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What's the most VARIED cuisine in the world?

By varied cuisine, I mean which cuisine has the most variety of dishes? Can you eat a different Chinese/Italian/French/... dish for 365 days each day of the world? I'll let you define what you mean by "varied". For instance, if you consider beef fried rice and chicken fried rice to be two dishes, please state this assumption.

Just a bit of a discussion I had with my mom. (We're Chinese.) She's claiming Chinese cuisine to be most varied. I actually say it's Italian, or at the least, Italian cuisine can be just as varied as Chinese.


Jul 01, 2011
euges720 in General Topics

Shang, in Thompson LES

I think one thing everyone should take into consideration -- but haven't yet -- is that, Cantonese food is all about subtlety. Susur Lee combines Chinese and French cuisines, but to be more specific, he combines Cantonese and French cuisines. He's trained in the Canton way of cooking, and we all prefer things fresh and natural and subtle. Americans (more so than Canadians) really aren't used to that. This is one reason why a lot of Americans (and Canadians) find Susur's and Shang's food as "unflavourful".

That be said, Susur Lee has tried to change that, by adding more flavour into his dishes, or else his cooking wouldn't have appealed to any Westerner. But then again, there's something to be said about "umami" or the subtlety and natural flavours of the food, and that's certainly where Susur Lee comes from.

I've admired his food for years, and his love of food. Food isn't just "food", in that "I'll just have a hamburger from X and it'll be fine". Food is supposed to represent a culture, and Susur Lee has mastered that, and not many, if any other, fusion chef has.

Jul 12, 2009
euges720 in Manhattan