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Taqueria with handmade tortillas in San Francisco

I tried La Palma "Mexicatessen" yesterday, thanks for the pointer. They make great tacos on handmade tortillas. Not much more expensive than at a good taqueria either - they were about 2.50 each. Still not an eat-in taqueria, so I will try a few of the other spots mentioned here.

Taqueria with handmade tortillas in San Francisco

I recently had an order of tacos at Taco Loco in Fortuna, up in Humboldt. [ ] It's a family operation: mom runs the register and keeps the books, kids and cousins in the kitchen, grandma makes the excellent meat or vegetarian tamales. If you're ever up in humboldt it's worth the stop.

But the tacos, which were spectacular, and made on handmade tortillas, have ruined my taste for factory-pressed tortillas; thus this cry for help.

Where in San Francisco (in the Mission if possible) can I find a taqueria that serves their fare on good handmade tortillas like grandma makes up in Fortuna? I know there are a couple of restaurants that do their own tortillas hechas a mano for sit-down meals, but what about taquerias?

Beemster Graskaas cheese

I just got a chunk of this stuff at Rainbow here in San Fran. And I thought it was spectacular. Very nice flavor.

Jul 11, 2009
jackbrown in Cheese