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Is Umami Burger on Hollywood Blvd closed?

We tried to have lunch there on Saturday, and the gates were closed. I just went by it this afternoon, and there were workers doing something there, it definitely had a closed look to it.

Did they really close or are they remodeling or something?

May 07, 2012
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area


I just found some good ones at the Silver Lake Gelson's. There weren't many left, though.

Jun 19, 2011
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

Viet Noodle Bar, gone

We tried to go on Wed night, and the tables had been re-arranged. There was a table full of friendly diners who waved us away... they had been waiting over an hour for their dinner. Other diners had come in, sat down, waited, and left without food.

We gave up without waiting and went somewhere else.

Feb 25, 2011
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

Best sushi: Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park.

I had basically this same question when I moved to the area a couple of years ago, and we tried Shibucho at somebody's suggestion. We were the only ones at the restaurant, and we asked for the Omakase. It was very disappointing: He fed us so much salad and squid that we were stuffed before we got a chance to even taste a single piece of nigiri. That made no difference in the price, though... It was a while ago and I don't remember the exact price, but it still was well over $120/person. That put us off enough that we have never been back.

3114 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057

Feb 20, 2011
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

Lunch ideas within walking distance of Paramount Studios on Melrose Ave.

I work in this area and eat at the area restaurants regularly. I concur that Larchmont Larder is one of the best bets, and is easily walkable. Tere's is the best tasting Mexican choice. There are other good choices further south on Larchmont, but don't waste your time on Koo Koo Roo. It is merely OK food, but it is surrounded by much better choices.

The Larchmont Larder
Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA

Dec 19, 2010
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

Kendall's Brasserie and Church & State...any good?

Church and State is much better than Kendalls, I agree. Another good alternative right next to the Music Center is First and Hope.

Dec 18, 2010
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

Best Fish and Chips?

I just had some delicious fish and chips there two weeks ago... the fish they served me was not in the least greasy nor was it anything less than fresh. It was the best I have had in a very long time.

Jan 21, 2010
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

Best places for cà phê sữa dá in the SGV and Little Saigon?


: )

Nov 30, 2009
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

Mediocre Bouchon

I havent been, but I am curious to know what you didn't like. What did you have, and what made it "average?" Was there anything you had that was above average?

It takes much more thought to analyze the reasons why you didn't like something, but your review will be much more credible if you do.

Nov 29, 2009
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

Potimarron squash sighting in LA?

I just bought a red kuri squash at the Vons at the corner of Sunset and Hillhurst. The acorn squash I roasted at the same time paled in comparison. It is going to be soup tomorrow, but I am thinking of getting another one to make a pumpkin (well, squash anyway) pie. Mmmm.

Nov 10, 2009
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

Larchmont Larder

I work very nearby this place. and I have been there for lunch I'd say eight or ten times. The menu changes from time to time depending on what is fresh. Much of what I have had is really outstanding.... a mixed citrus salad, a tomato and burrata salad, some superb quiche, and the meatloaf sandwich come to mind. Not to forget the baked goods, I particularly like the lemon bars, the cream cheese brownies, and the chocolate bread pudding.

It is a charming place, and consistently good.

The Larchmont Larder
Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA

Oct 05, 2009
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

Great Meal at New Sila Bistro in Silver Lake

I live nearby as well, and I have been maybe 3-4 times over the last year. At first it was really good, about a year ago. I had some perfectly cooked chicken, although I don't remember much more than that it was a really tasty well cooked meal. I was really hopeful, because I can walk there. There has been a decline in quality since last year, however, and in the last couple visits there has been an increasing air of desperation about the place. I really wanted it to succeed, but... lets just say "dead restaurant walking."

Sep 07, 2009
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

saving garden from slugs....NEXT year

The last house I lived in had a large outdoor atrium a huge slug and snail problem. I used pellets for a few years with mixed results, but the best solution was using decollate snails. They are carnivorous snails that eat other slugs and snails, but not your plants. They are small and like to hide, so once they are well established you won't even see them. It took a year or two for them to become established, though, and during that time you cant use snail bait. Just do a google search to find them.

Aug 11, 2009
LAchowman in Gardening

Vientiane Thai Laos

Thanks for the pictures, yummyrice. That brings back good memories! The Khao lam I remember is just coconut sticky rice without the beans or taro, and it was really delicious. ("Khao" is rice, but what does "lam" mean in this context?)

I guess it is not reasonable to hope to find the exact dish I remember from an obscure village in Laos! Short of that, do you have any suggestions about who has really good Ping Gai? Hope springs eternal....

Aug 06, 2009
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area

Vientiane Thai Laos

This makes my mouth water. I lived in Laos as a kid (missionary parents) and for me "comfort food" is laap and sticky rice. There are a couple other dishes I have been craving, and I wonder if yummyrice or anyone else can help me find them.

There was a village near Thakek in central Laos that was famous for it's barbecued chicken. (ping gai) It was red in color, and was grilled over really hot charcoal. It was better than any gai yang I have had at any Thai place, but similar. Any ideas?

Also, I miss the sticky rice steamed inside a stick of bamboo. You peel the bamboo off the outside, and the rice comes out shaped like a sausage and covered with the membrane from inside the bamboo. It was lightly sweetened, and the bamboo gave it a wonderful herbal flavor. Mmmmm.

Aug 05, 2009
LAchowman in Los Angeles Area