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Eating in Barcelona during La Merce

Gelonch is open Monday night. I happen to know because I have a reservation there that night.

Aug 09, 2012
beauxeault in Spain/Portugal

How much will I pay at Tickets?

I've searched recent posts on Tickets, and I've seen the online menu, but I'm not sure yet how much to budget for dinner at Tickets. The menu prices look quite reasonable, considering, but I realize the plates are small, and anticipate I'll need to order several to make a meal, but it's difficult to gauge whether I'm likely to end up near 50 euros or 70, or more (per person, not including wine). What should I expect?

Aug 03, 2012
beauxeault in Spain/Portugal

2 questions re Paris restaurant etiquette

Situation 1:
I am not infrequently presented with a complimentary bottle of wine by my hotel when I check in. In Switzerland once I asked if I could use my bottle with dinner in the (hotel-affiliated) restaurant, and, somewhat to my surprise, it was allowed as if it were a common practice. If I took a bottle of wine to a Paris restaurant, or even a provincial French restaurant and asked if I could have it with my meal, would this be considered an affront, strange but unobjectionable, or fairly ordinary? I must say I would not expect this to be accepted, but don't know for sure, which is why I'm asking.

Situation 2:
I will end an upcoming stay in Paris with a Sunday night stay at the CDG airport for an early morning flight out. But I don't want to trade a chance for a Paris dinner for one at the airport. So I have reservations at Mini-Palais, and will head to the airport directly after dinner. I can leave my bags at the hotel, but this would involve an excursion out of my way to retrieve the bag between dinner and the airport. If I were to appear for my reservation with my bag (a single rollaboard) and ask if they could hold it for me during dinner, how would this be seen by the restaurant and/or other diners? I admit I'm more hopeful that this would not be considered an extraordinary request, but I can certainly see how it might be.

Sep 06, 2011
beauxeault in France

Paris - innovative - moderately priced?

MBC looks interesting, and is just around the corner from my hotel (unfortunately). It seems to exceed my budget in the evening, but I found a promotion for an evening 3-course menu at 35 euros by reserving via . Others report success with the lunch menu, so I hope the dinner menu will not be too far off from the A la carte experience. Or am I deluding myself?

Sep 10, 2010
beauxeault in France

Paris - innovative - moderately priced?

Sep 09, 2010
beauxeault in France

Paris - innovative - moderately priced?

Oh, it's not a non-innovative taboo. I've enjoyed traditional meals a number of times, but this time I'm more in the mood for innovative. Unfortunately I'll only have Saturday lunch on this brief visit, and will probably be to busy at the Centre Pompidou to take a couple of hours for lunch.

Le Chateaubriand looks good, though it might stretch my budget just a bit with a glass of wine included. I can't quite tell about Le Bistral from their web site. Jadis definitely looks good. I'm thinking that one might be one of my choices. I had also considered the new La Regalade, and have not written it off yet for this trip.

Sep 08, 2010
beauxeault in France

Paris - innovative - moderately priced?

I've searched, but not yet found a previous post that specifically addresses what I'm looking for:

A restaurant in Paris where I can have dinner at a moderate price, say, under 50 euros including a single glass of wine and no other beverage, and where the emphasis is on innovation more than traditional cooking done extremely well. And since this is for next weekend, it also can't be one of those places that requires reservations months in advance.

From what I've read, Ze Kitchen Galerie or KGB sound like just what I'm seeking, if I could take advantage of the lunch "menu." But I've read here that both are a la carte and expensive at night. ZKG's web site recently implied that their "discovery menu" (about 36 euro if I recall correctly) was available for both lunch and dinner. I emailed them to ask about this, and their prompt reply confirmed unambiguously that it is available for both seatings. However, now their web site lists only a 80 euro "tasting menu." So if someone could confirm that the 36 euro menu for dinner is still an option, that's one place I'd go. Spring also looks interesting, but does not meet my budget or reservability restrictions.

In the past, the place that has so far been the best fit for what I'm seeking has been L'Affriole, almost next door to the revered Chez l'Ami Jean. In June I had one of the most amazing dining experiences of my life there, as has generally been the case on each of four different visits. But admittedly, my friends' main courses were not nearly so spectacular this time. Because I've been to L'Affriole 4 times already and only have two evenings in Paris on this trip, I'd rather spend both evenings broadening my horizons.

Other standouts from my previous experiences in Paris include La Regalade (the old one, once under Camdeborde and once more recently), L'Os a Moelle, Chez l'Ami Jean, whatever Eric Frechon's debut restaurant was called, and I also fondly remember a couple of wonderful meals at Philippe Detourbe, which has been closed for some time. But among these, the only ones that were as innovative as L'Affriole were Detourbe and Frechon (who is now well beyond my budget).

What advice would you offer given the guidance above?

Sep 08, 2010
beauxeault in France

Paris - Huitres et Enfants

Thank you for this thread. I have come to the thread even later than Mr. Newel, but I have similar questions. Or at least a refinement of the question. I'm hoping to repeat the success of some of the respondents below, in part by reserving at the earliest hour (typically anticipating about 7 pm), and by bringing my 5-year-old's coloring "journal" along. But for our 2-year-old, I'm thinking the most effective way to keep him pacified while we enjoy the meal after he's finished his, is to bring along our portable DVD player and headphones. I already know he will wear the headphones, so no problem with that. But would it be considered just too tacky to amuse a child that way in a Parisian restaurant, or would it be appreciated by other diners (if there are any that early) for its effectiveness?

Jul 29, 2007
beauxeault in France

Driving BOS (airport) - Framingham. Where to stop for dinner?

Thank you all for the great suggestions. I'm currently torn between Dakshin in Framingham and Taranta in the North End, with Central Kitchen a possibility if I'm really hungry and can't wait to get to Framingham or to find parking in Boston.

The only thing really holding me back to settling on Taranta is the warning from Blumie about parking. Taranta's web site suggests a parking lot on Cooper Street and they even validate parking at the "Parcel 7" garage (136 Blackstone St.). I don't mind finding one of these places, but if there's a reasonable chance I'll arrive and find them full, I may just save the North End for another visit when I'll be able to take the T.

Any further advice specifically concerning parking in the North End?

Driving BOS (airport) - Framingham. Where to stop for dinner?

My flight lands at BOS at 6:45 pm. My hotel is in Framingham. Where should I stop for dinner between the two? I'll have a rental car and a GPS navigator, so I can find places off the interstate if I have the address, but I'd rather not go too far afield.

I'm not real big on seafood or steakhouses, and I'm on an expense account that will support a meal (incl. 1 glass of wine) up to maybe $50 or $60, though $40-$50 is more comfortable.

Favorite cuisines are French, Thai, Brazilian steak, Tapas, Indian, Italian, but I'll try anything else that sounds intriguing.


p.s., This is my first posting, so I hope I'm not going too far afoul with this request. There are a lot of recommendations here, but if there's a way to limit a search for the specific route I'll be on, I don't know how to do it.