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5 Days in SF. In need of opinions/suggestions?

Thanks for all the great suggestions!!!! I look forward to trying all these great places and seeing the city!

5 Days in SF. In need of opinions/suggestions?

Hello Chowhounds,

This is my first post, so thanks ahead of time for all the suggestions! I am traveling to San Francisco for about 5 days are so with family (of 4, no young ones). I'm looking for decent priced places (up to $30 meal). Would love a great sandwich/cafe/bakery style place, some sushi suggestions and a place with a great view/water view.

So far I'm interested in..
A16, Bocadillos, Bistro AIX, Cafe Claude, Cafe Delucchi, Tartine, Matterhorn Swiss, Sams Grill and Seafood, Tadich Grill.

I'd appreciate any opinions you have or suggestions, this is our first trip to San Francisco so I began my search for great places fairly blind. Thanks ahead of time!!