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Red Eyed Pig: You Lucky JP/ West Roxbury Hounds!

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it! the teasingly-named "pork belly donuts" are insanely good if you share them with someone else so you dont sink! essentially hush puppies with bbq meat sprinkeld in manchego cheese and cayenne. delectable, albeit indulgent!

the mac and cheese and other sides are rockin, too. and we like the ribs a lot.

this is a counter restaurant with a few stools, so arrange for take out and go to one of the many parks nearby, or plan to eat in but dont expect table service or atmosphere. sometimes there's a long wait for food, so call ahead to find out if you can.

they're open for lunch too!

yay west roxbury

Apr 22, 2012
evex3 in Greater Boston Area


Coast Cafe in Central Sq is fantastic fried chicken, and Red Eyed Pig in West Roxbury has a smoked fried chicken that might be more what you're thinking of.

Apr 20, 2012
evex3 in Greater Boston Area

Iron Chef or 'Throwdown' style party: Where & How can I have an one?

My wife's 40th is coming up and she expressed interest in having a Lemon Pie cook-off as part of her celebration. I thought it would be more fun to upgrade to an onsite cooking activity of some sort, like group cooking class, imitation iron chef competition or another variation.

Does anyone know where to go to do something like this? Any experience doing something yourself? I fear our home kitchen isnt big enough but I dont mind if this feels homeade and humorous. I'd prefer, though, that it feel nicer than glorified potluck. Sadly, we dont have an endless budget.

Additionally/alternately, we were thinking perhaps we'd ask a private chef to do a lemon-inspired meal, like the secret ingredient.

Seeking any ideas, suggestions or experience. I just have to imagine that other foodies have figured this out!!


Nov 02, 2010
evex3 in Greater Boston Area

Anyone been to the Haven?

We just had an amazing meal there tonight! Curried Duck and a Fish N Chips. Thick cut potato fries, tender duck, and hands down the best mash sweet potatoes I've ever had! They were so new on the menu, though, that no one could tell me what made them so magically delicious bc they didnt know yet themselves. But they were smokey and both our preschoolers gobbled them up (with the mushy minted peas). Dessert was good too. The atmosphere was at times neighborhood-y, warm and relaxed, and at other times a little flat. But it was a terrific meal whether you're there to have a few pints or eat some stellar food. One thing, I found the food a little heavy on salt--still tasty, but if that's not your thing, you might remember to ask for less of it. I'm definitely going back soon!

Oct 17, 2010
evex3 in Greater Boston Area

Cheapest (good) Fried Chicken for party? Save me from KFC!

i'm looking to get some Southern Fried Chicken for a party of 40 people this Saturday, ideally with a few sides (greens & mac n cheese), and dont want to spend too much money

Any experience bringing in party platters/family size from Coast, Tupelos, Poppa B's or Lennys? Who's most affordable?


Sep 08, 2009
evex3 in Greater Boston Area

Restaurant/Catering for a Motown themed party?

Ps The day of the party, i will be driving from Roslindale to Watertown so it would be handy if restaurant ideas were in the greater boston area.

Jul 10, 2009
evex3 in Greater Boston Area

Restaurant/Catering for a Motown themed party?

I'm hosting a Motown themed 35th birthday party+baby shower (co-ed) for a friend in September, 1-4pm. I'm looking for food theme ideas & recommendations of (economical) places from which to order said thematically relevant food?

since the party falls btwn lunch & dinner, i'd guess folks wont be totally ravenous, but my experience is that folks are willing to eat good food 24 hrs a day...I'm expecting we'll have about 40-50 people.

i was thinking some sort of punny drinks, like "Motown Mojitos". The cake will probably look like a concert poster. For food, is Soul Food the best option? if so, any experience bringing in party platters/family size from Coast, Poppa B's or Lennys? i dont even know if you can order those there. Others?

I'm really interested in other ideas, too, as i havent found much inspiration online (beyond MJ, that is).


Jul 10, 2009
evex3 in Greater Boston Area