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Where Can I Get Mini-Burger Buns?

I get the mini Hawiian Rolls and they work out great. I used them for small burgers for my sons birthday party and the kids thought they were great.

Did you get the small burger press from William's Sonoma???

Best Fruit Stand w/ homemade Jam too... in San Jose/Morgan Hill Area

They are open till 6pm. I know that. I think they open around 9am. They also have fresh eggs. I forgot to mention that.

Anything to help our local farmers. Sweetest, down to earth people I have meet in a long time.

BBQ Ribs

Bobby Rubino's is what you are talking about. It burned down years ago. I adored that place. I used to go there every couple of months with my family. Ahh the moemories.

I just tried looking it up and they phone number went to some crab shack. Good luck!!

5 Days in SF. In need of opinions/suggestions?

Hey Jenny, John's Grill on Ellis street is a great place for a salad lunch. My mom and I used to go shopping in SF and stop here everytime. The Jack London Salad is big enough for two people and it won't break the bank if you add a cup of soup with it.

There is a resturant in China town called Kathy's that is good. You have each person pick a plate and you are set. The Sodas are NOT free refills. Don't find out the hard way.

NorthBay Pizza is always something to try. Big ole pizzas.

If you are into a fun kick back hamburger joint you have to try Mel's drive in. There are a couple in town. See which one is closest to you.

Enjoy!! Remember to pack warm clothes. SF maybe in California but it is not the warmest. Carry a jacket at all times.

Best Fruit Stand w/ homemade Jam too... in San Jose/Morgan Hill Area

Just off Bailey Road off of 101 is the best fruit stand. It is called Spina Farms. I moved in the area over a year ago. I can't get enough of the produce they have. Cherries and Strawberries are so fresh. The watermelons are crisp. Every party we attend over the summer I take the fruit salad. Everyone applauds the freshness of the fruit. The absolute most delectible Strawberry Banana Jam. You would Pay $25 a jar but you don't have to.

If you want to take a drive and end up here you will not be mistaken. Lake Calero is near by. If you are heading to the lake make this a stop on your way.

101 towards Morgan Hill/Gilroy. Right off of Bailey exit. On the corner of Santa Theresa and Bailey...