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TurBriskaFil was my first thought too!! :D

Nov 26, 2013
woodstock_schulz in Home Cooking

Interesting article on the langar (free lunch service) in the Sikh Golden Temple

I am Sikh, living in Toronto and I know that all Gurdwaras in Canada provide langar services at least twice a day (lunch and dinner) there is no charge, however those that can afford to do so are encouraged to provide a donation. Anyone is welcome to eat langar, rich, poor, no questions are asked about a person's faith, need, etc. I imagine that anywhere in the world there is a Gurdwara, langar services are provided to the community.

Bacon wrapped shrimp on the grill

Unfortunately, I think the flame ups/burning is due to the high fat content of the bacon, which is a problem I struggle with when I grill lamb chops. As to the bacon unwrapping itself, try skewering the wrapped shrimps on steel skewers. I don't like bamboo skewers either, for the reasons you cite, however the steel ones are awesome as they don't require any prep beforehand.

Jul 19, 2010
woodstock_schulz in Home Cooking

Indian Curry Powder - Which brands are best?

My grandmother used to mix her own Garam Masala and other Masala mixes...I however don't have either the time or inclination for that, LOL My mom and I both use MDH masala mixes, I've seen the Shah ones in the Indian markets too, but I haven't used them myself so can't comment on the quality. I find the MDH brand really convenient and authentic.

looking for recs - Greek restaurant for Mom's birthday

thanks :) that info was helpful.

looking for recs - Greek restaurant for Mom's birthday

It's my Mom's birthday Xmas eve, she wants to go out for dinner on Boxing Day and has decided she wants to go for Greek food.

Does anyone have any recs for a good restaurant, either on the Danforth or in the Richmond Hill/Thornhill area? I have heard from several Greek friends that the Danforth has some really good restaurants. We live near the TTC but are not averse to driving a bit for good food. There are a couple of chain restaurants near where I live, but I'd like to stay away from those. I'm looking for a good, authentic place.

Should be mid-priced, mains around $20-$30 per person. There will be 6 of us in the group, so if the restaurant takes reservations that would be a plus.

Thanks in advance!

Indian Wedding Catering

We had our wedding at Chandini (on Chrysler Drive in Brampton) in 2007 and the food was amazing. Because we had 400 plus people, our dinner was served buffet style, however the hall has "family style" table service available too. The price was reasonable and the owner (Laddi) was really responsive to our requests.

I also went to a wedding a few years ago that was catered by the Host, and the food was really good then as well, though it was served buffet style.

Yonge and Clark - delicious, reliable, inexpensive

If you're looking for Indian, try Nawab Indian Restaurant, it's behind Promenade Mall at Bathurst and Clark Ave. West (there's a strip-mall/plaza with an M&M, Swiss Chalet and medical offices just behind the mall, Nawab is at one end of the plaza).

It's a bit pricier than Indian Kitchen and it's not a buffet place, but the food is really good. Try the Tandoori Chicken or Chicken Tikka, they're amazing. I've been to Indian Kitchen and it's pretty good too.