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Any good Italian or French Restaurants in LA area?

Great! Thanks...I'll try Taix ..I've never heard of it, and am looking forward to it.
Angelini is definitely my fav Italian restaurant in LA...he's wonderful.. Keep the ideas coming!

Any good Italian or French Restaurants in LA area?

Hey All,
Can anyone reccomed a good, authentic Italian restaurant in the LA/Silverlake Area? Or possibly a good French Restaurant in the same area? Nothing like Il fornaio, something a little more intimate and more authentic... And any suggestions on the menu choices/fav's would be mucho appreciated??


Le Pain Quotidien, West Hollywood

I Love Le Pain...great breads, and great lunch type foods! Their sandwiches are particularilty good!!

Domenico Silverlake, we have Italian (short)

My friends and I ate there the other night, and thought it was ok. A bit overpriced for the quality of the food, and not really Italian food, more like fusion! Wish we got more for our money.
The chef was a little pretentious, walking around the restaurant when he should have been in the kitchen checking the food! It's not that good that he should be parading around the dining room...the food needs some serious work, and so does the staff!