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Buttery Mashed Potatoes


Aug 16, 2010
katecarr79 in Recipes

CSA in Center City Philadelphia

Thanks so much! I will look into it!

Dec 13, 2009
katecarr79 in Pennsylvania

CSA in Center City Philadelphia

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a CSA in Center City?

We currently belong to Highland Orchard's CSA but this is the second time i have received rotten veggie and i am a little disenchanted, especially since I called them and they did not care or offer to replace the veggie.

I would love any thoughts!!

Dec 12, 2009
katecarr79 in Pennsylvania

Wait, Lemme Google It!

thank you for addressing this problem! I can not stand it when people talk, email, google, and text on their phones!! What ever happened to spending time with the people in front of you without being in constant contact with everyone else? I often long for the times where you would go out and when you got home there would be a red blinking light holding all of your messages....

Sep 19, 2009
katecarr79 in Features

Wedding Spots in or around Rome


My fiance and i are thinking about getting married in Roma and we were looking of any advice regarding venues and FOOD! Our first thoughts were a winery but we are open to your experiences and suggestions!


Jul 10, 2009
katecarr79 in Italy