they have the french onion soup that used to be at the atelier - it was so good. i want more